Winter Vehicle Purchase Inspection

Nov 16, 2019

Winter Vehicle Purchase InspectionIt’s no secret that Minnesota weather plays a large toll on vehicles and their abilities. If you are looking to purchase a vehicle this winter, be wise about your decision process! At Clark Automotive, we can help you feel confident about your winter vehicle purchase. We offer vehicle pre-purchase inspections to all of our customers.

At Clark Automotive, we are proud to say that we’ve earned an honorable reputation within our Minnesota community. We provide realistic expectations to our customers with no hidden agendas or fees. Unfortunately, in our experience, not every car dealer will treat you with the same respect. When you are about to purchase a vehicle in Minnesota, it’s hard to debate what the seller is saying is truthful if you are not a mechanic. For example, we’ve even caught a vehicle with flood damage from southern states attempting to be sold here in Minnesota. A pre-purchase inspection is necessary to ensure that no one is price gouging you and that your investment is not a scam. It also gives you an upper hand while working with the dealer. If you aren’t getting a really great deal, letting our mechanics point out any flaws may help you negotiate the price later on.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

For only $90, our ACE certified technicians will do a thorough inspection of your entire vehicle. We will examine the overall look and condition of your exterior, making note of any dents, scratches or damages that were attempted to be repaired and covered up. We will check under the car to look for leaks, rust and ensure the integrity of the exhaust and brake system. We will then look under the hood for your belt conditions, fluid levels and the overall engine performance that your vehicle has under that hood. We will even take it on a test drive to see how it handles and watch for any transmission, steering or brake issues. If your vehicle has any technology within it, we will do a computer scan and give that a thorough check. Lastly, we will inspect the interior, examining the upholstery, seat belt operations, sensors, and ensure that the heat and air are working properly for you.

If you are looking for a thorough winter vehicle purchase inspection around Minnesota, call us at Clark Automotive and drive your vehicle right over here today. To schedule your appointment, contact us today at (763) 784-7944.

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