Winter Vehicle Inspection Blaine, MinnesotaIn our area of the country here in Blaine Minnesota, winter comes with a vengeance. This means that you need to plan to get your car ready for winter each year. In fact, many people who do not get their vehicles ready for winter regret it. At Clark Automotive, we want to help get your vehicle as prepared for the ravages of winter as possible.

A truth for all vehicle owners is that it is tempting fate, and sometimes even dangerous, to drive a poorly or inadequately maintained vehicle in a Midwestern winter. At the very least, preparing your car for Minnesota winter can maximize your gas mileage and minimize wear and tear when the weather is at its coldest, snowiest, and most severe. Our technicians understand what needs to be done in order to ensure proper vehicle functioning during the coldest months of winter and we have the experience and expertise to help your vehicle avoid costly problems.

Winterizing your Vehicle

If you have noticed that your car is having a hard time starting or if it idles roughly, our team can address the underlying issues and prevent them from becoming major inconveniences during the winter months. If your car has shown not only those signs but has been stalling and/or exhibiting diminished power when you accelerate, a visit to Clark Automotive will certainly identify and fix the underlying causes. Cold weather tends to exacerbate these problems, so addressing them now gives you a better chance of avoiding more serious issues when winter is here.
Clark Automotive will help your car run more efficiently, especially if its efficiency has been negatively affected by such simple matters as old air and fuel filters. Changing them on schedule keeps your engine’s efficiency at an optimal level.

Battery Check Before Winter

Other simple services we can provide include changing the oil and oil filter. Neglecting to change the oil and filter accounts for many of the issues vehicle owners face, and we do not want our customers dealing with major vehicle problems during the winter months when such a simple fix could have been applied. Another important component of winter maintenance is your vehicle’s battery. Cold weather often exposes batteries that are losing their power, but we can identify problems before they reveal themselves in an empty Minnesota parking lot in the middle of the night.

No winter vehicle maintenance program would be complete without taking a look at your vehicle’s tires. In climates where snow is not only possible but inevitable, tires that are in good condition are essential to optimizing your vehicle’s safety.

Reputable Auto Shop

We are proud of our positive reputation, and we know that we earned it by treating our customers honestly and respectfully. So as winter approaches once more, we hope you will let us get your vehicle prepared for winter. To schedule an appointment for your vehicle, call Clark Automotive at (763) 784-7944 or email us at