What Does The Maintenance Light On Your Dash Mean?

Oct 5, 2021

What Does The Maintenance Light On Your Dash MeanIf you are one of those drivers who sees that an unfamiliar maintenance light is flashing on your dashboard, you know that you are tempting fate. There are so many codes that can cause the various signals on your dashboard to turn on that the odds are in your favor that it is nothing serious. It is, after all, probably nothing. If this response does not describe you, maybe you know someone who fits the bill? Yes, the odds are in favor of the issue being very minor. However, there is also a chance that something more serious has developed and attending to it with some urgency could prevent more serious, and expensive, problems from developing down the road.

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Clark Automotive is the place to take your vehicle when one of those maintenance lights come on. We have the diagnostic tools to figure out the origin of the light, and we have the experience and expertise to fix whatever problem the light is indicating. Many of the codes that are associated with the relatively small number of lights on your dashboard are simple maintenance codes that need to be reset. In other words, they do not indicate a significant problem. But in some cases, they do shine a light on an issue that needs to be addressed, and in such cases, you want to know that you can trust the automotive repair shop that has decoded the message.

Clark Automotive has worked hard to establish a reputation for honesty and fair pricing when we repair the problems that arise in your vehicle. We understand that the complexity of modern vehicles can create doubt, or even mistrust, in car and truck owners, so we go the extra mile to explain the codes that are indicated by the light that has suddenly started flashing on your dashboard. The systems associated with dashboard lights are designed to make repairs simpler and timelier, but without the diagnostic tools to make sense of the lights’ meaning, vehicle owners will be understandably concerned when an issue arises.

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Part of our job is to help you feel more at ease with the automobile repair process, which is why we prioritize helping you make sense of the codes that pop up. If you do have a tendency to procrastinate, we hope that the trust we work hard to earn and the knowledge that addressing dashboard codes in a timely manner can reduce the cost of repairs and convince you to contact us. Call us at (763)784-7944 to schedule an appointment for your vehicle.

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