What Does That Sound On My Car Mean?

Jan 3, 2023

What Does That Sound On My Car Mean?Almost everyone has had a moment when they’ve been driving their car or truck around town, and you begin noticing a strange noise. Is it coming from someone else’s car? Where’s it coming from? Sounds expensive! How much is this going to cost me? And more importantly, what does it mean? There are a variety of moving parts in and around your vehicle, and sounds can come from any one of thousands of spots. At Clark Automotive in Blaine, we want to help identify some of the more prominent sounds that can be a sign of some larger issues. Brig your vehicle in for evaluation.

High-Pitched Squealing From Under The Hood When The Engine Is Running

Generally, if you hear these sounds (especially when starting the engine or when turning on the AC in your car), the culprit is one of several belts that spin around pulleys. They have most likely become misaligned or are beginning to wear out. Belts are important as they create the spinning motion that power several components that the engine requires to function properly, such as the alternator, water pump, radiator fan, and more. In most cases, the belts can be readjusted or replaced to fix the problem completely.

High-Pitched Squealing Sounds When I Apply The Brakes

This is another common sound heard from underneath cars. In many cases, especially with Covid and people not driving as much, this simply comes from the buildup of moisture that turns orange and corrodes on the rotors and brake drums. The squeaking, in this instance, is normal and should subside with prolonged driving. If the sound persists, it is likely a sign that your brake pads are wearing down and need replacement. If this is the case, ignoring the persistent sound could cause greater damage as metal begins to rub against metal.

Knocking Sounds When Turning Corners

This is a common occurrence. In nine out of ten cases, this indicates that a CV boot (constant velocity) is cracked and has lost the grease that lubricates the joint. The CV joint allows the axle to move freely when the vehicle is in motion or moving from side to side when turning. If you hear this sound, your mechanic will need to assess the issue and make repairs sooner than later.

Don’t Ignore Your Vehicle’s Sounds And Signs

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