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Oct 23, 2014

Auto Repair Blaine MNOur experience in the auto repair business gives us insight that many don’t have, simply because this is our daily life, our profession and our passion. If you’re in the Blaine, MN area drive on in to Clark Automotive Clinic, call or continue reading for some professional insight about rotor services and parking brake lights.

Why do some places recommend that the rotors be turned (resurfaced) and some recommend they be replaced?

When you purchase that new car it comes with what is called Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality parts. The front brake rotors are vented, hollow between the two wearing surfaces, which is the major contributor to the front rotors becoming warped. Remember, warped front rotors will cause your brake pedal to pulsate   As the front brakes get to be 80% worn, they run much hotter which warps the rotors. At the same time the rotors have become rusty, causing them to cool less efficiently, so they have two reasons for becoming warped. So, it is not uncommon that to clean the rotor surfaces and get rid of the warping, that the rotor would be machined beyond the manufactures recommended specifications. Having to replace the rotors even if they were not grinding is very common. Rotors are much less expensive than they were many years back, due to design and manufacturing techniques. We at Clark automotive generally replace the rotors to get you the longest life on your new brakes.

What does it mean when the red brake/parking brake light is on?

First and immediately check to make sure that you have not left the emergency brake on. Is your brake pedal traveling closer to the floor than normal? The red brake light being on means there could well be a problem with the hydraulic system of the brakes. The next thing to have checked is the brake fluid level. As your brakes wear, the fluid level drops. There is a brake fluid level sensor that will illuminate the red brake light if the fluid level is low.

We at Clark Automotive will fill our customers brake master cylinder at no charge. If the fluid level is OK and the emergency brakes are not causing the light to be on, generally we have air in the system and need to bleed the brakes. The question I’d have for my customer is, “Have you added brake fluid”? Air generally cannot get in the brake system unless it is very low. So I ask our customers to bring the car in and let me take a look at it, and we will go from there. So, the red brake light being on is serious and needs to be analyzed.

Vehicle Brake Repairs Blaine MN

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