Vehicle Auto Repair Blaine MN Part 2

Oct 31, 2014

Vehicle Repairs Blaine MNIn our first blog – Vehicle Auto Repairs Blaine, MN-Part 1 – we discussed what to look for in an automobile repair shop and how to distinguish what it is that is actually important to you. Now, its all too common that our customers come to our shop unhappy with their last repair shop. Clark Automotive knows that there are great local repair shops around Blaine, MN and ones that are not so great. We know the clearly visible signs and we would like to share them with you, so you don’t unknowingly look past any red flags and get stuck paying for services that are not appropriate for your vehicle’s situation.

What indicates a car repair shop is going to take advantage of you?

A shop that can’t or won’t look at your car in the parking lot or reviewing your observations without charging you. Your observations are vital in the troubleshooting process. The more factual data the customer can provide the better the diagnostic process will go, yielding the correct repair.

The car repair shop that won’t go on a free test drive with you and instead starts a repair order and charges you. It is critical that you make sure that your complaint about your car is addressed. This is critical when we are attempting to find a noise that you, the customer, is concerned about. It has happened that you get a large repair bill, and still have the original noise to live with. This can happen because the communication from the customer through the service writer to the mechanic can frequently get garbled. At Clark Automotive Clinic, the mechanic is the service writer and the person talking with you, going on a test drive with you, and giving you an estimate of what is going to happen and calling you with an itemized estimate.

The car repair shop that tells you of required expensive repairs, without going through the diagnostic process. Diagnostics can be an issue deserving much discussion and review. We at Clark Automotive Clinic have a maximum diagnostic charge of $60.00. We have offered 100’s of second opinions to other shops diagnostics. Generally the disagreement is not due to dishonesty, but rather the level of experience needed to analyze a set of observed facts, and render a high percentage diagnostic opinion.

The shop that does not use diagnostics data services cannot possibly give you that high confidence opinion about your automobile’s problem. The two top data programs offer copies of all factory recalls and service recommendations by specific model of car. We at Clark Automotive Clinic check with a number of sources using specific troubleshooting schematics and decision grids to help with the trouble shooting process.

The shop that brings up numerous additional repairs; while your car is in their shop. It can be helpful if these are a safety issues, which you need to address shortly. Alas, generally it is just a sales pitch. We at Clark Automotive Clinic will only bring safety issues to your immediate attention. Other observations will be listed on the repair order, prioritized, and approximate cost shown. Our customers will come back for these repairs later, we don’t need to fix everything in one visit.

If you have had a bad experience or multiple bad experience dealing with auto repair shops Clark Automotive, located in Blaine, MN can change that! Stop by our shop or call us today!

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