Trusted Pre-Purchase Inspections in Blaine, MN

Feb 26, 2021

Trusted Pre-Purchase Inspections in Blaine, MNPurchasing a used car is a route that many Americans take simply because it is more affordable than buying a brand new car. If you do your research, there are a lot of great used cars in the Blaine, MN area that you can purchase and have for many years ahead. However, there are also bad used cars that may not be worth the investment. Unless you have spent years working on cars, you may not be able to distinguish between a good deal on a used car versus a dud that will cause you financial headaches down the road. Luckily, our team at Clark Automotive, located right in your backyard, offers trusted pre-purchase inspections to help you decide on your next used car purchase.

Avoid Buying A Vehicle That Needs Repairs

The last thing that you should want when purchasing a used car is buying a vehicle that causes you nothing but problems in the future. Although the car you are interested in may look well maintained on the outside, it may have some big issues under the hood that are difficult to detect on your own. That’s where our dedicated auto repair staff are here to help. Before you purchase the used car, we highly encourage you to drive over to our auto repair shop and let us complete a pre-purchase inspection on the vehicle. This $90 investment could end us saving you thousands of dollars in the future, so it is definitely worth the investment. We’ll make sure that you are not paying too much for the vehicle, being scammed or confirm that it is in fact a great deal.

Things we Look For

During our thorough pre-purchase inspection, our trusted team will evaluate the following:

Vehicle Exterior – Our staff will look for any scratches, dents, tire wear, glass chips, etc. This may help you reduce the cost of the vehicle if these items are identified before the purchase is made.
Below the Vehicle – We’ll lift your car up and take a look at the exhaust and brakes to ensure they are in good shape. Additionally, we’ll test for any potential leaks or rust under the vehicle.
Pop the Hood – During this step, we’ll evaluate fluid levels, battery quality, belt conditions, etc.
Vehicle Interior – Another important step of the pre-purchase inspection is to test the heating and a/c system, electrical components and upholstery.
Test Drive – Arguably the most important test with a used car is the test drive. Our staff will take the vehicle out for a quick ride to evaluate things such as the transmission, steering, brakes and suspension.
Computer Scan – We’ll also perform a computer scan to identify any codes or recommendations that are needed.

Before you sign the dotted line on the purchase of a used vehicle in Blaine, MN, bring the vehicle by our shop for a trusted pre-purchase inspection. To schedule this pre-purchase inspection, contact Clark Automotive today at (763) 784-7944 or email

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