Trusted Auto Repair Shop in Blaine, MN

Feb 9, 2021

Trusted Auto Repair Shop in Blaine, MNClark Automotive has served the people of Blaine and the surrounding communities long enough to become the neighborhood auto repair shop that everyone trusts. It is just that the neighbors are now more numerous. We have worked hard to earn the trust of our customers, and we have found that the best way of earning and maintaining trust is to be really good at auto repair, to make our pricing schedule fair and competitive, and—most important—to always be honest with our customers about what their vehicles need. That is why so many people have grown to consider us their first choice for auto maintenance and repair.

Experienced Local Auto Shop

Over the past several decades, the technology that goes into building automobiles has developed in ways that make modern vehicles almost unrecognizable when compared to older vehicles. Sometimes, it seems that tires are nearly the only part that is common to both modern and older cars and trucks. Our staff is committed to staying current with modern technology while also remembering how to repair and maintain older vehicles. We have most certainly entered the digital age of automobiles, but there are still plenty of analog models that need to remain functional for our valued customers.

Competitive Pricing On All Auto Repairs

We are aware of the reputation that auto repair shops have across the country for taking financial advantage of customers by gouging them when they bring their vehicles in for service. This can happen when a small number of repair shops take advantage of customers’ relative lack of specific knowledge of automotive construction and function, and they prioritize profit over customer loyalty. Clark Automotive has established a strong reputation in large part because we are in this business for the long haul. And the long haul requires customer loyalty, which is supported by charging prices that cover the cost of parts and labor, not by charging exorbitant prices for services that are not needed.

Whether we are talking about the prices for our services or providing an explanation of the issues we have identified with your vehicle, trust can be built and maintained only when the service provider gives an honest assessment of those issues. To maintain our status as the trusted neighborhood auto service, our customers have to be able to trust us from the moment they arrive to the moment they drive their repaired vehicle home.
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