Troubleshooting Tips For When Your Car Won’t Start

Jul 7, 2023

Troubleshooting Tips For When Your Car Won't StartFew things can be more frustrating than arriving at your destination only to discover that your car won’t start. This may make plans difficult and leave you stranded, but before calling for assistance there are steps you can take yourself to diagnose and possibly resolve this problem – we will cover some troubleshooting tips in this blog post to get your vehicle running again! You always have the option of having us look at it for you.

Check the battery: A dead or weak battery may be to blame when a car won’t start, so ensure all terminals are clean and securely attached before using a multimeter to measure battery voltage – anything below 12.4 volts indicates need for recharge or replacement; jump-starting may also help, or calling in professional assistance may be suitable solutions.

Assess the starter: If when turning on the key and hearing a clicking sound, your engine won’t start up, the starter could be to blame. Try gently tapping it with something solid while someone attempts to start your car; if it starts then there could be something amiss with its motor which needs professional inspection immediately.

Verifying fuel supply: Running out of gas is an embarrassing, yet easily preventable, mistake that anyone can experience. Check your fuel gauge regularly to make sure there’s enough gas or listen for its distinctive humming noise when turning the key to “ON”. If it is absent, either your pump might be broken or there may be issues with the delivery system preventing adequate delivery of the product.

Examine your ignition system: Faulty ignition switch or coil may stop your car from starting properly. Make sure your key turns smoothly in the ignition cylinder – if it feels loose or doesn’t engage properly then replacing your ignition switch may be necessary. Similarly, malfunctioning ignition coils may produce weak or no spark which results in no-start conditions and require replacing accordingly.

Consult a professional: If your car still refuses to start after all the above steps have been attempted, professional assistance may be required. Clark Automotive in Blaine, MN provides qualified mechanics who are experts in diagnosing problems accurately using advanced tools and experience; they will perform any needed repairs promptly, so your car is back on the road swiftly and safely.

Troubleshooting a vehicle that won’t start can be stressful and disconcerting, so it is vitally important to remain calm. Check the battery, the starter motor, fuel supply, ignition system and consult an expert when needed. By taking these steps, your chances of successfully identifying and solving the issue increase considerably and your car returns to working order as soon as possible – giving you peace of mind on the road!

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