Top Reasons your Vehicle won’t Start

Jul 5, 2019

Top Reasons your Vehicle won't Start

There are many reasons why your vehicle will not start, given the complex nature of that four-wheeled engineering wonder you drive around. Despite the huge number of possibilities, however, some are more likely than others. And Clark Automotive is among the best in Minnesota for getting to the bottom of why your car will not start.


Below are several of the Top Reasons your Vehicle won’t Start:


  1. Your battery has died. Of all the reasons why a car will not start, a dead battery is probably the most common. The battery powers your car and all of its electrical components, including interior and exterior lights, dashboard functions, radio, and others. Connected to the battery is the car’s alternator, which charges the battery while the car is running. (If the alternator if faulty, your battery will not charge properly, so the alternator also needs to be considered its own reason for why your vehicle will not start. Your battery can die for a number of reasons too. If you are lucky, it will die of old age. But its lifespan can also be limited if you unintentionally leave the lights on.
  2. The starter is faulty or has failed. The job of the starter is exactly as it states—it starts the engine. It is an electric motor connected to the battery and when it develops a problem, your vehicle will not start. A common symptom of a faulty starter is that the engine will crank but not catch, or it will not crank at all. You may hear a clicking sound when you turn the key to start the car. This is a common symptom of a faulty starter.
  3. Your fuel filter is clogged. Over time, filters can become inundated by the stuff they are designed to filter out. When your vehicle’s fuel filter is clogged, gasoline will be pumped less efficiently, or not at all, to the engine. And if gasoline is not reaching the engine, it will not start when you set the process in motion by turning the key. Most fuel filters need to be replaced every 15,000 to 20,000 miles.
  4. Ignition switch is failing. If you have determined that your battery is charging and working properly and your vehicle still will not start, the issue may be with your ignition switch. A good way to distinguish between the cause being your battery or ignition switch is to turn on your headlights. If the headlights work, your battery is working. And if the lights work but the car won’t start, it may well be the ignition switch.
  5. Gas tank is empty. Some very smart people forget to put gas in their vehicle’s tank. It happens. If your vehicle won’t start because you have no gas, the fix is obvious. But if you have an issue with your gas gauge, we can help you.

If your vehicle won’t start, give Clark Automotive a call today at (763) 784-7944.

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