Timing Belt Replacements in MN

Jan 19, 2021

Timing Belt Replacements in MNWhen you purchase your vehicle, it’s important to know whether or not it operates under a timing belt. While some vehicles have timing belts, others have timing chains. If you are unsure whether or not your vehicle has one, check with our mechanics! At Clark Automotive, it’s a simple glance under the hood. The reason why timing belts are so important is due to its specific job. Timing belts help to synchronize the actions of the camshaft and crankshaft. It helps to keep all of your vehicle’s valves performing safely and engine running smoothly. Unfortunately, timing belts do not last the lifetime of your vehicle. Timing belts are made out of rubber which can wilt away over time. It is crucial to your vehicle to get your timing belt replaced before your timing belt wilts away or even snaps. At Clark Automotive, we’ve got you covered and can help you determine when the best time is to get your timing belt replaced.

Routine Timing Belt Replacements

When you purchase any vehicle, your manual should also show if a timing belt is present. It will give you plenty of advice on when your vehicle’s belt needs a replacement. As a general rule of thumb, timing belts are made to last up to 100,000 miles. However, not all timing belts make it that far. In fact, most timing belts need to be changed between every 60,000 to 75,000 miles. Since those numbers vary so greatly, we like to put a visual check on your timing belt every 10,000 miles just to keep you safe. When you come in for a routine visit, one of our certified mechanics will take a look at the timing belt and ensure that everything is still working properly.

Signs of Timing Belt Failure

While our certified mechanics do an excellent job of surveying your timing belt options, you can also be aware of signs that your timing belt is going bad at home. If the engine vibrates enough that your car shakes, it’s time to pop the hood and take a look at that timing belt. Checking for visible signs like wearing or cracking is a good indicator that you need a replacement now. Also, looking at the coloring of your belt can help too. If it appears shiny then the belt has likely become stiff, making it more prone to cracking. If you see any of these problems or even the loss of the timing belt material altogether, it’s time to call a professional.

At Clark Automotive, our certified mechanics will replace your timing belt and calibrate it properly so that your vehicle runs smoothly once again. Don’t wait until it’s too late and your vehicle is destroyed. Get your timing belt replaced today. For more information about our timing belt services in MN, give Clark Automotive a call today. Contact us today at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

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