The Importance Of Brake Inspections

May 12, 2023

The Importance Of Brake InspectionsMaintaining and properly operating the brakes system of your car is vitally important to keeping it safe to drive in various circumstances. When concerns or potential issues arise, make sure that they are addressed as quickly as possible by inspecting your vehicle immediately. Braking systems that have failed must be repaired immediately.

An average car owner may not fully comprehend how a vehicle’s brake system operates. While you may have heard terms like caliper, drum brakes, and hydraulic system used interchangeably when talking about stopping their car. All it starts when pressing on the brake pedal; this creates hydraulic pressure within the master cylinder which then transfers pressure via brake fluid to either wheel cylinders, calipers, or both to squeeze brake shoes against rotors or drums to stop.

Drums or Discs Disc brakes consist of multiple smaller components, including rotors and pads. A metal disc rotor rotates with the wheels while stationary mounted brake calipers force pads onto this surface upon application of pressure from an external source. Drum brakes utilize shoes which act as pads against an overhead drum which acts as the rotor; when pressure is applied these shoes press against it causing friction against it resulting in vehicle stopping speed reduction.

Normal wear: Brakes will eventually need replacing, so it is essential that you monitor their condition on your vehicle. Most come equipped with indicators that notify when new pads are required. Keep an eye out for metal-on-metal contact as this could require expensive rotor replacement or drum repairs as well as safety risks.

Telltale indicators that your brakes need repairs: Clark Automotive can help if you experience any of the following symptoms related to your brakes or have any concerns:

● Under braking, a car tends to pull towards one corner.
● When you brake, the brake pedal pulses.
● My brake pedal has become “soft”
● When pressing the brake pedal, an audible noise can be heard.
● Need to add brake fluid regularly into the master cylinder
● Brake and/or Abs Warning Light.

Contact Clark Automotive now to arrange for Blaine Brake Repair! We know the importance of timely brake service is imperative, which is why we serve all vehicles located near Blaine Minnesota at Clark Automotive.

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