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Top Five Mechanical Problems Cars Experience During Minnesota Winters

Top Five Mechanical Problems Cars Experience During Minnesota Winters

Minnesotans are no stranger to harsh winters and deep snows. Even still, there is something that is amazing and mesmerizing about the first flakes of snow falling in the winter. As we have already seen snow this season, this serves as a last-minute reminder to ensure your car’s maintenance is up to date. We, at Clark Automotive in Blaine, have put together the top five issues that we see year after year.

1. Dead batteries. Batteries are more likely to die during the cold winter months. It is a good idea to have the battery levels checked ahead of the season. Also, though the battery may show signs of life, each battery is rated with “cold cranking amps.” This amperage demonstrates how strong the battery is at starting up for the first time during the day and how powerful it is, even facing sub-zero temperatures.
2. Fluids will thicken. In order that you are properly prepared, ahead of time, ensure that you have your fluids checked and topped off prior to the coldest winter months. Fluids, such as engine oil, antifreeze, power steering, brake, and transmission fluid should all be checked consistently throughout the year, but especially before the winter season. Also, because fluids thicken, it is advisable to run your engine for a few minutes prior to being driven. This will warm the engine up and help to thin out the fluids, reducing the risk of leaks.
3. Corrosion is more problematic. Road salt and brine solutions can adhere to the car’s metal components. Failure to wash off will result in layers of corrosion. Particular attention should be given to the car’s undercarriage, the brakes and wheel wells
4. Tire pressure decreases. It is estimated that tires lose approximately 1psi (pound per square inch) for every 10oF that the thermometer drops. When traveling on icy roads, tires that are not properly inflated pose a significant safety risk.
5. Spark plugs fail. Clogged ignition components or a clogged filter can cause an engine not to start. It is wise to have your spark plugs checked at the very least, if not changed prior to the winter months.

Winter Maintenance Available By ASE-Certified Mechanics

If you are in the Blaine area and experience any mechanical issues with your vehicle this winter, bring it to the ASE-certified mechanical team at Clark Automotive. To schedule an appointment in advance, contact (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com. Available M-F all day, and Sat by appointment.

Is Your Car Prepared For Winter?

Is Your Car Prepared For Winter?When some Minnesotans hear the forecasts for Buffalo that mention measurements of snow in feet, they respond with a hearty, “Hold my beer.” Others may say, “Better Buffalo than here,” but no matter your response, we all know that wintry weather is never too far off in the distance for us. We may get a break from it during the warmer weather months, but the cycle always returns us to the cold and snow that makes Minnesota what it is. Being from Minnesota means you have, at least to some degree, adapted to living in a cold weather climate, and in many ways, you may be more adaptable than your automobile. Your car is subject to the harsh Minnesota weather every day between November and March and the team at Clark Automotive can help make sure that your car is ready!

Importance Of Winter Fluid Check For Your Vehicle

Your vehicle operates best when its systems are in order and are well lubricated. The fluids that keep your vehicle well lubricated become less effective as the weather becomes colder. And if your vehicle’s fluids are lower in volume than they should be, they become less efficient, which takes a toll on your vehicle. So good preparation for winter weather can be as simple as ensuring that your vehicle’s fluid levels are where they should be, and that they are properly rated for the climatic conditions in which they are expected to work.

If you have a relatively new vehicle, cold weather preparation may be as simple as topping off your vehicle’s fluids. If you drive a slightly older vehicle, you may find that its fluids need to be replaced more frequently. To some degree, and with some specific makes and models, this is not uncommon. The mechanisms that pump and circulate the fluids from the engine to its component parts are like any machine in that they will break down over time. To ensure that those mechanisms last as long as possible in your vehicle, scheduled maintenance and extreme weather preparation is essential.

Blaine Minnesota Auto Repair Shop

If you notice a problem developing with your vehicle, it is all the more important to bring your car in for us to look at. Our knowledge and experience with virtually every type of vehicle allows us to accurately diagnose and fix any mechanical issue you may bring to us. Most issues are simple fixes, but if your vehicle’s issue is more complicated, we will quote you a fair price to complete the repairs and help you feel confident about driving during another Minnesota winter.

Call Clark Automotive of Blaine, MN at (763) 784-7944 to schedule an appointment.

Importance of Having Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

Importance of Having Your Vehicle Ready for WinterWhen you are preparing for another Minnesota winter you may be changing the furnace filter, cleaning gutters, hanging holiday lights and investing in a warm coat. Don’t forget to have your vehicle ready for brutal winter driving conditions. The extreme cold temperatures and abundant potholes can really do a number on any vehicle. This is one reason why it is important to have a winter readiness checkup at Clark Automotive. Chuck and his team know how much we all depend on our vehicles to keep us safe and sound on the road. Breaking down is not an option especially when your loved ones are on board. Having a dead battery, no heat, bald tires, worn brake pads or wrong oil viscosity can result in a very bad day.

Is Your Vehicle Ready for Winter Driving?

The Farmers’ Almanac is predicting is predicting lots of snow and a very cold winter season ahead. Don’t be caught unprepared. Making sure that your vehicle is ready and able to perform under these difficult conditions is a great investment for your physical and financial wellbeing. It seems that every winter storm results in numerous stalled vehicles littering the side of the road. Having AAA or another roadside assistance can help but how long will you have to wait for a tow truck to arrive when they are bombarded with distress calls? The best way to avoid being caught in this situation is to prepare ahead of time.

12 Smart Ways to Winterize Your Vehicle

Winterizing your vehicle can be fast, easy and affordable with the right team of automotive professionals working on your behalf. The car care experts at Clark Automotive are fully prepared to provide you with smart preventive maintenance and repairs that keep your vehicle starting and operating smoothly all through the fall and winter months. During your winter readiness appointment an experienced auto mechanic may take a look at the following areas.

  1. Antifreeze, radiator, coolant
  2. Winter weight oil
  3. Tire tread and air pressure
  4. Brake pads, rotors and fluid
  5. Heater and defroster
  6. Exhaust system leaks
  7. Battery capacity
  8. Tire rotation or snow tires
  9. Windshield wipers, wiper fluid fill
  10. Headlights, fog lights, turn signals, brake lights
  11. Scheduled maintenance for belts, spark plugs, hoses
  12. Diagnostic checkup on electrical system issues

Trusted and Experienced Auto Shop

Clark Automotive shop treats you like family. We have earned the trust and business from countless area residents because of our commitment to quality and affordability. Our experience in what to look for in ways to maintain your vehicle at peak performance shines through. As winter approaches it is especially important to stay current on regular vehicle maintenance, repairs and winter readiness services.

To make an appointment to have your vehicle winterized before the snow and cold arrive, contact Clark Automotive Clinic, Inc. at (763) 784-7944.

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