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Minnesota Auto Repair ShopWell, there is no denying it now–we are right in the midst of the cold weather months that make Minnesota the envy of all those southern states that have to deal with heat and humidity for most months of the year. Our cold weather makes us who we are, and we express that in ways that are unique to Minnesotans–we play hockey, we ice fish, we shovel, plow, and drive through snow and ice. More than anything, though, we brave the frigid cold and wind-whipped snowstorms, and we persevere. If we are lucky, our cars and trucks are equipped to get through the winter too. When they don’t, Clark Automotive is one of the most reliable and trusted auto repair shops you can find in the metro area. We complete repairs all year long and have specific experience helping cars and trucks navigate the coldest and most extreme winter months.

Impact Of Winter Weather On Your Vehicle In Minnesota

We are a full-service auto repair shop, so there is no vehicle with which we are not familiar or an issue that we cannot repair. But given that it is that time of year when cold, snow, ice, sleet, and wind can wreak havoc on our vehicles, let us focus on some of those auto related issues that can result from extreme winter weather. Your vehicle’s suspension is taxed far greater during the colder months because the roads are dotted with cracks, buckles, and holes that create something less than a smooth driving surface. Your shock absorbers or struts can be damaged by hitting too many road impediments. So can other mechanisms in the suspension system. If you notice that your vehicle is not absorbing the more normal types of bumps in the road, or if it is tilting lower on one side, the cause may be a damaged suspension system. If you notice anything like that, it is important to get it repaired as soon as possible. A damaged suspension system prevents your vehicle from being in optimal contact with the road, which can create hazardous driving conditions each time you take your vehicle out on the road.

Year-Round Auto Maintenance In Minnesota

Driving during the cold weather months can also have an impact on the comfort level you experience while driving. If your climate control system develops a problem–meaning, if you do not have adequate heat in your vehicle–driving will be unpleasant. Clark Automotive can repair every issue your vehicle may have, from the more complex issues related to suspensions to the more comfort-oriented issues of interior climate. Call us at (763) 784-7944 and we will be happy to help you.

Vehicle Inspections Around Me

Vehicle Inspections Around MeIf you are considering the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle, you may want to consider a vehicle inspection before you make your final decision. Clark Automotive offers comprehensive vehicle inspections in the Minneapolis area. Any time you are considering purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, it is important to have a pre-inspection done on that vehicle before signing any paperwork and taking over ownership.

Minneapolis Vehicle Pre-Inspection Specialists

A pre-inspection is exactly what it sounds like – it is a thorough inspection of your potential vehicle completed by an independent, third-party auto mechanic. This mechanic provides an evaluation of the condition of the car or truck before a buyer completes the vehicle purchase. When a pre-inspection is done according to professional standards, the mechanic will not make any recommendations about whether or not you should purchase the vehicle unless the vehicle is simply not safe to drive. If the vehicle is determined to be safe, however, the mechanic should provide a neutral assessment of the vehicle’s condition so you can make your own decision about the purchase.

What is Involved in a Vehicle Inspection?

This is exactly what you can expect from the pre-inspections provided by Clark Automotive. Our staff are highly trained in automotive service and repair. We will do more than kick the tires. At a minimum, we will thoroughly check the following:

● Drivability: To get a better sense of the vehicle’s condition, we will take it for a drive and assess the vehicle’s handling, steering, suspension, and brakes. A test drive can also be helpful in assessing potential issues with the transmission.
● The vehicle’s underside: We will put the vehicle on the lift and search out leaks, corrosion, and exhaust system.
● Belts and fluid levels: Damaged belts and low fluid levels can limit the vehicle’s longevity.
● Computer codes: If the vehicle has presented diagnostics problems, we will be able to identify them by checking for codes.
● Interior condition: You can perform an interior inspection too, but we will be able to determine whether or not the heat and A/C are in good working order.
● Exterior condition: Not all exterior issues are deal-breakers, but if there are cracks in the windshield, damage to tires, or corrosion, you should know about them, and we will find them.

We want to help you make an informed decision about your next vehicle purchase, so we hope you will come see us. Call Clark Automotive at (763) 784-7944 to schedule a pre-purchase vehicle inspection.

Winter Car Maintenance Importance

Winter Car Maintenance ImportanceAs the weather cools down here in Minnesota, one of the to-do list items we often forget has to do with properly maintaining our vehicles. Winter car maintenance is extremely important because you never want to be left stranded during the extremely frigid conditions that are an everyday occurrence during the colder months here in Minnesota. At Clark Automotive, we have a team of certified mechanics who are all well versed in winter car maintenance so do yourself a favor and make an appointment to check out your ride before the temperatures really start to drop!

Common Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Below are just a few common winter car maintenance tasks that we recommend here at Clark Automotive.

Check your oil – It’s important to make sure your oil is in good shape prior to the drop in temperatures. Oil often thickens up as the weather gets colder which can make it more difficult to start your car. You can also use a different type of oil that’s made to be used for winter driving.
Keep your car clean – Snow, sand and salt can do a number on any vehicle. You want to help improve visibility and reduce the possibility of rust by keeping your car clean. It’s always a good idea to keep your car clean but be sure to avoid freezing wipers, locks and doors.
Top off fluids – Be sure your coolant is topped off as well as your windshield wiper fluid.
Check your battery – Your battery tends to fail either in the dead of winter or the heat of the summer. It’s likely a good idea to have your local mechanic check your battery before heading into winter each year.
Check your tires – As it gets colder outside, your tires will likely lose air pressure. If your tires are underinflated, it can affect how they grip on the road as well as cause them to wear out prematurely.
Replace your windshield wipers – It’s a good idea to go ahead and replace your windshield wipers before it gets too cold here in Minnesota. Ineffective windshield wipers can lead to dangerous conditions out on the road, especially when snow and ice is involved.

Ready for Your Vehicle’s Winter Check Up?

If you’re interested in keeping your vehicle on the road this winter, why not schedule an appointment to get your car checked out before we’re hit too hard with frigid temperatures this winter? Feel free to give Clark Automotive a call today at (763) 784-7944 to have one of our ASE certified mechanics check out your car before winter hits!

Winter Vehicle Inspection Blaine, Minnesota

Winter Vehicle Inspection Blaine, MinnesotaIn our area of the country here in Blaine Minnesota, winter comes with a vengeance. This means that you need to plan to get your car ready for winter each year. In fact, many people who do not get their vehicles ready for winter regret it. At Clark Automotive, we want to help get your vehicle as prepared for the ravages of winter as possible.

A truth for all vehicle owners is that it is tempting fate, and sometimes even dangerous, to drive a poorly or inadequately maintained vehicle in a Midwestern winter. At the very least, preparing your car for Minnesota winter can maximize your gas mileage and minimize wear and tear when the weather is at its coldest, snowiest, and most severe. Our technicians understand what needs to be done in order to ensure proper vehicle functioning during the coldest months of winter and we have the experience and expertise to help your vehicle avoid costly problems.

Winterizing your Vehicle

If you have noticed that your car is having a hard time starting or if it idles roughly, our team can address the underlying issues and prevent them from becoming major inconveniences during the winter months. If your car has shown not only those signs but has been stalling and/or exhibiting diminished power when you accelerate, a visit to Clark Automotive will certainly identify and fix the underlying causes. Cold weather tends to exacerbate these problems, so addressing them now gives you a better chance of avoiding more serious issues when winter is here.
Clark Automotive will help your car run more efficiently, especially if its efficiency has been negatively affected by such simple matters as old air and fuel filters. Changing them on schedule keeps your engine’s efficiency at an optimal level.

Battery Check Before Winter

Other simple services we can provide include changing the oil and oil filter. Neglecting to change the oil and filter accounts for many of the issues vehicle owners face, and we do not want our customers dealing with major vehicle problems during the winter months when such a simple fix could have been applied. Another important component of winter maintenance is your vehicle’s battery. Cold weather often exposes batteries that are losing their power, but we can identify problems before they reveal themselves in an empty Minnesota parking lot in the middle of the night.

No winter vehicle maintenance program would be complete without taking a look at your vehicle’s tires. In climates where snow is not only possible but inevitable, tires that are in good condition are essential to optimizing your vehicle’s safety.

Reputable Auto Shop

We are proud of our positive reputation, and we know that we earned it by treating our customers honestly and respectfully. So as winter approaches once more, we hope you will let us get your vehicle prepared for winter. To schedule an appointment for your vehicle, call Clark Automotive at (763) 784-7944 or email us at info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

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