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Tips For Winterizing Your Vehicle In 2022

Tips For Winterizing Your VehicleAs the temperatures starts to dip, it is a good reminder to prepare for the upcoming winter. We all know what winter holds in Minnesota – cold temperatures and freezing precipitation. And the winter of 2022 is predicted to be cold and snowy. This weather can really take a toll on your vehicle, even if you are lucky enough to have a garage to store it in when you are home. The vehicle technicians at Clark Automotive have developed a list of tips for winterizing your vehicle in the coming months:

Check tires: Your tire pressure can drop considerably when the temperatures drop. It is important to check your tire pressure regularly especially during the winter months so that you are not driving on unsafe tires. If you have snow tires, you will also want to change to those as winter approaches.
Check fluid levels: It is a good time to check the fluid levels in your vehicle so that they do not freeze over the cold winter months. Consider adding antifreeze (if recommended) and check your washer fluid, oil and coolant.
Wiper blades: The months before winter is a great time to change your wiper blades. This is an easy (and inexpensive investment) that will give you peace of mind when the snow, rain and freezing rain begins to fall.
Emergency kit: Pack an emergency kit and make sure that it is in your vehicle at all times. This should include a blanket, jumper cables, water/snacks, a flashlight, first aid kit, cell phone charger, ice scraper, and tire pressure gauge/inflator. This way, if you get stuck in traffic for an extended period of time or your car will not start, you will have some of the necessities that you need to stay warm and safe.
Get gas frequently: We recommend that you keep your gas tank at ½ a tank or more during those winter months, just in case you are caught in a situation where you are stuck, you have enough gas to get you to your destination.
Winter inspection: It is always recommended to get a quick car inspection before the winter months to check your vehicle’s battery, hoses, belts, thermostat and cabin air filter to be sure that there are no problems heading into the winter months.

Blaine, Minnesota Auto Repair Shop

Clark Automotive is a trusted auto shop in Blaine, MN that can help you winterize your vehicle this season. We can take a quick look at your car to be sure that we do not see anything that may put you at risk as you drive around these next few months. For more information about an affordable winter inspection, call us at 763-784-7944.

Taking Care Of Your Car’s Tires

Taking Care Of Your Car’s TiresIf you ask anyone what the most important part of a car is, you may get a few different answers – the engine, the brakes and, oh yes, the tires. The fact is, without good functioning tires, an automobile is not an automobile because it cannot perform its most essential function: to move. We can probably all agree that a vehicle without functioning tires does little to improve our lives or get us where we need to go. Clark Automotive offers tire rotation and services that prolong the life of your vehicle’s most basic and fundamental component: your tires.

Importance of Tire Rotations

Front tires will wear faster than rear tires. The reasons are many, but the most obvious is that the front tires experience more friction than rear tires due to the more severe turning to which they are subjected. Rear tires follow the line of your front tires, so their workload is lighter. Most vehicles are equipped with engines in the front, which means that there is more weight in the front. That added weight increases the friction experienced by the tires on the front of your vehicle. Fortunately, the loss of tread due to friction is gradual enough that you can drive for thousands of miles before the wear becomes more pronounced between the front and rear tires.

The main way of combating uneven wear between front and rear tires is to rotate them at the correct intervals. The tires you purchased with your car, or purchased thereafter, come with manufacturer’s recommendations for the rate of frequency of tire rotation. In general, most fall in the 3,000- to 7,000-mile range. There are variables that need to be accounted for, and some of those include what mileage your tires are rated for, the kind of driving you do, and the weight of your vehicle.

Tires rated for 50,000 miles will likely need to be rotated more frequently because their built-in life span is shorter. Tires rated for 80,000 miles or greater can probably wait for rotation closer to the higher mileage estimate. But if the tires are regularly subjected to higher weight loads or extreme driving conditions, it is possible that they will need to be rotated more frequently, despite their higher mileage rating.

Minnesota Auto Shop Focusing on Tire Care

Ultimately, the best way to determine when to rotate the tires on your vehicle is to balance the variables with the known qualities of the tire. The goal is even wear, which maximizes tire life and driver and passenger safety. Call us at (763) 784-7944 and let our mechanics help you maximize the life of your tires.

Winter Tires in MN

Winter Tires in MNAt Clark Automotive, we care, first and foremost, about the safety of your vehicle. As the snow becomes more and more consistent, we want to make sure that all of our customers are safe this winter with proper tires. No one wants to see you sliding down the road this winter. If you are searching for tires that can withstand the Minnesota weather, come visit us at Clark Automotive today.

According to most tire manufacturers and in many places, it’s even become a law, your tires should be replaced any time your tread depth is 4/32” in the winter. When your tires get to that point, they are considered bald and become a large safety hazard. If you encounter any snow or ice, consider yourself an out of control figure skater that will have no control over what you crash into. If your tires need to be replaced, our professionals can help. We will match you with the right tires and make your vehicle safe once again.

Tire Inspection

It is easy to see a bald tire. However, that’s not where a tire inspection should end. At Clark Automotive, we will take a look at your tires in its entirety. Each tire we check is dismounted from the vehicle and looked over thoroughly. We will check for signs of low pressure, look for bulges, cracks, punctures or debris within the tire. If we find any issues with pressure loss, we will determine if your tire needs to be plugged, patched or replaced. Everything we do is transparent so that you know exactly what is happening with your vehicles.

Tire Maintenance

The best thing that you can do with your current, well-working tires is regular maintenance. As the winter ramps up, don’t forget to come in and get your regular tire rotation and tire balance. The key to extending the life of your tires and keeping it safe during every winter is proper inspection and maintenance.

Improper inspections and repairs for tires can only lead to safety and hazardous risks. If you have a tire problem, let our certified technicians take a look and help you to determine the best options for you. For more information about caring for your tires during our cold, Minnesota winters, give us a call today. Contact Clark Automotive for all of your winter tire needs at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

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