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Benefits Of A Springtime Tune Up

Benefits Of A Springtime Tune UpAutomotive tune ups typically align with the factory recommended maintenance for certain areas of your vehicle such as your spark plugs, engine air filter and oil changes. Most factory recommended maintenance manuals recommend changing your oil every 3,000 to 6,000 miles. However, replacing your spark plugs probably won’t be necessary till 100,000 miles. Tire rotation can vary between 6,000 to 8,000 miles and replacing your engine air filter can wait anywhere between every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. If you’ve been noticing any signs that your car isn’t driving quite right, you may be overdue for some maintenance. Clark Automotive can assist with your tune up maintenance needs. Getting factory-recommended maintenance done on schedule helps your car run more efficiently and prevent any problems in the future.

What is a tune up?

The answer will vary from garage to garage, but generally is a type of preventative and proactive maintenance which targets problem areas and resolves small issues, so they don’t increase in size. Most tune ups include a thorough engine check, to make sure there are no leaks, and that it sounds and feels right when the vehicle is running. More specifically, a typical tune up looks at fuel and air filters, spark plugs, spark plug wires, the vehicle’s battery, the PCV valve, engine belts, vehicle lights, and the tires.

Benefits Of Getting A Tune Up

For a closer look at some of the ways a tune up can improve your vehicle, check out our list of tune up benefits:

Improved fuel mileage: A tune up can fix minor things going on within your vehicle’s engine that are responsible for a decrease in fuel economy. Culprits could also be worn or overworked brake pads, mis-aligned tires or tires that need rotation. With the cost of fuel on the rise, you could benefit!
Smoother ride: Perhaps your car has had difficulty starting in the mornings, especially when it’s cold. A once over by your mechanic can diagnose this type of issue. From the starter to the exhaust, there are hundreds of internal components which could be the cause.
Clear the check engine light: Each of the warning lights on your car is designed to tell you something. A certified mechanic will work to uncover why a warning light might be on and will work to resolve any issues.

Keeping Your Vehicle Tuned Up Regularly

The older the vehicle, the more often you should consider having a thorough tune up completed by your mechanic. Aside from the benefits mentioned above, you will be advised of any repairs that are needed and avoid more costly issues later on, down the road. You also keep your engine running in optimal condition, which extends the life of your vehicle and ensures safer travel for you as the driver.

Offering professional vehicle tune-up services in Blaine, Minnesota, Clark Automotive hopes that you put your trust in us to take great care of your vehicle. To schedule your next vehicle tune-up with our ASE Master Certified technicians, give us a call today at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Simple MN Vehicle Maintenance

Simple MN Vehicle MaintenanceHave you ever wanted to just go into an auto shop, get your vehicle maintenance completed, and then just get out. Easy, simple and back out on the road again. At Clark Automotive, we love to see all of our Minnesota customers, but we understand that coming in for vehicle maintenance isn’t always fun. Here, there are no gimmicks, no pressure to do more and no sleazy hidden fees. Our expert technicians perform high quality work at a fair price and then send you safely on your way.

Benefits Of An Engine Tune-up

Whether you’ve hit your vehicle’s recommended miles or you’ve just started to notice that your vehicle’s performance is lacking, an engine tune-up is the right thing to do. Engine tune-ups provide great benefits. They can increase your gas mileage, ensure that your car is running smoothly and perhaps even prevent a bigger problem from happening in the near future. When you bring your vehicle into Clark Automotive, we will examine your vehicle and its components. We will assess all aspects of your vehicle as we perform the tune-up, just to ensure that you are good to go!

What does An Engine Tune-up Include?

At Clark Automotive, we are big believers in always putting our customers first. We will never try to sell you on unnecessary repairs or costly projects that are not needed. Our engine tune-ups are simple. We will assess your spark plugs and wires and see if they need replacement. We will change out the old transmission fluid, along with an oil change. We will provide new air, oil and fuel filters in all areas as well as top off all the fluids and lubrication areas. We will also check for any leaks in your system. No matter what type of vehicle you may have, Clark Automotive is here to help keep your vehicle running flawlessly out on the road. If we find anything worth mentioning, we will go ahead and estimate any costs for you, leaving no hidden fees or surprises at the door.

At Clark Automotive, we are your neighborhood auto shop in Minnesota that is ready and willing to simply serve our community. If you are looking for simple vehicle maintenance, why wait another second? For more information about our simple vehicle maintenance services here at Clark Automotive, come visit our auto repair shop today. Call or book an appointment today at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Auto Repair Shop in Blaine MN

Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance or Preventive Maintenance

Auto Repair Blaine MNThe technicians at Clark Automotive Repair Shop in Blaine, MN would like to go over some of the more common misleading procedures other repair shops may easily suggest, in order to get the most (money) out of your stop to their shop. We would like to inform you so that you can make a conscious and slightly informed decision when bringing your car into a vehicle repair shop that makes these requests. We offer these practical tips, so that you can easily and affordability maintain your vehicle.

Honest Vehicle Repair Services

Many of our customers have come to us and kept coming to our Blaine, MN auto shop because they are sick of the dreaded phone call…you know. You drop your car, pickup truck or van off for a quick oil change and while you’re waiting for your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance to be completed they give you a hefty list of other ‘very important discoveries’ they have made while performing the oil change. They start to go on and on, all the while you’re getting even more confused (Tactic? Maybe.) and you end up just saying OK, for the safety (and sanity) of you and anyone else in your vehicle or on the road.

Inside Tips from the Auto Professionals

When you get a different (new) car it has a list of recommended maintenance repairs at certain miles and or months of operation. If you don’t have that list in the owner’s manual then you can usually get those online or at most repair shops. The best defense against untrustworthy of fraudulent auto services is knowing when specific maintenance items, such as the tune-up, are due i.e. 30,000 miles, 80,000 miles etc. The reason is that as you start to maintain your new vehicle, like Oil Changes or Tire Rotations many repair facilities will recommend maintenance procedure early, which is unneeded. The tune-up of your engine is one. The factory recommended maintenance schedule can be considered as preventive maintenance, preventive maintenance is designed to replace various parts at a time before they fail and cause problems.

Just because the check engine light is on at 65,000 for any of a couple of hundred reasons, does not mean you need a tune-up. A very high percentage of tune-ups are not due till 100,000 miles. Instead of a tune-up, if you’re not in that mileage category, a diagnostic test would be the best, most affordable and effective route. Most small shops will scan your computer and identify a list of the fault codes at a minimal charge or free. Clark Automotive provides a code scan free of charge and provides some impute to you as to what type of trouble shooting may be required or what type of repair you may be looking at.

The Importance of Trusting a Knowledgeable Mechanic

Just knowing the code in most instances will not direct the specific repair. It will only tell you which system or parts are not operating within factory specifications. Many shops recommend a tune-up early even when the required repair is something else. If you’ve been suggested a Tune-Up due to vehicle issues or before your vehicles recommended mileage it may save you a great deal of money to contact Clark Automotive Repair in Blaine, MN for a second opinion on your auto repair needs.

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Tune-Up Blaine

Auto Repair Blaine MNEvery year, individuals across the world decide on New Year’s resolutions to help them start fresh. When it comes to 2017, think outside of the box and make a resolution to take better care of your car! If you live in the Blaine, MN area, our team at Clark Automotive is just the partner you’ve been looking for to help maintain the good health of your vehicle. If your goal is to keep your car around for the long haul, getting a tune-up should be a top priority in 2017.

Get a Boost with Clark Automotive

When you turn your vehicle on each morning, do you feel as if it just doesn’t run like it used to? Rather than giving up on your car and going to find an expensive new car with a high monthly payment, make an investment in boosting the strength of your existing vehicle. Through an automotive tune-up from our dedicated staff, we can tackle any problems your car might have head on! Blaine, MN has some tough weather throughout the year, so it is important to make sure that your vehicle can manage the extreme temperatures that this part of the country experiences annually.

Tune-Up Focus

When you drop your vehicle off with our expert staff at Clark Automotive, every inch will be inspected to ensure that no issues are missed. You can trust that our staff will only look for legitimate issues. With so many of our competitors misleading their customers with false auto repair issues, our staff is loyal, honest and always keeps the customers best interests in mind. The main areas where our tune-up service looks to strengthen your vehicle includes the following:

  • Replacement of Spark Plugs & Wires
  • Changing of Transmission Fluid
  • New Filters including Air, Oil & Fuel
  • Fluid Flush
  • Oil Change
  • Oil & Lubrication Services
  • Detailed Leak Inspection

What Sets Us Apart 

By choosing Clark Automotive for your tune-up needs, you also get to take advantage of the other perks that come with being our customer. These key factors that set us apart from other auto shops in Blaine, MN include:

  • High Quality Parts
  • Complimentary Shuttles or Loaner Vehicles
  • Warranties Available
  • ASE Master Technicians
  • AAA Approved Facility
  • Flexible Hours
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection

If you are ready to change the way you take care of your vehicle in 2017, now is the time! Take advantage of an affordable tune-up service from our experienced staff at Clark Automotive. If you are in the Blaine, MN area, give us a call today at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Ham Lake Auto Tune Ups

Pre-Purchase Inspection Blaine MNIf you are hoping to keep your vehicle around for many years ahead, it is important for you to follow through on the recommended auto tune ups. Typically, auto tune ups should occur every 100,000 miles. Hitting the 100,000 mile mark is definitely a milestone, but there is still a lot more that you and your car can accomplish together if proper auto tune ups are done on your vehicle. If you are looking for a reliable auto repair shop in the Ham Lake, MN area, look no further than our auto mechanic team at Clark Automotive. Helping keep your vehicle in good working order is our specialty. All you need to do is continue to get your auto tune ups done on time!

Keep the Owner’s Manual Handy

Every car is different. While the 100,000 mile auto tune up is needed for most vehicles, your car may require more frequent tune ups as well. We recommend for our customers to always consult their owner’s manual to ensure that the tune up schedule is understood. During tune ups, the owner’s manual will detail the recommended repairs, maintenance services, etc., based on that specific mileage. If you don’t know much about cars, that’s ok! As an auto mechanic in Ham Lake, MN, we can evaluate your vehicle whenever it is needed and can perform all of the repairs or maintenance recommendations.

Common Tune Up Services Ham Lake MN

Depending on the mileage of your vehicle, your auto tune up may consist of the following services:
● Spark Plug & Wire Replacement
● Transmission Fluid Adjustment
● Oil and Fuel Filter Replacement
● Air in Tires
● Fluid Flush
● Oil Change
● Lubrication Enhancement
● Leak Evaluation

Reliable Auto Repair Shop

When you need assistance most, Clark Automotive is the partner for you. While it is always a good thing to get an auto tune up around certain mileages, there may be times when assistance is needed off cycle. Maybe an ignition coil or spark plug fails earlier than expected. Our team at Clark Automotive can evaluate and diagnose your issues to figure out what is going on. For some vehicles, replacing spark plugs can be a daunting task, but our auto mechanics are always up for the challenge! By choosing Clark Automotive for all of your auto repair needs, we’ll be sure to always provide you with a repair estimate before you commit to any of our services.

So, if your car has reached the mileage when a recommended auto tune up is needed, don’t overlook this evaluation. If you are in the Ham Lake, MN area, let our auto mechanics at Clark Automotive provide you with a reliable, affordable and fair auto tune up evaluation. Give us a call today at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com to set up an appointment soon!

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