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All-Season vs. All-Weather vs. Winter Tires

All-Season vs. All-Weather vs. Winter TiresSwapping general tires for winter tires in Minnesota is a common task, but there may be more options than just making this simple switch. Many tire companies make all-season and all-weather tires, but which ones are best suited for winter driving in Blaine? This tire comparison will guide you in making an informed decision.

All-Season tires: In reality, all-season tires are three-season tires. While they may work well during spring and summer temperatures, they won’t do a great job when snow begins to fall, or temperatures drop. All-seasons typically feature a straighter tread than their winter and all-weather counterparts and can grip well in hot or moderate weather as well as repel water when raining. Unfortunately, these tires lack sufficient grip or rubber to handle significant snowfall, ice or freezing temperatures.

All-Weather tires: Although all-weather and all-season may appear similar, they are distinct. All-weather tires tend to perform better during shoulder seasons than their seasonal counterparts due to sections of their tread that are straighter than others and blockier like winter tires. These tires can be used during milder winter conditions as a mix between all-season and winter tires; we suggest winter tires due to Minnesota’s often harsh winters.

Winter Tires: Do I Need Winter Tires? If you live in Minnesota, yes. All-season tires are safer than their summer counterparts, but winter tires offer greater reliability and security when driving through snow, slush, or water. Winter tires have thicker treads with more aggressive grooves designed to allow snow and water to pass through them for maximum traction. These tires are softer and can be used on cold days for the best grip on ice. All-season and all-weather tires’ harder rubber won’t slide on cold pavement like winter tires will, while providing good grip in cold conditions; however, their soft rubber will wear quickly if exposed to excessive heat – this is why winter tires should be swapped out for summer ones in springtime.

Rim options: It is wise to have extra winter tires on hand in case one set doesn’t work out as expected, making changing them easier and more convenient with Clark Automotive’s tire changing service – meaning it will cost less money each season to have your tires changed.

Clark Automotive offers a selection of winter tires and can assist you in purchasing another set. Don’t wait to get stuck or slide on the roads – contact us at (763) 784-7944 to find the right tires for your vehicle. Alternatively, make an appointment for us to install them for you.

Importance Of Tire Maintenance In The Winter

Importance Of Tire Maintenance In The WinterYour tires are a very important safety feature of your car and the only part of the car that has direct contact with the road. Your tires help you carry your precious cargo all over town, to/from work and school, on trips and as the temperatures fall, it is crucial to make sure that your tires are properly maintained. Clark Automotive is a local auto repair shop that specializes in many different types of auto maintenance and repair – at this time of year, we recommend that our clients take note of the following tips for keeping your tires in good shape for the road:

1. Regularly check your air pressure: When the temperatures drop, your tires lose air pressure. Typically, you can expect to lose 1 pound per square inch for every 10 degrees the temperature drops. It is important to check your air pressure at least once a month during the colder months and add air when you notice a drop in tire pressure. You can do this yourself with an inexpensive pressure gauge that you can keep in your vehicle. Keeping your tire pressure stable will prevent excessive tread loss and increase the life of your tires.
2. Keep the tire valve caps on: When you do not put the tire valve caps back on after you check your pressure, moisture can freeze in those valves, and this can contribute to a leak in your tire.
3. Pay attention to your tread: You need to have tread on your tires to maintain traction on the road. During the winter months when roads can be icy/snowy, this is very important.
4. Complete regular tire maintenance: Taking your car into a car repair shop for routine maintenance like tire rotation, balance and alignment can help prevent a problem before it occurs on the road. These services are affordable and can go a long way toward a safe winter for your car or truck.

Affordable Winter Tire Maintenance In Blaine MN

Poor tire maintenance can lead to the need to replace your tires more often, a flat tire or a blowout on the highway, which can be dangerous. Now is a great time to have the team at Clark Automotive take a look at your tires and complete an affordable routine maintenance plan that includes tire rotation, alignment and tread check. To schedule a tire maintenance check, give us a call today at 763-784-7944.

Winter Car Maintenance Importance

Winter Car Maintenance ImportanceAs the weather cools down here in Minnesota, one of the to-do list items we often forget has to do with properly maintaining our vehicles. Winter car maintenance is extremely important because you never want to be left stranded during the extremely frigid conditions that are an everyday occurrence during the colder months here in Minnesota. At Clark Automotive, we have a team of certified mechanics who are all well versed in winter car maintenance so do yourself a favor and make an appointment to check out your ride before the temperatures really start to drop!

Common Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Below are just a few common winter car maintenance tasks that we recommend here at Clark Automotive.

Check your oil – It’s important to make sure your oil is in good shape prior to the drop in temperatures. Oil often thickens up as the weather gets colder which can make it more difficult to start your car. You can also use a different type of oil that’s made to be used for winter driving.
Keep your car clean – Snow, sand and salt can do a number on any vehicle. You want to help improve visibility and reduce the possibility of rust by keeping your car clean. It’s always a good idea to keep your car clean but be sure to avoid freezing wipers, locks and doors.
Top off fluids – Be sure your coolant is topped off as well as your windshield wiper fluid.
Check your battery – Your battery tends to fail either in the dead of winter or the heat of the summer. It’s likely a good idea to have your local mechanic check your battery before heading into winter each year.
Check your tires – As it gets colder outside, your tires will likely lose air pressure. If your tires are underinflated, it can affect how they grip on the road as well as cause them to wear out prematurely.
Replace your windshield wipers – It’s a good idea to go ahead and replace your windshield wipers before it gets too cold here in Minnesota. Ineffective windshield wipers can lead to dangerous conditions out on the road, especially when snow and ice is involved.

Ready for Your Vehicle’s Winter Check Up?

If you’re interested in keeping your vehicle on the road this winter, why not schedule an appointment to get your car checked out before we’re hit too hard with frigid temperatures this winter? Feel free to give Clark Automotive a call today at (763) 784-7944 to have one of our ASE certified mechanics check out your car before winter hits!

Tires Blaine, MN

Tires Blaine, MNHaving a good set of tires on your vehicle is important no matter where you live, but especially in an area like Blaine, MN. With tough weather conditions throughout the year hitting this area, it is important that you and your family are safe every time you get in the car. If you’re concerned about the tread on your existing tires, bring your vehicle by Clark Automotive and we’ll be happy to take a look. Our tire experts are committed to being your one stop repair shop when it comes to tires in Blaine, MN.  If you are in need of tire rotation, tire replacement or a tire evaluation stop by, or give us a call.

Addressing Tire Damage

Tires do more than just get you from point A to point B. They are also a very important aspect of your brake system. So, if your tire is damaged or worn down, you risk running into other issues with your vehicle. For instance, a damaged tire could cause a blowout or loss of car control in the future. Our auto repair professionals can thoroughly examine your tires to determine if they can be repaired. You may assume that you know where the damage is located on the tire, but often times the damage is found in multiple places. If we can safely repair your tire, we’ll gladly do so. If the damage is too severe, we will recommend a tire replacement.

At Clark Automotive, we have built our auto shop around honest relationships. There are too many auto repair shops in Blaine, MN and the surrounding area that take advantage of their customers. At Clark Automotive, we only recommend tire replacement when it is truly needed. Rest assured that we’ve done our due diligence to inspect the tire before recommending replacement.

Tire Rotation

If you’re trying to get the best life expectancy of your set of tires, then rotating your tires is very important. Typically, it is recommended that you rotate your tires every 3,000 to 7,000 miles. Purchasing your set of tires together is recommended so that you experience the greatest tire performance and so that they all last approximately the same length of time.

So, if you are in Blaine, MN and would like to get a thorough tire inspection, drop your vehicle off at Clark Automotive and we’ll be happy to evaluate your tires. If tire repairs are needed, we’ve got you covered. If a full replacement is the end recommendation, rest assured that we’ll help you navigate the tire purchasing process. Team up with your honest and experienced tire professionals at Clark Automotive by calling (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Importance of Having Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

Importance of Having Your Vehicle Ready for WinterWhen you are preparing for another Minnesota winter you may be changing the furnace filter, cleaning gutters, hanging holiday lights and investing in a warm coat. Don’t forget to have your vehicle ready for brutal winter driving conditions. The extreme cold temperatures and abundant potholes can really do a number on any vehicle. This is one reason why it is important to have a winter readiness checkup at Clark Automotive. Chuck and his team know how much we all depend on our vehicles to keep us safe and sound on the road. Breaking down is not an option especially when your loved ones are on board. Having a dead battery, no heat, bald tires, worn brake pads or wrong oil viscosity can result in a very bad day.

Is Your Vehicle Ready for Winter Driving?

The Farmers’ Almanac is predicting is predicting lots of snow and a very cold winter season ahead. Don’t be caught unprepared. Making sure that your vehicle is ready and able to perform under these difficult conditions is a great investment for your physical and financial wellbeing. It seems that every winter storm results in numerous stalled vehicles littering the side of the road. Having AAA or another roadside assistance can help but how long will you have to wait for a tow truck to arrive when they are bombarded with distress calls? The best way to avoid being caught in this situation is to prepare ahead of time.

12 Smart Ways to Winterize Your Vehicle

Winterizing your vehicle can be fast, easy and affordable with the right team of automotive professionals working on your behalf. The car care experts at Clark Automotive are fully prepared to provide you with smart preventive maintenance and repairs that keep your vehicle starting and operating smoothly all through the fall and winter months. During your winter readiness appointment an experienced auto mechanic may take a look at the following areas.

  1. Antifreeze, radiator, coolant
  2. Winter weight oil
  3. Tire tread and air pressure
  4. Brake pads, rotors and fluid
  5. Heater and defroster
  6. Exhaust system leaks
  7. Battery capacity
  8. Tire rotation or snow tires
  9. Windshield wipers, wiper fluid fill
  10. Headlights, fog lights, turn signals, brake lights
  11. Scheduled maintenance for belts, spark plugs, hoses
  12. Diagnostic checkup on electrical system issues

Trusted and Experienced Auto Shop

Clark Automotive shop treats you like family. We have earned the trust and business from countless area residents because of our commitment to quality and affordability. Our experience in what to look for in ways to maintain your vehicle at peak performance shines through. As winter approaches it is especially important to stay current on regular vehicle maintenance, repairs and winter readiness services.

To make an appointment to have your vehicle winterized before the snow and cold arrive, contact Clark Automotive Clinic, Inc. at (763) 784-7944.

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