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Spring Suspension Repair In Blaine

Spring Suspension Repair In BlaineMany drivers take the suspension system on their car for granted, not realizing how important it is until something goes wrong. On average, a vehicle’s shocks support several tons of weight over time and will eventually stop functioning. A common misconception is that the sole purpose of suspension is to maintain a smooth ride, however, serious suspension has a domino effect on the control of the vehicle. There are some tall-tell signs that you need some suspension repair work.

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Steering, Alignment, And Suspension Repairs

Steering, Alignment, And Suspension RepairsIf you have lived in Minnesota even for a short time, you know that winter here can be brutal. Even a winter with relatively few snowstorms will wreak havoc on the roads you drive on. One snowfall that creates the need for plows to clear snow from road surfaces will create new potholes and damage old ones that had been “repaired.” Nothing is more likely to cause problems with your vehicle’s alignment and/or suspension than a perfectly placed pothole that is disguised as an innocent puddle or shadow on the road. Clark Automotive knows destructive potholes can

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Suspension Repair Andover

Suspension Repair AndoverHave you ever watched a suspenseful car movie that made you want to go out and get in your minivan and just take sharp turns around the neighborhood? Oh, we are the only ones watching that one? Okay, fine! Just try watching ‘The Fast and The Furious’ and then pull up next to a sports car on a deserted stop light. In all honesty, you may not need sharp turns or a fast car to feel what those cars are feeling in the movies. At Clark Automotive, we understand the ins and outs of cars. If you live in or around Andover, MN, it may be time to check your car’s suspension!

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