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Spring Suspension Repair In Blaine

Spring Suspension Repair In BlaineMany drivers take the suspension system on their car for granted, not realizing how important it is until something goes wrong. On average, a vehicle’s shocks support several tons of weight over time and will eventually stop functioning. A common misconception is that the sole purpose of suspension is to maintain a smooth ride, however, serious suspension has a domino effect on the control of the vehicle. There are some tall-tell signs that you need some suspension repair work.

Infamous Rough Ride

A rough ride could certainly be an indication that the struts or shocks are wearing out. When you are feeling every bump in the road or begin to hear knocking (metal on metal) coming from the wheel well area, it is a sure sign that you need to get your vehicle in to have its suspension looked at.

Uneven Tread Wear On Tires

If tread wear is uneven on tires, the tires will be shaped oddly and will begin to damage other tires as a result. When the suspension isn’t holding the car evenly, then uneven amounts of pressure are applied to the tires.

Leaning Into A Turn

Drifting or pulling is a sign of suspension problems, because the shocks can’t keep the car stable through the turn. As a result, you are in more danger because it increases the risk of rolling the car.

Greasy Shocks

If you can locate the shocks behind your tires, look to see if they are in good condition. If the shock has greasy residue on the housing, it could mean that fluid is leaking out of the shocks.

Unusual Movements When Stopping

Pay attention to how your car behaves when you come to a stop. Does the car dip or plunge in a lurching motion when you hit the brakes? A bad suspension system can slow down the time it takes for a vehicle to come to a complete stop. This can be dangerous and increases the likelihood of an accident.

Use A Certified Mechanic To Solve Suspension Issues

If you live or work in the Blaine Minnesota area, and are having issues with your vehicle’s suspension, schedule an appointment today with Clark Automotive. Whether your vehicle has a conventional suspension system with shock absorbers or a strut-based system (which is typical in many front-wheel-drive cars today), Clark Automotive has the equipment necessary and the knowhow of ASE-Certified mechanics to diagnose and repair any problem. Give us a call at (763) 784-7944 or stop on by the shop today! Walk-ins are welcome!

Steering, Alignment, And Suspension Repairs

Steering, Alignment, And Suspension RepairsIf you have lived in Minnesota even for a short time, you know that winter here can be brutal. Even a winter with relatively few snowstorms will wreak havoc on the roads you drive on. One snowfall that creates the need for plows to clear snow from road surfaces will create new potholes and damage old ones that had been “repaired.” Nothing is more likely to cause problems with your vehicle’s alignment and/or suspension than a perfectly placed pothole that is disguised as an innocent puddle or shadow on the road. Clark Automotive knows destructive potholes can be for your vehicle. We can help repair the damage that happens so often from hitting them—alignment and suspension problems, and, by extension, steering issues.

Do I Need My Alignment Checked?

Your vehicle is designed to tolerate normal bumps, divots, and cracks in the road surface, but some are deep enough to damage your vehicle. Minnesota roads often seem intent on doing damage to vehicle suspensions, but the truth is that all vehicles’ suspensions will need occasional maintenance, even in the best of road conditions. Over time, and because of the forces exerted on your vehicle’s tires, shock absorbers/struts, and suspension system, you will need to have your vehicle’s alignment checked, at a minimum. You may notice that your vehicle drifts slightly to the right or the left, which is the classic indication that your vehicle’s wheels have become misaligned.

Even a slight measure of misalignment can be problematic for your vehicle—it can cause uneven wear of the tires, limiting their life span and potentially putting you at risk for a blow-out. Regular tire maintenance and a check of your wheel alignment is usually all that is needed to ensure that nothing so drastic occurs. But the larger point is that regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that a relatively small problem of wheel misalignment does not grow to a larger problem.

Repairing Suspension, Alignment And Steering Issues

If your vehicle has issues with alignment and/or the suspension, the connectivity of systems determines that you could also notice issues with your steering system. Major problems of alignment or suspension could mean that your steering is more difficult to control. It is important, therefore, to ensure that all of the interrelated components work in concert with each other and are balanced with each other.

If you have a minor or more serious issue with your suspension, alignment or steering, please call us at (763) 784-7944.

Suspension Repair Andover

Suspension Repair AndoverHave you ever watched a suspenseful car movie that made you want to go out and get in your minivan and just take sharp turns around the neighborhood? Oh, we are the only ones watching that one? Okay, fine! Just try watching ‘The Fast and The Furious’ and then pull up next to a sports car on a deserted stop light. In all honesty, you may not need sharp turns or a fast car to feel what those cars are feeling in the movies. At Clark Automotive, we understand the ins and outs of cars. If you live in or around Andover, MN, it may be time to check your car’s suspension!

Suspension Suspicions

In just about every recently dated car, the suspension systems on the cars are located in the front and rear to help you, as the driver, have a good quality ride. How is it that we don’t feel like those cars in the movies when we take a turn even going 35 mph? The sway bar links on a car or truck is the first line of defense. It reduces the car sway when it turns. Sorry, minivan lovers, your days of feeling like you are in a race car are over! Well, unless your sway bar links are broken. Another issue that may happen are the struts and/or shock absorbers. When these need to be replaced, you can sometimes even feel the ride quality change. However, it’s not an immediate issue. You may not even notice until someone else takes a drive or you hop in another car. Lastly, we all know that driving in Andover, MN is not easy. The pot holes and torn up roads will always lead to suspension issues like ball joint replacements, springs loosening, tie rod ends changed out, control arms replaced, and even various bushings. So, how do you really know? If you are suspicious of your suspension, Clark Automotive can help!

Clark Automotive Suspension Repair

If you suspect that a suspension repair is in your near future, just give us a call. We offer free test drives to assess the issues that your vehicle may be having. We also offer free estimates regarding whatever suspension repair issues that may be happening. We have all of the equipment necessary and the unequivocal knowledge to diagnose and repair your suspension problems.

If you live in or around Andover, MN and you’ve been noticing that your ride seems a little off, or perhaps even your steering has been acting weird, it’s time to call Clark Automotive. Call us today at (763) 784-7944 and get your vehicle back in shape!

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