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Car Starter Troubleshooting And Replacement Near Minneapolis

Symptoms Of A failing StarterA starter is an electrical motor that is connected to the battery. The job оf a starter is to set the engine (pistons, crankshaft, etc.) in motion when you turn the ignition switch on. Once the engine starts and is in motion, the job оf starter is done. If the starter goes bad, the engine will not crank properly when you turn the ignition key in or may not crank at all.

The symptoms оf a faulty starter are like that оf a dead battery. Without the power from the battery, the starter cannot get the engine in motion. To determine if the problem is the battery or starter, test the lights, radio, and horn. If they do not work, a dead battery is likely. If they work, it is more likely a problem with the starter. Since the starter is an electrical motor, it will eventually fail and require replacement during its service life. Some other signs of a failing starter include:

Loud clicking: Oftentimes, the first sign of starter trouble will be a loud click or series of clicks that occurs when the key is turned. This is the sound of the starter motor actuating but not spinning. It may or may not be properly connecting with the flywheel.
Grinding noises that occur while trying to start your car could be attributed to the starter motor. There are two reasons they may occur. The first would be that the mounting bolts have come loose, causing there to be poor alignment of the pinion gear and flywheel. Secondly, one of these gears may have lost a tooth or teeth, resulting in the grinding noise.
Buzzing: If all you hear is a buzzing noise when you try to start your vehicle, you’re likely listening to the sound of electricity traveling to the starter motor but not enough to get it to start. This is often the result of poor electrical connections and may not be a starter motor issue.
Intermittent engine cranking means that the car may start to crank, then stop, requiring you to turn the key in the ignition again.

Starter Repair Services In Blaine Minnesota

It is important to take care of starter problems as soon as they begin to happen. Putting them off to repair later may end up leaving you stranded. If you need starter repair in the Twin Cities greater metro area, get in touch with the ASE-certified mechanics at Clark Automotive. We provide full service auto maintenance and repair for most makes and models of vehicles. Give us a call today at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving our friends and neighbors with affordable, honest service!

Starter Replacement Services in Blaine

Starter Replacement Services in BlaineIt’s never a good start to the day when you get in the car and your vehicle will not start. If you’re currently dealing with this situation or your car is making clunking or whining noises, you may be dealing with a starter that has gone bad. If you’re looking for the best auto shop in Blaine, MN to handle your starter replacement needs, then look no further than our team at Clark Automotive. When it comes to starter replacement services, our experienced staff has you covered.

Signs of a Faulty Starter

The way that a vehicle’s starter is supposed to work is for your battery to send electricity to your starter. In turn, power is sent to your motor and the vehicle starts. Turning the key in your vehicle will tell you a lot about your vehicle starter. If you turn the key to start your car, there are key sounds that serve as a sign that your existing starter is faulty. These key sounds include:

  • Repetitive Clicking Sound
  • Slight Vibration
  • No Sound at all

Starter Replacement Experts

Once our team at Clark Automotive is able to evaluate your vehicle, we’ll quickly be able to determine if your vehicle starter is the issue. After we’ve found that your starter is faulty, our starter replacement experts will quickly search for the perfect starter based on your vehicle make and model. We’ll replace your starter and you’ll be on your way again. To ensure that your starter is fully functioning, we thoroughly inspect our starter replacement work before giving your vehicle back to you. The best part about our starter replacement services is that you’ll no longer have to worry about getting stuck or stranded around Blaine, MN again. No matter what age, make or model vehicle you drive, you can count on our starter replacement experts at Clark Automotive to handle your starter needs. We can even handle fleet, pickup trucks, domestic and hybrid vehicles.

Top Notch Repair Facility

While you are waiting for our ASE certified mechanics to work on your faulty starter, we will gladly provide you with courtesy rides and loaner vehicles. Additionally, you can rest easy at night knowing that we only perform the vehicle repairs that are absolutely necessary to keep your car running smoothly. We will never recommend a starter replacement to our customers if that is not the true issue.

If you’ve recently gotten into your car and it hasn’t started, then it may be time for a starter replacement. If you’re in the Blaine, MN area, our experts at Clark Automotive offer starter replacement services that cannot be matched by the competitors. To schedule an appointment today, give us a call at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotive.com

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