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Comprehensive Car Repair Services

Comprehensive Car Repair ServicesIn addition to becoming an important part of our local community, Clark Automotive offers our customers the benefit of decades’ worth of collective experience in automotive repair and maintenance. As reliant on our vehicles as we are in the modern world, and as important as it is to be a part of our community, Clark Automotive offers an important combination of qualities that add value to our customers’ lives. Try us once…and you will use us for life. But do not take our word for it…ask our current customers.

Experience Auto Repair Shop in MN

The automobile is like the airplane in that it is a marvel of engineering. It may be less complex than the airplane, but it is still a marvel. The modern automobile is so reliable that most of us have the luxury of taking for granted that it will function when we need it to. But, like any complex machine with so many components and moving parts, the automobile will occasionally need repairs and maintenance. There are thousands of locations throughout our country that provide automotive repair services, but there is a relatively small number among them that place such a high priority on offering a wide range of automotive repair services. Clark Automotive is in that exclusive group. We care about our customers, and we have expanded our expertise in auto repair because we care. As a result, we have a very loyal list of customers who have come to trust our knowledge and execution of auto repair.

You can bring your vehicle to us for issues as simple as oil changes and filter replacements, which are part of good scheduled maintenance. You can also bring your vehicle to us for such matters as tire rotation, wheel alignment, exhaust and muffler repair, and general drive ability issues. If your vehicle has a more complex problem, such as an electrical issue or if it needs a starter replacement, Clark Automotive is an ideal choice. As the issues become more complex and/or mysterious, Clark Automotive’s mechanics apply their experience, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills to identify the underlying issue and make the most efficient and affordable repair possible.

Routine Vehicle Maintenance And Complex Auto Repair

Because even minor maintenance issues can decrease the overall safety of your vehicle, our problem-solving skills are all the more important to ensure that a small problem does not become a larger one, and that your safety is never in jeopardy. That motivation is tied to our commitment to our community.

Whatever issues you may be having with your vehicle, Clark Automotive is here to help. Call us at (763) 784-7944.

Affordable Car Repairs In The North Metro

Affordable Car Repairs In The North MetroCar repairs are not something that many people look forward to–in fact, they are often put off because of time, money or both. Car repairs go in the same category as having your gutters cleaned, going to the dentist and doing taxes. They are a true necessity but are not exactly enjoyable. Part of this is likely because many of us cannot complete car repairs ourselves, so it is hard not to feel like you are being taken advantage of. We have all had the experience going to a dealership and feeling like you are paying way too much for a small repair. It is important to trust the auto repair shop that you take your car to. That is where Clark Automotive comes in.

Comprehensive Auto Maintenance And Repair

At Clark Automotive, we try to take the stress and dread out of car repairs. They may not ever be your favorite thing to do, but we will explain the issues we find in ways that you can understand, and we keep our prices affordable, so that you are not overwhelmed by the cost. As a small business, we do not have all of the overhead that a dealership does. We value our relationships with our customers. In fact, our success is truly built from word of mouth referrals and repeat customers. We take time to make sure to answer your questions and can even help you prioritize which repairs should be made immediately and whether any can be delayed a bit.

Our technicians have been with us for many years and have experience with all makes and models of cars. Our staff are also ASE certified, which means that the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence has determined that they are master technicians in their field. In order to receive this prestigious national certification, you must have a minimum of two years of relevant hands-on experience as an auto mechanic and then pass a series of group tests.

Blaine Auto Repair Shop

Clark Automotive has been working throughout the pandemic as an essential Minnesota business located in Blaine. We are continuing to take precautions to keep our staff and our customers safe. We offer contact free drop off and payment and can handle much of the communication online or by phone. We can complete all types of car repair including brake repair and replacement, battery testing and replacement, tire rotation, regular tune ups, electrical repairs, starter and alternator repair and replacement, as well as radiator work, heating and AC repair and much more! To schedule an appointment, call us today at 763-784-7944.

Trusted Auto Repair Shop in Blaine, MN

Trusted Auto Repair Shop in Blaine, MNClark Automotive has served the people of Blaine and the surrounding communities long enough to become the neighborhood auto repair shop that everyone trusts. It is just that the neighbors are now more numerous. We have worked hard to earn the trust of our customers, and we have found that the best way of earning and maintaining trust is to be really good at auto repair, to make our pricing schedule fair and competitive, and—most important—to always be honest with our customers about what their vehicles need. That is why so many people have grown to consider us their first choice for auto maintenance and repair.

Experienced Local Auto Shop

Over the past several decades, the technology that goes into building automobiles has developed in ways that make modern vehicles almost unrecognizable when compared to older vehicles. Sometimes, it seems that tires are nearly the only part that is common to both modern and older cars and trucks. Our staff is committed to staying current with modern technology while also remembering how to repair and maintain older vehicles. We have most certainly entered the digital age of automobiles, but there are still plenty of analog models that need to remain functional for our valued customers.

Competitive Pricing On All Auto Repairs

We are aware of the reputation that auto repair shops have across the country for taking financial advantage of customers by gouging them when they bring their vehicles in for service. This can happen when a small number of repair shops take advantage of customers’ relative lack of specific knowledge of automotive construction and function, and they prioritize profit over customer loyalty. Clark Automotive has established a strong reputation in large part because we are in this business for the long haul. And the long haul requires customer loyalty, which is supported by charging prices that cover the cost of parts and labor, not by charging exorbitant prices for services that are not needed.

Whether we are talking about the prices for our services or providing an explanation of the issues we have identified with your vehicle, trust can be built and maintained only when the service provider gives an honest assessment of those issues. To maintain our status as the trusted neighborhood auto service, our customers have to be able to trust us from the moment they arrive to the moment they drive their repaired vehicle home.
Call us at (763) 784-7944 or send an email to info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com for more information.

Blaine, MN Auto Repair Shop Offering Complete Vehicle Care

Blaine, MN Auto Repair Shop Offering Complete Vehicle CareThere are plenty of auto repair shops in the Blaine, MN area. Choosing the right auto repair shop for your vehicle needs can be difficult. Sure, you could blindly choose a shop and hope they get the work done well. Or, you could do a little research to make sure that you are comfortable with your decision. After doing some research, you’ll find that Clark Automotive is the right choice when choosing an auto repair shop in the Blaine, MN area. We are proud to offer our clients complete vehicle care so that no matter what they are dealing with, they will not have to take their vehicle anywhere else!

Affordable And Honest Vehicle Repairs

You can count on our ASE certified master technicians to offer you affordable vehicle repairs whenever you need them. Our goal is to develop a long lasting relationship with every client that enters our doors, which is why we place such an emphasis on affordable pricing. Additionally, being honest mechanics is a requirement of our team. There are many auto repair shops in the area that provide misleading and dishonest recommendations when it comes to vehicle repairs. Our mechanics are always honest about the repairs that you may need. We only come to you about the repairs that are truly needed. You’ll never have to worry about our team recommending a repair that’s not necessary.

Complete Vehicle Repair Options

Dealing with starter issues? Is your exhaust system preventing you from passing inspection? Whatever your situation may be, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. Our complete vehicle care encompasses the following repairs and services:

● Fleet Maintenance
● Brake Repair, Service and Replacement
● Tire Rotations and Balancing
● Timing Belt Replacement
● Exhaust Repairs
● Steering Repairs
● Suspension Repairs
● Alignment Repairs
● Electrical Repairs
● Starter & Alternator Repairs
● Heating & AC Maintenance and Repairs
● Oil Changes
● Engine Tune Ups
● Second Opinions
● Diagnostic Services
● Much More!

With more than 17 years of experience serving the Blaine, MN community with complete vehicle care, there’s no project that is too big or small for our staff. Our owner, Chuck Clark, is on the job every day and will work to make sure that all of your expectations are met. You’ll find our staff to be honest and our services to be affordable. To schedule your vehicle repair or maintenance needs with our ASE certified master technicians, give us a call today at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Pre-Purchase Inspections in Blaine, MN

Pre-Purchase Inspections in Blaine, MNWhether you’ve never been to visit us at Clark Automotive or you’ve been a customer all your life, we are always here and happy to be a mechanic that you can trust. When you are looking to purchase a new or used car, it’s important to know that you aren’t getting scammed. Unfortunately, it feels like you can’t take anyone at their word these days. So, when you are looking to purchase your next vehicle, take comfort in knowing you have a professional on your side. At Clark Automotive, we can help you with any pre-purchase inspection for your domestic, fleet, truck or hybrid vehicle.

Preventing A Bad Vehicle Purchase

While no one wants to think that being scammed or paying over price value could happen to them, it’s an unfortunate reality that can be quite common. Whether you are getting your vehicle from a dealer or a private owner, knowledge is always power when it comes to vehicle sales. The more you are aware about the condition and value of your vehicle, the more comfortable you can be with your money and purchase decisions. At our auto shop, we make it easy and convenient for you to come to that decision. Let our mechanics take a look and give you an unbiased, professional 3rd party opinion before you bite the bullet on your vehicle purchase.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

While the seller of the vehicle may not be intentionally trying to scam you, having a pre-purchase inspection can help you to negotiate an appropriate price based on the vehicle’s current condition. We do our due diligence in making sure that you are getting your money’s worth out of your vehicle. Our expert technicians take a look at the exterior, examining the overall look and condition of the car’s exterior. They check under the vehicle, taking note of any leaks, rust and quality of the brake and exhaust system. Then they check the engine, paying close attention to the fluid levels, belt conditions and overall performance. Lastly, they perform a check of the interior conditions, look at the heating and air, and do a test drive to see how it handles or note any warning issues. Should a warning pop up, they will do a computer scan that provides a list of codes/recommendations that a car may need.

No matter how great a vehicle may seem on a dealer’s lot, a pre-purchase inspection is worth every penny in the long run. Peace of mind and confidence with your purchase is always a great feeling. For more information about our pre-purchase inspections in Blaine, MN, give Clark Automotive a call today. Contact us for an appointment or call us and let us know you are on your way with your vehicle at (763) 784-7944 or shoot us an email at info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

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