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Vehicle Service Center in Blaine, Minnesota

Vehicle Service Center in Blaine, MinnesotaA certified vehicle service center can be your best friend if your vehicle is acting up or not performing the way you would like. Just knowing that your vehicle is in good hands at an AAA approved facility can be of great comfort.

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Auto Shop with Reviews from Second Opinion Customers

Free Auto Repair Second Opinion ShopClark Automotive is a full-service automotive mechanic with a great reputation for excellent customer service. One important aspect of customer service is getting a second opinion on any car repair question. Our customers have offered many reviews of our shop based on our commitment to providing honest second opinions. We strive to be completely honest with each and every one of our customers in order to build a loyal customer base. We provide a second opinion so you can be confident that you are not wasting money

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Mechanic Second Opinion

Mechanic Second OpinionWhen you go into the mechanic just to get a simple oil change, you may come back with a long list of repairs you’re recommended to have completed as well. Determining whether or not all these actions should be taken often requires a second opinion. When you go in for something as simple as an oil change, managers are often trying to find other ways they can increase their sales volume and generate more revenue for their business. Oil change-only shops can be a much more efficient way to get your oil changes done. However, if you do find yourself with a list of repairs, take the time to get a free mechanic second opinion from Clark Auto.

Car Repair Second Opinion

When you get a second opinion from a trustworthy mechanic, the value you are receiving in many ways is priceless.

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Auto Repair Blaine MN

Auto RepairIf you’re in need of professional auto repairs, but don’t want to spend those extra dollar and are in the Blaine, MN area, Clark Automotive is the repair shop for you! When you call Clark Automotive, you’ll speak with Chuck Clark, the owner, operator and head vehicle mechanic. He doesn’t push sales or have a fancy showroom for additional up-sales, he is an automobile mechanic first and foremost.

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