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Fleet Maintenance & Repair Services Blaine, MN

Fleet Maintenance & Repair Services Blaine, MNIf you are responsible for a fleet of cars, you’ve got a pricey load on your hands. Managing and handling a large amount of company vehicles is an important job. We understand that you also have a choice in where you choose to do your fleet maintenance and repairs. We hope that with our affordable prices, years of experience, and outstanding customer service, you will choose Clark Automotive every time. With over 17 years of automotive repair services experience, we are more than capable of handling your fleet of vehicles!

Importance of Fleet Maintenance

Fleet maintenance is something that our experts and certified technicians thoroughly enjoy doing. We enjoy it because we like to see your commercial vehicles running at their optimal efficiency for a long amount of time. Fleet maintenance is extremely important and vital to the survival of any business that is on the road. This is why our experts come prepared. We have been performing fleet maintenance for several companies in the Blaine, Circle Pines, Spring Lake Park, and Coon Rapids areas. We understand just how important each vehicle is to your company and the need to get it back on the road in excellent condition.

Maintenance & Repair Service Types

So what does fleet maintenance and repair include? The following is a common list, but definitely not the limit!

  • Tune Ups
  • Oil and Lubrication Services
  • Suspension Replacement and Repair
  • Shock Repair and Replacement
  • Exhaust System Repairs and Replacement
  • Complete Brake Services
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Electrical Repair and Replacement
  • Belt and Hose Replacement
  • Fuel Injection Service
  • Filter Replacements
  • Cooling System and Air Conditioning Services
  • Fluid Flush Services

Choosing Clark Automotive

In order to accommodate our fleets, we offer flexible times and hours for repairs. We will also see to it that your needed repairs will be completed in the time frame that your company has to have the fleet back. We can service up to five vehicles from your company at a time, for both routine maintenance and unexpected repairs. We also offer loaner cars and courtesy pickup for your employees that are in a pinch. No dollar is wasted during fleet maintenance and repairs at Clark Automotive.

Ready to schedule your fleet maintenance and repair service today? For more information and to hear about our affordable pricing options, contact Clark Automotive today at (763) 784-7944.


1. Vehicle Operation:

Understand that spending a few minutes a month checking your car can prevent 70% of problems that cause a roadside breakdown.


  • Overfill the gas tank
  • Ever put anything other than APPROVED brake fluid in the brake master cylinder
  • Leave your car idling without having a window partially open


  • Read the owner’s manual or secure good advice on things you don’t know.  Such as, how to open hood, operate the Air conditioning, and instrument cluster warning lights, just to mention a few things
  • Check the engine oil and coolant level with each full tank of gas
  • Again, Read the Owner’s Manual, specifically regarding maintenance requirements and recommendations

2. Vehicle Maintenance & Ownership:


  • Follow maintenance recommendations from, “loss leader repair shops”
  • Mix brands or sizes of tires on AWD vehicles
  • Neglect changing the timing belt as recommended if your vehicle has one (Interference Engine)


  • Follow the recommended maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual. (Retain records for manufacturer’s warranty)
  • Establish the oil change regiment you intend to follow, and then do so
  • Insure your car at an appropriate level (If you can’t lose car without great hardship)

3. Purchasing A Used Car:


  • Drive the car without insurance
  • Purchase a used car with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
  • Purchase the car without diligent research.  Check google for common problems for the car model.  Don’t be shy ask for advice


  • Understand the need for a pre-purchase inspection and what it should show you
  • Practice changing the tire, if you intend to do so.  “Does the car have a spare tire?”
  • Read the owner’s manual regarding, the safety features of your new used car
  • Check on the cost of insurance for the car before you buy it.  i.e.  That sporty Corvette

4. Responding To Roadside Car Problems:


  • Drive to the next exit with a car that is overheating, or the low oil pressure light on
  • Drive a car with a loose battery or no air cleaner
  • Be without a cell phone and those phone numbers you wish you had


  • Pull over and shut car off if you ever smell gas
  • Get your car checked out as soon as possible, if it exhibits strange sensations.  Evan consider pulling over now
  • If your check engine light is strobing at you, you need to stop very soon.

5. Responding To The Check Engine Light Coming On:


  • Purchase parts predicated solely on a scan of the codes. Very common with free scanning at the local parts store.
  • Clear the codes because some causation data will be lost. A technician may need the data to properly troubleshoot your car


  • Have the check engine light diagnosed ASAP if the car now runs poorly, differently, misfiring, or no power Pull
  • Get a firm price for diagnostic charges.  Leading to written estimate for repairs
  • Look on the internet for cars similar to yours and see if they are having the same problem and what may have caused it and what the repair cost them.
  • Fully understand why the light is on if you elect not to repair the car

6. Finding & Dealing With A Good Mechanic:

Understand the differences between independent shops, franchise and chain stores


  • Leave a blanket authority for the repair.  Require a written estimate and notification of any cost changes as the repair progresses
  • Tell the shop what to fix.  Be concerned if you are telling the shop what to fix, are you sure?  Who trouble shot the car?
  • Leave the shop with the impression they have all week to fix the car


  • If you’re not comfortable with the estimate, get a second opinion
  • Ask to see the old defective parts
  • Pay by credit card, if this a new shop to you

7. Talking To The Automotive Service Writer/Mechanic At The Garage:


  • Pass up the opportunity for a test drive so that your observations are being more closely observed and addressed
  • Show up without a written list of your observed symptoms, needs, and desired services
  • Be bashful, if you desire a specific technician to work on your car, ask for it!


  • Provide the clearest information you can regarding the symptoms, but refrain from diagnosing the problem yourself
  • Keep copies of the repair orders for future reference and or warranty discussions or issues
  • Call to get an appointment even if you’re just looking for some advice

Auto Tune Up Services Blaine MN

Is It Time For An Engine Maintenance Tune Up?

Tune Up Blaine MNVehicles on the road today are lasting longer and have higher mileage. Our cars and trucks are made with quality parts that can last for many years with regular engine maintenance and tune-ups. The best thing you can do to keep your vehicle running smoothly is catch small problems before they turn into big headaches. If you think that you car is not performing at its peak, now is the time to visit Clark Automotive Clinic in Blaine, MN. Our skilled, Certified Technicians will do a thorough examination of your vehicle and tell you what, if any, areas are in need of a tune-up. We provide fast, friendly service at Affordable prices.

When And Why Does My Car Need A Tune Up?

When you are noticing annoying or troubling little things about your car that are starting to add up, it would be beneficial to have it checked out by a professional. The problem could be something as simple as a dirty filter or something a bit more complex. Here are eight signs that your vehicle is in need of a tune up.

  1. If you are noticing a Decline in the Performance of your vehicle
  2. You notice a new Odor coming from your automobile
  3. Your vehicle is using more gas than normal
  4. When the weather is very Cold and your car Won’t Start
  5. There are Loud Sounds or Knocks coming from your truck or car
  6. Your car or truck is Idling Rough
  7. You are experiencing a Loss of Power
  8. Your vehicle is Stalling when it is Cold, Hot, Raining or Air Conditioner on

What Can Be Involved In An Auto Tune Up?

After you bring your vehicle to Clark Automotive Clinic and it has been examined by one of our Certified Technicians, there are several different services that may be recommended to have your car running great again. After an auto tune-up, your car or truck can have noticeably higher gas mileage with no annoying knocks or smells.

  • Oil and Lubrication Services
  • Spark Plug and Wire Replacement
  • New Filters for Oil, Air and Fuel
  • Flush Fluids
  • Check for Leaks
  • Oil Change
  • Transmission Fluid Change

Affordable Vehicle Tune Ups in Blaine MN

Clark Automotive Clinic has been serving the Blaine, MN area for over 17 years. We have built our business on Affordable, Professional, Honest, No-Nonsense, Customer Service and on giving back to the community. The owner, Chuck Clark is very involved in every aspect of his shop. You can speak with him directly or with one of our skilled Certified Technicians.

Your vehicle will be in good hands at Clark Automotive where we believe in using only Top Quality Parts and always keeping your Safety in mind. Clark offers convenient hours and fast, friendly, affordable service.

Stop By or Call Today at 763-784-7944   Email: info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com

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