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Radiator Repair Blaine

Radiator Repair BlaineClark Automotive’s technicians are experts in radiator repair.  And as we head into the winter months once again, you will want the assurance that your car’s radiator will be in good working order.  Driving in a car that is at risk of overheating and breaking down is not something anyone wants to endure; running that risk when the weather is snowy and the temperature is well below zero makes that prospect even more undesirable.  So let us help you get your car ready for the winter months. Our auto repair shop is convenently located in Blaine, Minnesota.

Professional Radiator Repair Shop, Blaine

Radiator repair requires the right tools and, most importantly, the professional background to do the job correctly.  Most people simply do not possess the training to thoroughly repair a radiator.  Our mechanics are certified and have received extensive training for a wide range of automotive problems.  They have extensive experience with issues that allow them to not only repair the first-line problem, but also any underlying problems that have led to the present problem.  For your safety, we recommend bringing your car in to our shop so that you can feel assured that your radiator has been repaired properly.

If you have seen evidence of leaking, it may be coolant coming from your car’s radiator.  You can add coolant as frequently as needed in order to get the level back to normal.  But if you are not able to find and repair the structure where the leak is occurring, you will simply be pouring good coolant after bad.  Before long, the amount of money you will have spent on replacement coolant could add up to more than the cost of a proper repair by Clark Automotive.  We do understand the desire to apply the ‘easy’ fix.  But with a system as complex as the cooling system, you simply should not take the chance of applying a fix that does not solve the problem.  We have the means of repairing your radiator the right way.

Trusted Local Auto Repair Shop

We have built our entire business on a model of being trustworthy.  We do not value taking chances with our customers by pushing repairs that are not needed.  We respect our customers too much to risk our trustworthy reputation on such maneuvers.  We take pride in diagnosing your car’s problem accurately, recommending the best way to repair it, and then doing the repairs that are necessary to get your car back to a state of safety that you expect and require.  Repairing a radiator can be a simple job, but if you drive for too long with a radiator that is in need of repair, the problems associated can affect other systems in your car.  It is therefore best to bring your car in at the first sign of a radiator problem.  To schedule an appointment with the team at Clark Automotive, give us a call at (763) 784-7944 or send an email to info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.  We will be happy to serve you.

Radiator Replacement Blaine MN

Auto Repair Blaine MNClark Automotive serves the many communities of Lino Lakes, Blaine, Coon Rapids and Ham Lake, in the great state of Minnesota. The staff of Clark automotive are professional mechanics with an auto shop located in Blaine, MN. If you discover a coolant leak or that your car is close to overheating—or worse, if you have had trouble with a persistent leak or your car has actually been overheating—you may need to have your radiator looked at or even replaced. No matter how severe the issue with your radiator is, the mechanics of Clark Automotive can help solve your problem while keeping costs down.

Vehicle Radiator Repair And Replacement

In repairing or replacing your radiator, Clark Automotive will help you regain a sense of comfort while driving. You will no longer have to wonder if your car is going to overheat on your way to work with a cloud of steam coming from under your hood. Whether you use your car to get to and from work, getting your children to school or playdates, or rely on your car as the means of keeping your business going, it is an investment that you should trust to a mechanic who has earned the label ‘trustworthy.’

Evaluating A Coolant Leak

And Clark Automotive has certainly earned that label. Most of us who have owned a car know that radiators can be sensitive, unpredictable and should not be repaired in our own garages. If you have noticed a viscous substance puddling up in your driveway, and you suspect that that substance is coolant, you may well have a coolant leak. It is not a problem you can solve by pouring more coolant into your radiator. You may try to solve the problem yourself with a leak sealant of some kind, but they are notorious for not working. To ensure that you don’t end up spending more money in the long run by spending little bits here and there, take your car to Clark Automotive and get the job done right. Your car’s cooling system is vital to the proper functioning of your automobile.

If your car is overheating or has a leak, the cause can be attributed to one or more of a number of things. Some of the causes include hot weather, low water and/or low coolant levels, or leaks in the radiator or elsewhere in the cooling system. Good maintenance is necessary for the longevity of all cars, and Clark Automotive offers vehicle maintenance that guarantees peace of mind.

Signs Of Radiator Problems Blaine MN

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to tell if your car is in danger of overheating. The first thing you can do is monitor your car’s temperature gauge. If it points past the middle of the gauge, it may be in danger of overheating. You should then take it to Clark Automotive so our staff can take a closer look . The second is to look for steam; if the hood of your car is hotter than usual, that may also be an indicator. Do not mess around with a radiator or coolant leak issue. Contact Clark Automotive at 763-784-7944 as soon as you suspect a problem with your vehicle.

Overheating Engine Coon Rapids

Overheating Engine Coon RapidsIf your car overheats, you are generally made aware fairly quickly. The temperature gauge will begin to register a high temperature (over the midpoint), and you may even seen smoke coming from under the hood. What might not be as easy to figure out is the cause of your engine overheating.  Clark Automotive near Coon Rapids, MN can help determine the cause of engine overheating and complete the necessary repairs so that you can get back on the road quickly.  Clark Automotive is an auto repair shop committed to providing you affordable, fast, friendly, convenient and high quality service.

Overheating Engine Diagnostics And Repair

If your vehicle is showing signs of an overheating engine, a diagnostic testing is generally recommended to determine the cause. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Coolant Leak: Low water and coolant level is one of the most common causes of an overheating engine. If your vehicle is leaking coolant, a professional auto shop or auto mechanic will need to pressure test the cooling system to find the leak.
  • Radiator needs to be cleaned: Your radiator may be clogged with debris, preventing normal airflow, which can also cause your engine to overheat.  Cleaning or flushing your radiator can sometimes correct the problem.
  • Radiator needs to be repaired or replaced: Sometimes, your radiator needs to be repaired or even replaced.  Your mechanical radiator cooling fans or the accessory drive belt and its tensioner may no longer work properly.

Honest, Reliable Car Repair, Coon Rapids

Clark’s Automotive can careful diagnose the problem causing your engine to overheat and develop a plan for repairing it quickly and affordably so that you can leave this problem behind, once and for all.  Our team of auto mechanics has extensive experience and can do all necessary checks, including checking radiator pressure, flushing and filling the coolant, testing and checking the radiator cap, all hoses, and the engine belt.

Our team of certified auto technicians understand how difficult and frustrating car repairs can be.  We strive to provide clear and honest information in a timely manner so that you can make the best possible decisions about how best to proceed.  We never pressure to you complete unnecessary services and always stand behind our work.  We rely on the loyalty of repeat customers for a large part of our business.  If you have concerns about the way your car is working or would like a second opinion, call (763) 784-7944 to schedule an appointment.

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