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Engine Tune-up Clark Auto Blaine, MN

Blaine, MN Auto Tune-upThis time of year, folks are heading out for their summer adventures! Whether you are road tripping down the coast or sending your kid off to college in these short months, an auto tune-up should be one of the first things on your list. At Clark Automotive, our shop offers complete vehicle care. Getting your tune-up before you hit the open road is a must and Clark Automotive has you covered.

Declining Vehicle Performance

No matter what time of year it may be, if you are noticing a decline in your vehicle’s performance but can’t exactly pinpoint the problem, an auto tune-up is the right choice for you. There are many factors in declining vehicle performance. From weather related issues to wear and tear related issues, all vehicles rely on quality tune-ups to keep them in tip top shape. During our tune-ups, we can often catch a potential issue before a large, expensive problem comes up and damages your vehicle further. Auto tune-ups can absolutely save you money in the long run. Additionally after our tune-ups, our customers have even seen an increase in their gas mileage. Who doesn’t want that?

Full Service Auto Repair and Tune-Up Shop

At Clark Automotive, our range of services has no limitations. We have the ability to work on both domestic and foreign vehicles, hybrid cars, and even fleets. When you bring your vehicle in for an auto tune-up, let us know if you have any concerns that we need to divulge in. Otherwise, our professionals at Clark Automotive will do a thorough check from top to bottom. We cover spark plug and wire replacement. We change out all the air, oil and fuel filters within your vehicle, including changing the transmission fluid. We also perform a fluid flush. We check for leaks and cover all types of oil and lubrication services, including an oil change. We inspect your vehicle from top to bottom, front to back, ensuring that your vehicle is ready for whatever adventure you plan to set out on!

Whether you are staying home this summer or exploring the United States, Clark Automotive has you covered. Our technicians are ASE Master certified and our shop is a AAA approved facility. For more information about our auto tune-ups and auto services we provide, please give us a call today. Call Clark Automotive to schedule an appointment today at (763) 784-7944.

Do I Have to Take My Car to the Dealer?

Do I Have to Take My Car to the Dealer?Taking your car into the dealer for repair work and maintenance can be expensive, but at times it is certainly necessary. When are those times? You are probable asking yourself…how do I know, I’m not a mechanic. Which option is going to be less expensive and better for my situation? A good reputable mechanics shop should always put your best interests first, just like the ASE certified mechanics do at Clark Automotive in Blaine, MN. Chuck and Eric will tell you straight up if it is less expensive and beneficial, taking your car into the dealer is the better option.

Clark Auto in Blaine Services 90% Of All Extended Warranties

At Clark Automotive, we can service about 90% of all extended warranties, but if your warranty contract is dealer specific, then you’ll want to make sure to take your vehicle to a dealer. If you’re looking to replace parts on your vehicle with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts then occasionally your independent mechanic can get these parts directly from the dealer, but they will likely cost significantly more than aftermarket auto parts.

Dealer or Independent Mechanic?

While our ASE certified mechanics can help you with typical repairs at Clark Automotive, if your vehicle is still under warranty, it may make more financial sense for you to go ahead and have your vehicle serviced at your local dealer. Once your warranty has expired, it will likely be more advantageous for you to bring your car to an ASE certified independent mechanic to save a bit of money.

Manufacturer Recalls Go To The Dealer

Manufacturer recalls are best left to your dealer. Dealers are better setup to handle these repairs and are typically reimbursed directly from the vehicle manufacturers.

Top-Quality Extended Warranty Repair Parts and Labor

If you are only in need of extended warranty work, then turning to an independent auto mechanic for warranty repairs may be the more affordable solution for you. At Clark Automotive, we can fix a wide array of issues with your vehicle and potentially eliminate the need to go into the dealer directly. While you may not be aware, but a large number of extended warranties do in fact allow for independent mechanics to service many vehicles’ specific warranty needs.

If you are in need of high-quality auto repair work, look no further than Clark Automotive here in Blaine, MN. To find out if we can help address your extended warranty work, give us a call today at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com to learn more.

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