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Pre-Purchase Inspections In 2021

Pre-Purchase Inspections In 2021At Clark Automotive, we have been in your local auto repair shop for over 17 years. Our mission is always to serve our community and help our customers make an informed decision about their vehicle. Whether you are coming in for a simple oil change or seeking peace of mind for a pre-purchase, our job at Clark Automotive is to always keep your best interests and safety in mind. If you are interested in buying a vehicle, let us help make your decision a bit easier. Do not buy a vehicle without performing a pre-purchase inspection. Having a qualified mechanic inspect the vehicle you are looking to purchase will give you piece of mind.

The Need For A Pre-Inspection

When your average Joe goes to buy a car, they can be easily distracted by shiny wheels and a fresh paint job. While aesthetics is always a nice benefit to a vehicle, if the car doesn’t get you from point A to point B, looks aren’t really going to matter much. Therefore, a pre-purchase inspection is always recommended before you buy a car. Unfortunately, there are people out in this world, and even some seemingly credible dealerships, that are looking to manipulate you and make a deal on a vehicle that is subpar. So, if anyone tells you they had it inspected and it is good to go, how can you believe them? At Clark Automotive, our longstanding history of honesty and integrity speaks for itself. As a third party looking at your potential vehicle with fresh eyes, we have no skin in the game and have no reason to provide you with a false report. At the end of the day, there is never a reason not to perform a pre-purchase inspection before you make the vehicle purchase.

What Does Our Pre-Purchase Inspection Include?

When you bring the vehicle in, our ASE certified mechanics will first look at the exterior. We will examine the overall look, condition and quality of the exterior. We will take note of any dents, scratches or other damages, taking notice of the tires, paint, glass, windshield and mirror conditions. We will then raise the vehicle up and look under the car. This is an opportunity for us to look for any leaks, rust and examine the overall quality of your exhaust and brake system. Naturally, we will then look under the hood, examining the engine, checking fluid levels and evaluating the overall performance and belt conditions. Once that is complete, we will evaluate the condition of the interior, checking the upholstery, lighting, seatbelts and sensors. Lastly, we will take it for a test drive and see if anything looks amiss. Before you drive off with your vehicle, our team will finally perform a computer scan, checking to see if it’s up for recalls and looking for any codes or recommendations.

Overall, we provide a thorough way for you to have peace of mind in buying your vehicle and even knowledge to potentially get a better deal. For more information about our pre-purchase inspection services, give us a call today. Contact Clark Automotive today at (763) 784-7944 or by emailing info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Quality Pre-Purchase Inspection Services Blaine, MN

Used Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection Services near Blaine, MinnesotaAt Clark Automotive, we have been serving the Blaine community for over 17 years. We have created an atmosphere of quality customer service and service that you can trust. We are always here to help you with any of your vehicle needs, including your purchase. If you are looking for a vehicle but unsure if you are getting a good deal, swing it on by here at Clark Automotive in Blaine, MN.

Help When Buying a Used Vehicle

Buying a vehicle is an exciting time! There are many different dealerships around and many different options. The most important thing to remember when buying a vehicle is to not be fooled by the outward appearance. A vehicle may look quite nice, but it does nothing for you if it breaks down and won’t start in the first six months. When buying a used vehicle, being particularly cautious on how well the car is functioning is essential. At Clark Automotive, we can do all of the checking for you. There are many advantages to a pre-purchase inspection that can make a large difference not only in your decision but also in the price!

Helping You Save Time & Money

If you feel like you have found the perfect vehicle for you and your family, let us confirm your excitement and turn it into solid confidence. Bring your vehicle of choice down to Clark Automotive and let us take a look. Our pre-purchase inspections are only $90 and they can save you a fortune in the long run. Our trusted and certified mechanics will do a thorough inspection of the vehicle. We will raise the vehicle up, checking the exterior completely from front to back and top to bottom. Below, we will look for any leaks, rust and check the overall quality of the exhaust and brake system. We will then work our way under the hood, checking the engine, fluid levels and assessing the overall performance. We even inspect the interior for our customers and take it on our own test drive to ensure that things feel right. Lastly, we do a computer scan of the vehicle, making sure that no codes were mysteriously cut off and all of the recommendations are up to date. Should we find an issue, you will have an opportunity to either decline the offer or finagle a better deal.

If you are buying a vehicle in Blaine, MN, don’t forget just how important it is to get a pre-purchase inspection. At Clark Automotive, our trusted technicians will let you know exactly what your purchase is worth and provide you peace of mind. For more information, give Clark Automotive a call today at (763) 784-7944.

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