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Cost Effective Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

Cost Effective Pre-Purchase Vehicle InspectionIf you are in the market for a used car or truck, Clark Automotive can help you understand the value of a pre-purchase inspection. Sometimes, a vehicle can look perfect from the outside. This can seem to be true even if you look under the hood and look for defects. The benefits of having a third-party inspection to assist you with buying short or long-distance purchases are immense.

Professional Third-Party (Mechanic)

Having a third-party (or mechanic) look under the hood and for other problems that are outside the vehicle is an excellent way to ensure that you are getting the best deal. Most good dealers and genuine independent sellers will agree to have a third-party to inspect the vehicle. It is imperative to have a close inspection of the car you want to buy. Also, many underlying issues may not be obvious. There are two types of inspectors that you can hire to make sure you are not buying a lemon.

The Pre-Purchase Inspection Process

At Clark Automotive, a pre-purchase vehicle inspection involves an ASE-certified mechanic that will look for any defects or problems with the vehicle that you intend to buy. The inspector will look for mechanical and exterior defects. An inspection may include taking the car for a test drive. Inspectors will additionally look for irregularities, damage underneath the vehicle, and any leaks. A thorough inspection includes an examination of all safety equipment and the engine.

Unparalleled Advantages

Do you know what you are purchasing? Don’t hesitate to contact us before buying a used vehicle. Sometimes, any damages that vehicles may have (including recalls that were not taken care of) can be hard to find. Did you know that over 40% of cars that are in bad condition (or considered as lemons) are purchased from used car dealerships? Additionally, 35% of lemon vehicle owners spend on average, $4,800 fixing hidden issues.

What You Need To Know

In most cases, pre-inspections performed by reputable dealerships are trustworthy. Most dealers will not put a used car or truck on their lot without a thorough inspection and some maintenance work already performed. Sometimes it’s even backed by a warranty. Still, it never hurts to get a second opinion. When dealing with a private seller, it is especially recommended that you seek an inspection by an expert auto repair shop like Clark Automotive. You deserve to know exactly what you are buying and if the purchase price is warranted!

We invite you for a professional pre-purchase inspection at Clark Automotive in Blaine, MN before you purchase your next used vehicle! Call us at 763-784-7944 to schedule an appointment. Typically, you can drive right over!

Trusted Pre-Purchase Inspections in Blaine, MN

Trusted Pre-Purchase Inspections in Blaine, MNPurchasing a used car is a route that many Americans take simply because it is more affordable than buying a brand new car. If you do your research, there are a lot of great used cars in the Blaine, MN area that you can purchase and have for many years ahead. However, there are also bad used cars that may not be worth the investment. Unless you have spent years working on cars, you may not be able to distinguish between a good deal on a used car versus a dud that will cause you financial headaches down the road. Luckily, our team at Clark Automotive, located right in your backyard, offers trusted pre-purchase inspections to help you decide on your next used car purchase.

Avoid Buying A Vehicle That Needs Repairs

The last thing that you should want when purchasing a used car is buying a vehicle that causes you nothing but problems in the future. Although the car you are interested in may look well maintained on the outside, it may have some big issues under the hood that are difficult to detect on your own. That’s where our dedicated auto repair staff are here to help. Before you purchase the used car, we highly encourage you to drive over to our auto repair shop and let us complete a pre-purchase inspection on the vehicle. This $90 investment could end us saving you thousands of dollars in the future, so it is definitely worth the investment. We’ll make sure that you are not paying too much for the vehicle, being scammed or confirm that it is in fact a great deal.

Things we Look For

During our thorough pre-purchase inspection, our trusted team will evaluate the following:

Vehicle Exterior – Our staff will look for any scratches, dents, tire wear, glass chips, etc. This may help you reduce the cost of the vehicle if these items are identified before the purchase is made.
Below the Vehicle – We’ll lift your car up and take a look at the exhaust and brakes to ensure they are in good shape. Additionally, we’ll test for any potential leaks or rust under the vehicle.
Pop the Hood – During this step, we’ll evaluate fluid levels, battery quality, belt conditions, etc.
Vehicle Interior – Another important step of the pre-purchase inspection is to test the heating and a/c system, electrical components and upholstery.
Test Drive – Arguably the most important test with a used car is the test drive. Our staff will take the vehicle out for a quick ride to evaluate things such as the transmission, steering, brakes and suspension.
Computer Scan – We’ll also perform a computer scan to identify any codes or recommendations that are needed.

Before you sign the dotted line on the purchase of a used vehicle in Blaine, MN, bring the vehicle by our shop for a trusted pre-purchase inspection. To schedule this pre-purchase inspection, contact Clark Automotive today at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Detailed Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections

Detailed Pre-Purchase Vehicle InspectionsPurchasing a used car can save you a lot of money assuming that the vehicle is in good shape. Unfortunately, unless you’ve got experience as a mechanic, there’s no good way to know if the used vehicle you are interested in is going to hold up for you long term. Our team at Clark Automotive is here to help you if you’re in this predicament. We are proud to offer detailed pre-purchase vehicle inspections. Before committing to the purchase of a used car, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have our team evaluate the overall health of the vehicle. Once you purchase the vehicle you are now responsible for all future repairs.

Detailed Pre-Purchase Inspection

With more than 17 years of experience serving the Blaine, MN, area, we consistently treat our clients like family. With this mindset in place, the last thing that we want for our clients is for them to purchase a used car that will end up costing them lots of money in repairs. That’s where our detailed pre-purchase inspection comes into play. This is way more than just a quick 10- minute visual inspection that other auto shops offer. Our ASE certified mechanics offer an affordable deal that will ensure you aren’t getting ripped off financially. The details of our pre-purchase inspection include the following:

Exterior Evaluation – We’ll take a detailed look to evaluate the condition of the vehicle exterior. All body dents, scratches, paint issues, windshield cracks, etc., will be identified.
Look Below the Car – Our staff will lift up the car and look for any potential leaks, rust or damage to the exhaust or brakes.
Pop the Hood – Worn down belts and a lack of fluids can be quickly caught during this stage of the inspection.
Interior Evaluation – We’ve got a strong eye for damage to upholstery, electrical items, as well as heating and A/C issues inside a vehicle.
Test Drive – Arguably the most important test that we go through is the test drive. We’ll evaluate how it handles, and will focus on particularly costly repairs that could arise pertaining to areas like the transmission, engine, steering, brakes, suspension, etc.
Computer Scan – Another part of the inspection is to run our computer scan on the vehicle to determine if there are any recommendations at this time.

Don’t go into the purchasing process of a used vehicle blindly. Instead, partner with our dedicated mechanics at Clark Automotive. If you are in the Blaine, MN area, take advantage of our detailed pre-purchase vehicle inspections the next time you are looking to purchase a used vehicle. To set up a pre-purchase inspection, give us a call today at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Pre-Purchase Inspections in Anoka County MN

Pre-Purchase Inspections in Anoka County MNAutomobiles are expensive to own. When you buy a pre-owned vehicle, the risks of unexpected expenses are greater. Clark Automotive provides pre-purchase inspections in Anoka County, MN as a way of balancing out those expenses, minimizing them, perhaps even eliminating them. Our business model is built on the idea that expert auto repair increases the safety of your vehicle. When you buy a car that was previously owned by someone else, we recommend that you make an investment in our pre-purchase inspection service so you know exactly what you are getting.


Vehicle Pre-purchase Inspection Service Anoka County

Our pre-purchase inspection service is comprehensive and will give you the information you need to make an informed decision about your purchase. See below for a break-down of our comprehensive pre-purchase inspection service.

Clark Automotive Pre-Purchase Inspection Service offers:

  • A diagnostic exam. If the vehicle is a relatively recent model, we will check the service codes generated by the computer and make service recommendations based on what we find.
  • We will examine engine performance, fluid levels, condition of all belts, and assess the engine’s overall performance.
  • We will check for leaks and other evidence of problems. We do this by putting the vehicle on our lift and examining the underside. Doing this allows us to find any leaks, evidence of corrosion, and the current condition of the car’s brakes and exhaust system.
  • Exterior check. Our eyes may see things your eyes did not, so we will give the car a thorough exam for any damage to the windshield, tires, side and rear windows.
  • Interior inspection. In addition to looking for the overall condition of the upholstery, we will make sure you understand the condition of the seat belts, interior lighting, and the current condition of the heating and air-conditioning system.
  • Suspension and drivability. Our staff will be able to get a better sense of the driving condition of the vehicle by test driving it ourselves. This will allow us not only to assess the suspension of the vehicle, but also whether or not there are any signs of trouble with the transmission.

Be Confident in Your Vehicle Purchase

Safety, of course, should be the first priority of any pre-purchase inspection. But even an acceptably safe vehicle can become a financial problem if potential issues are not discovered before the purchase is complete. Clark Automotive expert staff can help you feel more confident about your vehicle purchase. Call us at 763-784-7944 with any questions you may have. We will be happy to check out the vehicle you are considering buying.

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