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Water Pump Replacement in Blaine

Water Pump Replacement in BlaineHave you and your vehicle recently hit the 100,000 mile mark? If so, there’s definitely some things to consider. This is an ideal time to replace your timing belt. Additionally, it’s a great time for water pump replacement as well. At Clark Automotive, we take pride in being a trusted water pump replacement shop in Blaine, MN.

Why is it important to replace your vehicle’s water pump, you may be asking? Well, your water pump is a critical part of the vehicle that keeps the engine from overheating. If you never replace your water pump and it fails, this could cause extremely expensive and devastating damage to the engine of your car. So, don’t ignore the recommendation of a water pump replacement. This affordable vehicle replacement service will ensure that your engine doesn’t overheat for the long haul.

Replacing Your Timing Belt & Water Pump at the Same Time

Most mechanics recommend replacing the water pump at the same time that you replace your timing belt. If you don’t replace the water pump when you replace the timing belt, then you are essentially saying that the water pump will last for an entire lifecycle of a timing belt. Chances are that the water pump will not last that long, so make sure to replace your timing belt and water pump at the same time.

Trusted Water Pump Replacement Shop

When it comes to water pump replacement professionals in Blaine, MN, there’s no better team to put your trust in than Clark Automotive. For more than 17 years, we’ve been handling water pump replacement services for our clients. We’ll take the time upfront to evaluate the current state of your water pump. Count on our mechanics to provide you with a trusted replacement recommendation, just like we do with all of our other vehicle services. No matter the type of vehicle you have, we’ll get this project completed in a timely manner and at a price you can afford. While you are waiting, take advantage of our comfortable waiting area.

Danger of a Failing Water Pump

Replacing your water pump is definitely something to consider around the 100,000 mile mark. Especially if you need to replace your timing belt, let our team at Clark Automotive handle both of these replacement services for you. To partner with the best water pump replacement shop in Blaine, MN, give us a call today at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Heater and Coolant Inspection

Heater and Coolant InspectionLiving in a cold-climate state can mean that you have a stronger sense of what it takes to withstand the long winter season. You may do all the right things—keep the pressure of your spare tire at its maximum recommended level, keep a flashlight in your glove box, measure the tread on your tires—or you may be so toughened by life in Minnesota that you take your basic auto safety measures for granted. One important aspect of basic winterization that you should never take for granted is your heater and coolant inspection.

Annual Winter Check Up Includes Heater & Coolant Inspection

When the winter is at its coldest, you never want to be stuck without a well-functioning heater. Clark Automotive offers services that will ensure that your heating system is in good working order and will get you through the winter months. Just as important is a well-functioning coolant system, because even in the coldest months of the year, your vehicle’s engine can overheat. Your coolant needs to be periodically flushed and kept clean in order to ensure that it will be pumped properly throughout the engine to keep it from overheating.

Our trusted auto mechanics do not want you to get caught in a ditch on the side of the road with no heat and a non-functioning coolant system. This happens more often than you might think in Minnesota. Your vehicle may not be able to tell you when it is developing heater and coolant problems, but it can send signals that indicate that it is time to have them inspected.

Trusted Blaine, MN Auto Repair Shop

Clark Automotive specializes in many different types of auto repair, of course, and one of them is heater and coolant inspections. Our technicians have the knowledge and skill to identify the problem. We have the training to implement the recommended repairs. And we have the tools to make sure that the repairs are done correctly, according to your vehicle manufacturer’s standards.

We have established a reputation for excellence in customer service because we prioritize complete repairs and honesty with our customers. We know that you have a choice when it comes to auto repair shops. The way we succeed is to accurately identify the issues with your vehicle, to share our honest assessment of the issues with you, and to ensure fair pricing for the necessary repairs.

We value the people in our community and we want you to feel confident in our ability to solve whatever problems you may have with your heater and coolant system. Call us at (763) 784-7944 with any questions or to schedule a time to bring your car in.

Car Overheating Repair Shop

Auto Shop for Car OverheatingIf you have noticed that your car is overheating, it is time to get it looked at. No matter what is causing your car to overheat, Clark Automotive can help. Most of us rely on our cars to transport us to and from work, to get our kids to their afterschool activities, and/or to earn a living and we all live very busy lives. So busy, in fact, that we may not notice the early signs of an overheating vehicle.

Signs your Vehicle Might be Overheating

Auto Shop for Car OverheatingYou may not notice the temperature gauge reading slightly higher than usual or increased heat on the hood after you have been driving. These signs can be subtle and easy to miss. As the problem worsens, you are likely to notice the needle on the temperature gauge spiking above normal levels, steam pouring from under the hood, and a funny smell. Whether you are beginning to notice subtle signs of overheating or you are dealing with more obvious signs our mechanics will diagnose the source of the issue and then repair the problem so you can drive safely once again.

Car Overheating Repair Shop

The cooling system of your car’s engine is vital to its functioning properly. If an engine overheats even periodically, it becomes vulnerable to the powerful forces that are contained within the engine. If the overheating is severe enough or if it causes other parts to fail, the overall damage to your engine can be significant. In more severe cases of overheating, the shape of the parts of your engine affected by the heat can change. As we learned in high school science class, heat causes expansion. When metal parts expand without proper cooling, the expansion can cause those parts to fuse together.

If you are not certain that your car is overheating, take note of the temperature gauge. You may not have noticed where the temperature typically settled before. But if you suspect overheating, you can take note of where the temperature settles when it seems to be overheating and when it seems to be running at a normal temperature. If the signs of overheating are more obvious—a very high temperature reading or steam coming from under the hood, it is almost a certainty that the engine is overheating. In that case, you should not wait to have it checked out.

Trusted Auto Repair Shop, Blaine, MN

Clark Automotive stakes our reputation every day on the way we treat our customers. We treat our customers well because we want them to come back to us when they have issues with their cars. If your car is overheating, or you suspect it may be, we would be happy to help you identify and fix the issue. Give us a call today at 763-784-7944 or stop by our auto shop on Davenport St. NE.

Car Overheating Mechanic Blaine MN

Auto Repair Blaine MNThe professional mechanics of Clark Automotive located in Blaine, MN, can help you regain the assurance that you can go about your daily driving life and not have to worry about your car overheating. Most of us rely on our four-wheeled automotive machines to get us to and from work, ferry our kids to their after school activities, to transport us to a wide variety of errands each week and get us to our favorite vacation spot. And most of us have very busy lives, which often means that we have little choice but to neglect some of the basic components of our lives. However, when we neglect the maintenance of our cars and trucks, we run the risk of getting stranded.

Auto Mechanic Repairs Radiator Blaine

Tools like cell phones and GPS take some of the worry out of being subject to automotive problems, but even if you feel a greater sense of security because of such technological advances, neither a cell phone nor a GPS can make your car or truck run again when the radiator malfunctions. You will be able to call for help and inform your tow service of your precise location, but the only way to guarantee that an overheating car does not strand you in the first place is to have your radiator properly maintained by a professional and reputable auto mechanic like Clark Automotive.

Your car’s engine cooling system is vital to the proper functioning of your automobile. An engine that overheats is vulnerable to the forces of nature, and when overheating is severe enough, the damage could be catastrophic. Heat causes metal to expand, and if not properly cooled, those parts that expand can become misshapen, which could cause fractures or seizing up of parts.

Fortunately, though, there are some easy ways to tell if your car is in danger of overheating. The first thing you can do is keep an eye on your car’s temperature gauge. If it registers over the midpoint, have the mechanics of Clark Automotive check it out. The second is to look for steam. If you notice steam coming from under the hood, even in small amounts, chances are good that you have an overheating problem that should be checked by the professionals at Clark Automotive.

Mechanic Blaine MN

Overheating can be caused by a number of factors, including extremely hot weather, low water and/or low coolant levels, or leaks in the radiator or cooling system. Clark Automotive can help you feel greater reassurance that your cooling system is in good order, but you have to take responsibility for bringing it into our mechanics. Regular maintenance is a necessary fact of life for all automobiles, and Clark Automotive offers vehicle maintenance that guarantees peace of mind.

Call Clark Automotive at (763) 784-7944 if you are concerned that your car or truck is showing signs of overheating and our team of mechanics can take a look, make necessary repairs and get you back on the street in no time!

Heater Core Mechanic

Auto Repair Blaine MNClark Automotive is a premier auto shop, serving the communities of Blaine, Lino Lakes, Ham Lake, Andover, Coon Rapids, and Spring Lake Park. Over the last 17 years, Clark Automotive has built a loyal customer base because of our staff’s commitment to excellent service and competitive prices. Among the essential services provided by Clark Automotive is heater core repair and replacement. During the cold, harsh winter, you want the assurance that your car will keep you warm when you are inside it. To drive with a faulty or completely dead heater core would make for chilly misery. So, look to Clark Automotive to treat you with care, quote you a fair price, and fix your heater core problem right the first time.

Stay Warm This Winter In Your Vehicle

In addition to being able to repair your vehicle’s HVAC unit, Clark Automotive also offers our customers many other auto-related services, including tire rotations, tire replacement and tire rotation, alternator repair and replacement, engine tune-ups, steering issues, timing belt replacement; brake repairs and rotor replacement, suspension issues, four-wheel alignment, general engine repair, radiator repairs, dead battery replacement, computer diagnostic issues, and electrical problems.

Many things make Clark Automotive different from most other auto mechanics, but the most important is our reputation for being honest and clear about what your car needs when you take it into their shop. During the dead of winter, which is the most extreme weather season for Minnesota, having an auto mechanic you can trust is essential to peace of mind. When you take your car to Clark Automotive, it will be fixed properly, the first time. And though a faulty heater core does not necessarily mean you will not be able to get where you are going safely, it will mean getting where you are going in great discomfort. Trust your heater core to Clark Automotive and those cold winter drives will be much more comfortable. Our team can make the necessary repair if needed or simply perform a check on your HVAC unit to make sure that it is working properly.

Heater Core Repair, Minnesota

Our team understands that you can take your car to any local repair shop. When you choose to take your car to Clark Automotive, you are shown appreciation for patronizing their business. Clark Automotive is different than many other auto shops by virtue of its desire to help you feel confident in their work as well as their desire to create trust. If your car does not seem to be keeping you warm this winter, call (763) 784-7944 to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle’s HVAC unit checked out.

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