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Importance Of Routine Oil Changes

Importance Of Routine Oil ChangesThere are many things that can go wrong with an automobile, and that applies even to the most modern vehicles made by the most reliable auto manufacturers. Cars and trucks, whether they are commercial or privately owned, are still complicated machines with multiple complex systems and thousands of moving parts. With all of those factors in play, there are countless issues that can come up. Clark Automotive, which has been a trusted and reliable service location in our community for many years, has seen more than our fair share of unique issues with all kinds of vehicles. We also have a track record for figuring out exactly what those automotive problems are and fixing them the right way for our customers.

Reasons To Get Regular Oil Changes

We have found that many automotive problems can be avoided with simple, routine maintenance. Let’s focus specifically on the engine. Even the smallest auto engine generates great power, which is associated with tremendous forces of heat and friction. Those forces must be managed in order to prevent the expansion and, ultimately, the failure of metal parts that expand and contract in extreme temperatures. Engine oil, and other oils used in vehicles, serve to lubricate the parts of an automobile engine from the extreme friction that results from the engine performing its basic functions.

Many problems can be avoided by simply having the vehicle’s oil changed before it becomes ineffective. When you get your vehicle’s oil changed, it is also important to have the oil filter changed. Oil becomes less effective over time, and if you have a vehicle with mileage in the 70,000 to 100,000+ range, you have likely noticed that your vehicle feels different when driving closer to the time an oil change is needed. If you have experienced this, you are in tune with your vehicle. Changing the oil helps your engine and its associated parts resist the forces of friction. The oil filter prolongs the life of the oil itself by keeping it cleaner.

Affordable Oil And Filter Changes

Getting your oil and filter changed periodically is an important (and easy) part of routine vehicle maintenance. It is a fundamental key part of keeping your engine in good working order. If you do a lot of city driving, meaning driving with lots of stopping and going, your vehicle will need more frequent oil changes, likely in the 3,000-mile range. If you drive more on the highway, especially if your vehicle is a newer model, oil changes are not needed for closer to 5,000 miles. Call us at (763) 784-7944 to schedule a routine oil change.

MN Auto Repairs

MN Auto RepairsIf you have owned your car for a while now, you may be finding that it needs more frequent repairs. Clark Automotive provides expert MN Auto Repairs for all cars, but we specialize in servicing vehicles that have some mileage on them. We believe that your car should last longer than the terms of a lease. Whatever kind of car you own, we understand that you paid good money for it and you deserve to keep it for as long as you possibly can. We also know that, as vehicles age, they need more frequent attention. Our commitment is to provide you with outstanding automotive service, which includes excellent customer service.

Trusted Minnesota Auto Shop

We consider ourselves to be very much like you—we work hard for what we have, and we want it to last. A car or a truck is a significant investment, and you should feel confident that it will keep you safe, get you to and from your destinations safely, and be serviced by a professional auto mechanic who cares about the cost of repairing your vehicle. At Clark Automotive, we work hard to be a provider of automotive maintenance you can count on.
Well-maintained cars are less likely to develop larger problems, especially when you develop a professional relationship with a company like Clark Automotive. We make an investment in our customers, and that is much easier to do when we work on your vehicle(s) more frequently. Typically, a car with increasing mileage will need certain kinds of services. The services we offer more often to such vehicles are listed below:

  • Oil and filter changes: All cars need oil changes, though some will need them more frequently than others. If you do a lot of highway driving, your oil will last longer than if most of your driving occurs in town. We offer this service for all vehicles requiring every type of oil and filter. We service domestic and import vehicles, and vehicles that use regular oil and vehicles that require synthetic oil.
  • Tires. Your tires are in constant contact with the road. They are under constant stress and, because of that, they need to be checked periodically for undue wear and tear.
  • Battery maintenance. No battery lasts forever, so it will need to be changed before it fails altogether. We can measure the current strength of your battery and replace it with ease if it is needed.
  • Suspension and Alignment. Every bump in the road and every pothole you hit while driving can cause your wheels to become misaligned and do damage to the suspension system. Proper alignment allows your tires to wear properly and a suspension system that is in good working order means that your car will remain in proper contact with the road.

Keep your Vehicle Well Maintained

Clark Automotive specializes in doing the repairs that your car needs most. If you have any questions, call us at (763) 784-7944.

Car & Truck Repair Services in Blaine

Car & Truck Repair Services BlaineMany auto repair shops claim that they can repair any type of car or truck. However, sometimes this ‘versatility’ actually means that there is little or no depth of knowledge about this wide range of vehicles. If a repair shop calls itself versatile, it may provide a lot of different services, but it may not provide those services well. Service may be spotty, or a shop may be better with some makes and models than with others. It may have knowledge of newer cars, but lack of experience with older ones. Or, a shop may say that it has a great reputation with cars but will not work on trucks. This is how Clark Automotive sets itself apart from other auto repair shops. We state, without hesitation, that we are versatile and qualified to repair virtually any vehicle you own. Clark Automotive offers comprehensive Car & Truck Repair Services in Blaine, MN.

Comprehensive Auto Repair in Blaine

Whether you drive a car or a truck, our staff has the experience, expertise, and knowledge to perform the repairs your vehicle needs. There are differences between cars and trucks, of course, and not all repair services are comfortable working on both. Clark Automotive is. Our services are comprehensive and the quality of our repairs is as high as you will find in Minnesota.

We offer simple maintenance services, like basic oil and filter changes, battery replacement, and tire repair. We offer more complex repairs, too, such as diagnostics and heating and air-conditioning services. We also pride ourselves in our ability to problem solve – and determine what is going on with your car when others are stumped.
Our staff works extremely hard to gain the enormous amounts of knowledge necessary to be a good, solid and trusted mechanic in the area. More than that, we have learned to think critically and apply their knowledge to problems that do not have easy and/or obvious solutions. Cars and trucks are marvels of engineering and design. When they develop issues that need fixing, your service provider should inspire confidence that they are able to perform the necessary repairs the right way on the first attempt. And our staff has developed exactly that kind of reputation because of their knowledge of both cars and trucks.

Blaine Auto Mechanic

If you have any questions about your vehicle or want to schedule an appointment with the team at Clark Automotive, give us a call at (763) 784-7944 or send an email to info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

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