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Muffler And Exhaust Repair In Blaine

Muffler And Exhaust Repair In BlaineThe exhaust system is one of the hardest worked, and arguably, the most important system of your vehicle. It routes harmful fumes away from the engine, increases vehicle performance, and reduces engine noise. Exhaust leaks can cause your engine to work harder than necessary, reducing fuel efficiency and putting you at risk for inhalation of hazardous fumes. If you experience any sign of exhaust problems, contact your local mechanic.

Ultimately, a good exhaust system will keep your car running smoothly. It performs a vital function to divert harmful exhaust fumes from your engine. If the exhaust isn’t working right, bad things can happen. The engine can deteriorate. Even more scary is the potential for carbon monoxide building up in the passenger cabin, which can be deadly. In addition, an effective exhaust system will reduce emissions and can even improve your fuel economy.

Signs Of Exhaust System Problems

There are some warning signs that could mean you have issues with your exhaust system:

Noise: Most likely the first thing that you will notice. The exhaust system keeps the engine noise down so a leak will cause loud rumblings. Leaks are most common around the exhaust manifold or anywhere along the exhaust system where there are joints in the pipes.
Vibrations: Odd vibrations coming from the steering wheel or gas pedal are a sure sign of an exhaust leak. You may also feel the whole car shake if the exhaust leak is large enough. These vibrations are a safety issue as well as a car health issue because they can alter your ability to control the vehicle with precision.
Check engine light: If the catalytic converter is failing, it may trigger the check engine light on your dashboard display. This is best checked out by auto repair professionals.
Decrease in fuel efficiency: Lower MPGs can mean a lot of things but an exhaust leak is one of the more common reasons you may be spending more time at the gas pump. If there is an exhaust leak it may result in the fumes not being carried away, leaving your engine operating at a hotter temperature and reducing your fuel efficiency. If you notice a drop in MPGs, have the problem diagnosed and repaired before it turns into a bigger problem.

ASE-Certified Exhaust System Repair Technicians In Blaine, MN

If you are having issues with your vehicle’s exhaust system, have a certified technician check it out today. At Clark Automotive in Blaine, we offer a full range of exhaust service options including high performance mufflers. Schedule an appointment today and let us earn your trusted business!

Best Place For Muffler Repair

Blaine, MN Muffler Repair and ReplacementA muffler is one item on a vehicle that works hard every mile of the way. If the vehicle exhaust system is experiencing performance issues, the whole neighborhood may be aware of the problem. The role of the muffler is to keep the car running quietly as it travels down the road, reduce harmful vehicle emissions and direct gas fumes away from the automobile. Failure to handle any of these important functions should be a sign that its time to schedule an appointment with ASE Certified Mechanics at Clark Automotive conveniently located in Blaine, MN. Ask about our full range of exhaust system repairs and high performance muffler installation.

Noticing Problems With Vehicle Exhaust System?

You may have noticed that something isn’t quite right with your vehicle’s exhaust system. If the muffler is going bad there are several warning signs to watch out for and act on accordingly.

1. Loud Exhaust System Noises
a. When your muffler is operating effectively, it should be working quietly behind the scenes.
b. Any noticeable difference in muffler volume can be taken as a sign that there could be an exhaust system issue that needs further attention.
c. ASE Certified mechanics at Clark Automotive are trained to evaluate and identify which exhaust system component is the source of the noise problem.
d. Loud exhaust sounds could be coming from a hole or crack in a gasket, manifold, exhaust pipe or muffler.

2. Reduced Fuel Economy
a. Your muffler and exhaust system can affect the miles per gallon that you get with your vehicle.
b. A finely tuned exhaust system can contribute to better vehicle MPG and improved engine performance.
c. Keeping track of your fuel economy can be a good way to spot muffler problems before the car rattles down the road.

3. Exhaust Fume Smells
a. One of the most important jobs of the muffler is to funnel dangerous exhaust fumes out away from the vehicle.
b. Cracks or holes in the exhaust system can allow fumes to come up inside of the vehicle.
c. Bad odors coming from your car, truck or SUV can be a sign that the exhaust system is leaking and should be checked out by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible.
d. High performance mufflers can protect the environment by reducing vehicle emissions that are released into the atmosphere.

Complete Muffler Repair and Replacement Service

If you have experienced loud muffler noises, smelly exhaust fumes or lower gas mileage, now is the time to call Clark Automotive for an exhaust system check. We are equipped to repair or replace any of the faulty muffler and exhaust system parts that are causing problems. Our qualified mechanics provide affordable exhaust system options including installation of high performance mufflers designed to keep your engine in peak condition.

Located in Blaine and only a phone call away. To schedule a vehicle exhaust system or muffler repair service contact Clark Automotive at: (763) 784-7944 or Email: info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com

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