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Quality Pre-Purchase Inspection Services Blaine, MN

Used Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection Services near Blaine, MinnesotaAt Clark Automotive, we have been serving the Blaine community for over 17 years. We have created an atmosphere of quality customer service and service that you can trust. We are always here to help you with any of your vehicle needs, including your purchase. If you are looking for a vehicle but unsure if you are getting a good deal, swing it on by here at Clark Automotive in Blaine, MN.

Help When Buying a Used Vehicle

Buying a vehicle is an exciting time! There are many different dealerships around and many different options. The most important thing to remember when buying a vehicle is to not be fooled by the outward appearance. A vehicle may look quite nice, but it does nothing for you if it breaks down and won’t start in the first six months. When buying a used vehicle, being particularly cautious on how well the car is functioning is essential. At Clark Automotive, we can do all of the checking for you. There are many advantages to a pre-purchase inspection that can make a large difference not only in your decision but also in the price!

Helping You Save Time & Money

If you feel like you have found the perfect vehicle for you and your family, let us confirm your excitement and turn it into solid confidence. Bring your vehicle of choice down to Clark Automotive and let us take a look. Our pre-purchase inspections are only $90 and they can save you a fortune in the long run. Our trusted and certified mechanics will do a thorough inspection of the vehicle. We will raise the vehicle up, checking the exterior completely from front to back and top to bottom. Below, we will look for any leaks, rust and check the overall quality of the exhaust and brake system. We will then work our way under the hood, checking the engine, fluid levels and assessing the overall performance. We even inspect the interior for our customers and take it on our own test drive to ensure that things feel right. Lastly, we do a computer scan of the vehicle, making sure that no codes were mysteriously cut off and all of the recommendations are up to date. Should we find an issue, you will have an opportunity to either decline the offer or finagle a better deal.

If you are buying a vehicle in Blaine, MN, don’t forget just how important it is to get a pre-purchase inspection. At Clark Automotive, our trusted technicians will let you know exactly what your purchase is worth and provide you peace of mind. For more information, give Clark Automotive a call today at (763) 784-7944.

Why Should I Get A Pre-Purchase Inspection Before Buying My Next Used Vehicle?

Pre-Purchase Used Vehicle Inspection Services Blaine, MNThere is a high volume of used vehicles available for sale each and every day in Blaine, MN. That means plenty of wonderful deals, and vehicles in great shape. But it also means there are plenty of duds that you want to avoid, if at all possible. Unless you are a certified mechanic yourself, it’s important to get the used vehicle that you are interested in inspected before committing to the purchase of your used vehicle. That’s where a partnership with our team at Clark Automotive comes into play. We take pride in offering our clients a trusted pre-purchase vehicle inspection that helps our clients make a confident and educated decision on whether or not to purchase the used vehicle.

Inspected Thoroughly by ASE Certified Mechanics

There’s more to our pre-purchase inspections than just a quick glance at the used vehicle by our mechanics. Once you drop the vehicle off at our auto shop, our ASE certified mechanics will put their experience and knowledge to work for you. For just $90, this pre-purchase inspection will provide you with the peace of mind that you’re not making a poor financial decision by purchasing this used vehicle. We’ll confirm whether or not the vehicle is listed at a fair price, and we can even identify small damage that you may be able to use as a negotiating tool when purchasing the vehicle. We truly want the best for our clients and want to do everything we can to make sure that you make the right decision regarding whether or not to purchase the used vehicle.

The Pre-Purchase Inspection Process

Every inch of the vehicle that you are interested in will be thoroughly inspected by our dedicated mechanics. Our detailed pre-purchase inspection process includes the following:

  • Exterior Quality Inspection – If there are dents, scratches, cracks or any other exterior damage, our mechanics will find them for you!
  • Looking Below – Damage under a vehicle can be easily missed during the used vehicle purchasing process. Our team will lift the car up in the air and identify any leaks, rust, or other brake and exhaust issues.
  • Lifting the Hood – Belt conditions, fluid levels and the state of the battery are common signs as to how well the vehicle has been maintained in the past. We’ll evaluate what’s going on under the hood for you.
  • Interior Quality Inspection – Electronics, upholstery quality and the HVAC system will be thoroughly inspected during the interior quality inspection.
  • Computer Scan & Test Drive – Arguably the most important part of the inspection process, we’ll take the vehicle out for a test drive and will perform a computer scan to make sure there are no code irregularities.

If you are interested in purchasing a used vehicle be sure to invest in a trusted pre-purchase vehicle inspection from our team at Clark Automotive first. To gain some peace of mind around this purchase, give us a call today at (763) 784-7944

Professional Battery Services Blaine, MN

Battery Replacement by MeWithout a working battery, you’ll find yourself stuck on the side of the road extremely frustrated. You never want to put yourself in this position, which is why regularly making sure that your vehicle battery is in working order is a practice that you should consider. The tough weather in Blaine, MN can make your battery work even harder during certain parts of the year. If you are in need of a replacement battery or would like to get your existing battery tested, our team at Clark Automotive is fit for the job.

Pre-Winter Battery Inspection

The most important time to check the health of your vehicle battery is right before the cold weather hits the Blaine, MN area. The extremely cold temperatures and snow or ice conditions can definitely take a toll on an old, worn out battery. The last thing you want as a vehicle owner is for your battery to fail during the coldest time of year. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, we encourage you to bring your vehicle by our shop for a full annual electrical system check. During this check, we’ll provide a full inspection of your battery to make sure that it is ready to handle the cold temperatures to come. The end goal is for you to make it through a full winter without any vehicle battery issues.

In Shop Testing & Sales

In most cases battery testing is a quick assessment that can determine whether your battery is in fact bad, or if there is another culprit causing extra drain or strain to it. In case we find that it is indeed your battery that is the problem, we make it a point to carry the leading name brand batteries at all times. These automotive batteries are built tough and are extremely dependable no matter the conditions a Minnesota winter can throw at you. They not only hold up against extreme temperatures, but thanks to increased reserve capacity, the battery can handle all of your extra power needs like your stereo, phone, accessories, etc.

Battery Replacement & Installation Shop

There are plenty of auto repair shops in the area to choose from, but none that offer the total package as our staff. We have ASE certified mechanics on staff that have plenty of experience dealing with car batteries and any other starting problems that you may be experiencing. Our installation process is effective and timely so that there is minimal interruption in your busy day.

So, if you are concerned that your vehicle’s battery may be becoming weak or you are in need of a battery replacement, Clark Automotive should be your first choice to handle your battery replacement needs. To set up an appointment with our battery experts give us a call today at (763) 784-7944

Pickup Truck Engine Repair Shop

Pickup Truck Engine Repair ShopDo you have an old pickup truck that you’d like to get back up and running? Some Americans only buy pickup trucks. They are extremely versatile, long lasting, big and nowadays are even luxurious. Whether you haul heavy items with your pickup truck, you’ve got an old worn down pickup truck that needs some work, or your everyday used pickup truck is having engine issues, it’s important to find a pickup truck engine repair shop in Spring Lake Park, MN that you can count on. That’s where our team at Clark Automotive enters the picture. Our mechanics have a passion for working on pickup truck engines, and we’re eager to get working on yours soon!

Check Engine Light Assistance

All pickup truck owners dread the thought of their check engine light coming on in their vehicle. However, as long as you have a team of trusted mechanics that specialize in pickup truck engine repair assistance, it may not be as big an issue as you may think. The obvious first step in this situation is to not ignore the check engine light. It came on for a reason. Our team at Clark Automotive recommends that you bring your pickup truck by our repair shop and let us take a look at the issue. From there, we can provide you with whatever level of check engine light assistance that you may need. Getting your check engine light will provide some stress relief because we’ll pinpoint exactly what it is that’s going on with your pickup truck engine.

Common Pickup Truck Engine Repairs

With more than 17 years of experience serving Spring Lake Park, MN and beyond, our ASE certified mechanics at Clark Automotive have seen all sorts of pickup truck engine repair issues. We’ve got the tools, technology, and education to ensure that your pickup truck engine is well taken care of during our repairs. When performing our pickup truck engine evaluation, we’ll take a deep look into every aspect of your engine to ensure all engine repairs are identified. Our pickup truck engine evaluation includes:

● Visual Inspection
● Ignition System Evaluation
● Emissions System Evaluation
● Electrical Inspection
● Engine Vacuum and Electrical Engine Timing
● Sensor Data and Status Evaluation
● Vehicle’s Computer Software Review
● Vehicle Test Drive

No matter what year, make or model pickup truck you have, our team at Clark Automotive can handle your engine repair needs whenever they may be needed. If you are in the Spring Lake Park, MN area, count on our staff at Clark Automotive to perform trusted and affordable pickup truck engine repairs. To learn more, give us a call today at (763) 784-7944.

Pre-Purchase Inspection MN

Pre-Purchase Inspection MNWhen it comes to cars, purchasing used is a great move, unless you get a dud! When purchasing a brand new car, you instantly lose value the minute you drive your brand new car off of the lot. By purchasing used, you don’t lose as much value instantaneously as you do with a new car. However, if you have ever purchased a used vehicle, you always have a fear that the car may have an issue that you are not aware of. While most car dealers are trustworthy, it is critical that you bring your potential used vehicle to a reliable auto mechanic that can provide you with a pre-purchase inspection in MN. When it comes to a dedicated car inspection staff in Blaine, MN, look no further than our staff at Clark Automotive.

Mechanic Inspection Blaine MN

During the pre-purchase process, take this used car for a test drive over to our automotive shop and let us perform a thorough car inspection. Unless you work on cars regularly, how do you know what the dealership is saying is truthful? Until you bring the car to get inspected by our expert inspection staff, you will not be able to achieve that peace of mind that you are purchasing a used car in truly great condition. Spend a little money with our pre-purchase inspection so that you don’t find yourself spending way more money down the road by purchasing a used car in poor condition.  Our team is eager to provide you an unbiased opinion on the quality of the vehicle you are interested in.

The Pre-Purchase Inspection Process

By dropping your prospective vehicle off with our team, we will provide the following services when it comes to our pre-purchase inspection:

  • Exterior Inspection – Our team will evaluate the entire exterior of your vehicle in search of dents, scratches, paint issues, glass or mirror damage.
  • Below the Car – Although the car may look beautiful from the outside, it could be a big mess once you look underneath the car. Let our staff lift your car in the air and take a look for potential leaks, cracks or rust around the exhaust or brake systems.
  • Pop the Hood – Next, we will pop the hood to ensure that all fluid levels are up to par and that the battery, engine and belts are in good condition.
  • Interior – Once inside your car, we will evaluate the health of the upholstery, check the heating and air conditioning systems and ensure that all seat belts and electrical features are properly functioning.
  • Test Drive – If you allow, we will take the vehicle for a spin to get a true feel of how it drives on the road. This will help us evaluate the steering, transmission, brakes and suspension.
  • Computer Scan – Lastly, we will perform a computer scan on the vehicle to see what codes and recommendations come up.

If you have fallen in love with a used vehicle in Blaine, MN and are ready to purchase, consider bringing it by our professional car inspection staff at Clark Automotive for a pre-purchase inspection. Give our team a call today at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com to set up an appointment in the near future!

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