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Automotive Repair Services Blaine MN

vehicle repairs certified mechanic near Blaine, MNFor over 17 years Clark Automotive has been providing quality vehicle repairs for Blaine, MN and the local area residents and business owners. The automotive repairs provided include, brake replacement, electrical repairs, starter replacement, engine diagnostics, timing belt replacement, HVAC services and so much more! There are no sales associates at Clark Automotive, so you will never be pushed into purchasing nonessential items or services.

Whether your shocked at the price that another auto repair shop quoted you or your sick of bouncing around from one auto mechanic to another, Clark Automotive offers you services you can trust and afford. Without the pushy sales or high priced labor of those large auto repair shops. We are a no pressure repair shop that preforms quality repairs with friendly, down to earth service.

Benefits of Regular Repair and Maintenance Blaine MN

A high preforming vehicle saves you money, the miles per gallon are higher, saving you on gas and fluid won’t leak enough to cause any dramatic problems to the vehicle, like overheating. It’s important to make sure that you maintain your vehicle so you can continue to drive it for years to come or sell it for a good price.

There are some mileage markers as to when vehicle maintenance should be a high priority on your list.

Top Vehicle Maintenance Issues Usually Occur Around:

  • 40,000 miles
  • 70,000 miles
  • 100,000 miles

Blogs will follow regarding the major maintenance that’s usually required at the specific mileages mentioned above. But because your vehicle endures daily use and abuse they aren’t all like clock work, a lot of the repairs and maintenance needed are a direct affect of the driver or others on the road. Just because your car doesn’t have 40,000 miles on it doesn’t mean that something can’t go wrong. And hopefully you’ve got a warranty that covers the repairs, if your not sure, Clark Automotive can check.

Professional Services and Fast Results

Clark Automotive is dedicated to offering you quality services at affordable prices and we can offer you that with a smile, because we love what we do! If you have questions about any automotive repair needs or services contact Clark Automotive today at 763-784-7944!

Blaine Auto HVAC Repair

Blaine Auto HVAC RepairIt’s seems like something goes wrong with your car every time a string of bad things happen. As if the week couldn’t get any worse, car trouble is like the cherry on top. It’s always the “on top of it all, my car…blah blah blah.” At Clark Automotive, we understand that when your car is messing up it is not something you are going to enjoy dealing with. That’s why we try and make it as painless as possible. Even something like the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) going out puts a real damper on your mood. At Clark Automotive, we are an auto repair shop in Blaine, MN that is ready to help you get back on the road and brighten up your spirits.

HVAC Auto Mechanic

We offer two kinds of HVAC services at Clark Automotive. The first level is maintenance. Why don’t we avoid the slew of bad things happening and keep your HVAC unit maintained. This means no unexpected surprises during extreme weather conditions and we all know, extreme weather conditions happen in Blaine, MN. Our second level of performance is repair. Most often, it’s the dead heat of summer or during sub-zero temperatures in winter when your HVAC decides to fail. Neither a hula dancer in the summer nor an Eskimo in the winter can withstand those temperatures. So, how do we fix the problem?

HVAC Repair

So, what are some of the common issues that cause the HVAC to malfunction? Most often, we see the cabin filter get so dirty that the heating and air can’t operate efficiently. Other issues include the fan, a clog or leak, or corrosion in the heater core. Sometimes even the system just needs to be recharged. Whatever the issue, we can help. Your most important job is to get to us right away. Today’s HVAC systems can be complicated and wind up being very expensive if not repaired in a timely manner. This is why it’s best to seek an expert consultation as quickly as possible.

Clark Automotive is hoping to be the light at the end of the tunnel! We offer quality work at a decent price and can get you back on the road quickly. We wish you no more bad days and instead many bright days ahead! For more information on HVAC repair in Blaine, MN, contact Clark Automotive today at (763) 784-7944

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