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Timing Chain Replacement Blaine

Timing Chain Replacement BlaineOne major reason that Clark Automotive is being recognized as an area leader in auto repair is because of a combination of comprehensive service and expertise. Most auto shops can repair or replace timing belts, but fewer auto shops make the distinction between timing belts and timing chains. They are different and serve different purposes. Our certified mechanics can replace your timing chain when it is necessary and can clearly explain the process, the cost and how long it will take to complete the repair. At Clark’s Auto, we also offer complementary drop off and pickup service, as well as loaner vehicles. Not being able to get around while your vehicle is in the shop is the worst.

Difference Between A Timing Belt And A Timing Chain

Timing belts can last up to 100,000 miles, but sometimes require replacement between about 50,000 and 75,000 miles. Timing belts are made of tough rubber and are located outside of the engine. Timing chains are made of metal and are located inside the car’s engine because they require lubrication from the engine oil. Whereas timing belts usually need to be replaced by the 100,000-mile mark, timing chains do not often require replacement. But that is not to say that they never need to be replaced. If you have accumulated a lot of miles on your car, the likelihood of eventually needing to replace the timing chain increases. And the likelihood of needing to replace a timing chain increases further if it is not being properly lubricated, which can occur if the engine oil level is low. And like all metal moving parts, timing chains are subject to the stress of heat and wear

Timing Chain Symptoms

If your engine seems to be running sluggishly, if power seems to have diminished, or it has trouble starting, it may be a sign that your timing chain is worn and in need of replacement. These symptoms occur when the chain wears out and stretches, which affects the engine’s timing. Associated with the timing chain are parts like the guides and chain tensioners, which can create noises from the area of the engine where the chain is located. In any of these cases, you should bring your car in to a trustworthy auto shop, and we hope Clark Auto fits the bill.

Timing Chain Replacement Process

If your car needs a new timing chain, the chances are good that it can be replaced with the installation of a timing chain kit, a new tensioner and guides, and other parts. Of course, cars that make unfamiliar or concerning noises require diagnostic expertise. Our mechanics will apply our automotive knowledge to your car with the same care we apply to our own cars.

If you have an issue with your timing chain, it is important for you to get it checked and repaired by someone you trust. We believe that we have earned the trust of all our customers and we would be happy to help you with your car’s issues. Give us a call at 763-784-7944 to schedule an appointment or email us at info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Mechanic Second Opinion

Mechanic Second OpinionWhen you go into the mechanic just to get a simple oil change, you may come back with a long list of repairs you’re recommended to have completed as well. Determining whether or not all these actions should be taken often requires a second opinion. When you go in for something as simple as an oil change, managers are often trying to find other ways they can increase their sales volume and generate more revenue for their business. Oil change-only shops can be a much more efficient way to get your oil changes done. However, if you do find yourself with a list of repairs, take the time to get a free mechanic second opinion from Clark Auto.

Car Repair Second Opinion

When you get a second opinion from a trustworthy mechanic, the value you are receiving in many ways is priceless. Working with a reputable mechanic who keeps in mind your best interests helps to ensure that you are not getting ripped off on unnecessary, overly-expensive repairs. Your local auto mechanic can also help determine whether or not all the diagnoses are in fact correct.

At Clark Automotive, we offer affordable auto repair services at our shop in Blaine, MN and can give you a top-quality, professional, and free mechanic second opinion. You can trust us to deliver fast, convenient service repairs, without the need to worry about feeling pressured to make unexpected repairs. Our expert, ASE Certified mechanics will work with you to make all the necessary repairs and avoid ones that aren’t needed. Our goal is to make your service visit as positive as possible to gain your trust and confidence in the quality of the work we do. We’re not looking to make a quick one-time profit off of you, but rather build a caring, lifetime customer relationship.

Free Professional Second Opinion Car Repairs Blaine, MN

With complete vehicle care services and top industry expertise, there’s little reason not to come in for a free mechanic second opinion from Clark Automotive. Our courteous team is dedicated to your success and ensuring the value you receive from any auto repair work is as optimal as it can be. We work hard to meet your specific individual needs with flexible times and hours for our repair services. We are timely, efficient, and ensure that no money is wasted during the entire process.

To take advantage of a free second opinion, come into Clark Automotive today or schedule an appointment at (763) 784-7944.

Auto Mechanic Blaine

Clark-Auto-LogoClark Automotive provides full service auto maintenance and repair for automobile owners in the Blaine, MN area.  It is also true that people from outside of Blaine seek out Clark Automotive because of the great service and extensive knowledge of cars that the mechanics there possess.  More than that, the mechanics of Clark Automotive will work to fix the most complex and mysterious car problems.

Reliable Car Maintenance and Repair

Even if you are don’t really care about your car, and just use it as a means of getting you where you are going. You know that most auto mechanics do not care that you have to work hard to keep your savings account healthy, and can’t just drop large sums of money into car problems.  Most auto repair mechanics simply do not care enough about your experience with their shops, but Clark Automotive is different.

The mechanics of Clark Automotive understand that you can choose to take your car to any repair shop.  So, when you choose to take your car to Clark Automotive, you are shown appreciation for your business. The best way in which Clark Automotive can express that appreciation is by demonstrating its excellence in automotive knowledge, delivering on its promises, and communicating with you honestly about what needs to be repaired and how much the repairs are going to cost.

Again, this is different than most other auto repair shops.  Clark Automotive is different because it wants to succeed by helping you feel confident in their motivations.  Like all businesses, Clark Automotive is invested in doing good business.  But unlike many other auto repair shops, Clark Automotive emphasizes the word ‘good.’  Good business practices involve inspiring customers to return.  Clark Automotive is focused on the good side of doing business.

Full Service Auto Repair, Blaine MN

Some of the comprehensive services offered by Clark Automotive include:

Clark Automotive has worked hard to establish itself as a trustworthy and conscientious part of the Blaine community.  If you take your car to Clark Automotive, you will find the staff to be courteous and also both forthright and honest.  The mechanics will work with you to identify the issues and will explain them thoroughly before commencing with the work.  Call (763) 784-7944 if you have questions about a potential repair or to schedule an appointment.

Alternator Replacement Andover MN

Alternator Replacement Andover MNThe alternator. For those who aren’t experts in car mechanics, there’s a good chance that you don’t really know what an alternator is or what it does. It’s also likely that you are only reading this because someone told you that an alternator replacement is in your near future. If this is you, welcome to Clark Automotive. We are your auto mechanic experts for Andover, MN so that you don’t have to be.

Alternator Replacement

Dim lights, weak or dead batteries, weird smells, odd sounds, and that infamous warning light that alerts you when something is wrong. These are all nice, little warning signs that your alternator may be running towards the bright light.  The alternator is the electric generator of your car. Think back to physics. The alternator converts all of the mechanical energy your car is making into electrical energy. This current runs the engine and lots of other accessories. Headlights, radio, windshield wipers, and the heated seats of certain cars are just a few examples. Basically, anything that requires electrical energy is sourced through the alternator. So when it’s time for an alternator replacement, you’ll know it!

Your Neighborhood Auto Shop

Clark Automotive has been serving the Andover, MN community for over 17 years. We are your auto mechanic experts that want to give you peace of mind when your car feels like it’s breaking – and so is the bank. As experts in alternator replacement, our first job is to listen to you. Our friendly and experienced technicians will talk about the signs and experiences you are having with your car. We will rule out any other problems, like a dead battery or starter issues. Once we have completely concluded that an alternator replacement is necessary for your vehicle, we will perform the repair or replace it if necessary. We are an auto shop that offers expert care at an affordable price. When you choose our auto shop, you are simply choosing the best. We provide quality replacement parts and will only do the repairs that need to be done. We have your best interests and safety in mind. We also provide courtesy rides and loaner vehicles so that fixing your car does not disturb your daily routine.

For more information on alternator replacement or any other auto mechanic problems, Call Clark Automotive near Andover, MN today. Our auto shop has flexible and extended hours. Contact us today at (763) 784-7944.

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