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Keeping Up With Preventative Maintenance For Your Vehicle

Keeping Up With Preventative Maintenance For Your VehicleYou rely on your vehicle to get you everywhere. You need it to run smoothly and run for a long time. If you’re not staying on top of these six services, though, your car may not be getting the attention it needs to live its longest life. Find out what these preventative maintenance services are and how they can help your car live its longest, most cost-efficient life!

Motor oil lubricates the engine, keeps your vehicle from overheating, and basically helps your engine run as it should. Naturally, this oil gets dirty over time. Follow the specifications set by your vehicle manufacturer. If you’re not sure how often to get an oil change, view your maintenance schedule online or stop by for in-person guidance.

Tire Maintenance

All tires wear down over time, but they wear down differently depending on their position. During a tire rotation, your tires are removed, swapped, and remounted. Regular rotations help all four tires wear down at the same rate. Tires should be rotated, balanced, and aligned every six months/6,000 to 8,000 miles.

Your windshield wipers will stop making proper contact with your windshield over time, causing them to leave streaks. After a few seasons of rain, sleet, snow, and sun, the rubber on your wiper blades can really start to deteriorate. Get your windshield wipers inspected and replaced every time you notice they aren’t keeping your view of the road clean and clear, every six months or so.

Change Engine And Cabin Filters As Necessary

Your vehicle’s air filter removes dust and debris from the air before it goes into the engine. Replace your air filter every 30-40,000 miles, or according to manufacturer specifications. Your car’s cabin air filter cleans the air before it flows through your air conditioner. Replace your cabin air filter every 15-20,000 miles, or once a year. Your car’s fuel filter keeps dirt, debris, and other contaminants from obstructing and clogging up your fuel lines. Replace the fuel filter every 20-40,000 miles, or according to manufacturer specifications.

Preventative Vehicle Maintenance At Clark Automotive

For more information on preventative repair, why preventative maintenance is so important, and the various types of auto services offered through Clark Automotive in Blaine, MN, contact us today at (763) 784-7944. We are always happy to hear from new and returning clients and will help you make an appointment with one of our experienced mechanics at your convenience. Come meet us at Clark Automotive today!

Engine Diagnostic Blaine, Minnesota

Engine DiagnosticDo you feel like the way that your vehicle has been running lately is off? Has one of the unwanted warning lights popped up on your dashboard? Before you panic, pick up the phone and get in contact with our ASE certified mechanics at Clark Automotive and let us perform our professional engine diagnostic services to determine what may be going on. Serving Blaine, MN and beyond, we’ll diagnose your engine and develop a plan to get your car back to full strength. It is not uncommon for use to find something unplugged or simply a bad piece of vent hose needing to be replaced.

Common Engine Diagnostic Services

At Clark Automotive, we offer our clients the total package when it comes to engine diagnostic services. We have the proper technology to quickly troubleshoot the issues that you are dealing with. Our complete engine diagnostic services will evaluate the following common areas:

● Visual Engine Inspection
● Engine Vacuum & Back Pressure
● Engine Timing (Mechanical & Electrical)
● Ignition System
● Emissions System
● Electrical Testing
● Suspension Issues
● Vehicle Computer Software Update

Check Engine Light Assistance

When the dreaded check engine light pops up on your vehicle dashboard, you don’t have to take on this unsettling situation alone. Your check engine light may have come on for a variety of reasons and Clark Automotive can quickly determine the reason for you. The last thing that you should do is ignore this warning. Simply drop your car off at our auto shop, and we’ll provide engine diagnostic services that will pinpoint exactly what is going on with your vehicle.

Honest Engine Diagnosis in Blaine MN

There are plenty of mechanics in the Blaine, MN area that falsely recommend services after an engine diagnosis. Since most vehicle owners don’t know the fine details of a car’s engine, they are able to make these unnecessary recommendations without the vehicle owner knowing that they aren’t needed. At Clark Automotive, we are the exact opposite. With our engine diagnostic services, our team of trusted mechanics will only recommend the repairs that are actually needed. We will never take advantage of the lack of knowledge that some of our clients may have. We want to be your trusted auto repair shop that you choose for decades to come.

So, if you are looking for honest engine diagnostic services in the Blaine, MN area, look no further than our trusted team at Clark Automotive. With over 17 years of engine diagnostic experience, we can pinpoint your issues quickly and get your vehicle repaired in a timely manner. To schedule your engine diagnostic appointment, reach out to our team today at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Engine Diagnostics Near Me

Engine Diagnostics Near MeHas the dreaded check engine light come on in your car and put you into a bit of a panic? If so, have no fear, Clark Automotive is here to save the day! We’ll be happy to provide engine diagnostics testing for your vehicle to determine what’s causing the problem and give you an honest quote on getting it fixed as quickly as possible. Before you take your car in to another local mechanic shop, stop by Clark Automotive for a free engine diagnostic check.

Common Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light is On

Below are just a few of the reasons your check engine light may have come on recently:

  1. Oxygen sensor failure – An O2 sensor or oxygen sensor calculates the amount of oxygen that’s left in a vehicle’s exhaust system. The sensor then sends this information to your car’s computer that regulates the amount of air and fuel mixture that should enter the cylinders. A bad oxygen sensor can impact other components like spark plugs and the catalytic converter.
  2. Catalytic converter problems – A catalytic converter is a vital part of your car’s exhaust system. It takes the carbon monoxide that’s generated by your vehicle and turns it into carbon dioxide. Catalytic converter replacement can be fairly expensive, so it’s best to attempt to prevent this type of repair by properly maintaining your vehicle.
  3. Loose gas cap – A simple cause for an illuminated check engine light could be a loose gas gap. A properly tightened gas cap ensures your car’s entire fuel system is under the proper pressure.
    Bad spark plug wires – A spark plug wire transfers electricity from the engine coil to the spark plug itself. When these wires begin to fail, you may experience a decrease in engine performance, a rough idle, as well as lower gas mileage.
  4. Spark plug and ignition coil problems – An ignition coil is what creates the electricity charge that spark plugs require to ignite the mixture of air and fuel in the cylinders. Older cars have just one ignition coil, but newer models typically have one per cylinder. If one of these coils malfunctions, your engine light will often come on. The same goes for faulty spark plugs as well.

My Check Engine Light is On – What Should I Do?

If your car’s check engine light is on, don’t panic. Simply give us a call or stop by our automotive repair shop in Blaine, MN today. We’ll be happy to perform engine diagnostics to determine the issues that you may be dealing with. We can be reached by phone at (763) 784-7944 or via email at info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Engine Light on

Engine Light on

Have you noticed that your vehicle’s check engine light has recently come on? If so, you likely are dreaming of dollar signs, but there could be a wide array of different reasons why this light may have come on. If you work, live in or are traveling through Blaine, Minnesota let Clark Automotive, run a diagnostic check on your vehicle to see what’s wrong, if anything, and give you a free estimate on what it will take to fix whatever is causing the check engine light to illuminate. Sometimes the check engine light just needs to be reset. If that is the case, we will reset it, and send you on your way

Common Car Problems That Cause Your Check Engine Light to Come On

Below are just a few of the common problems that may cause your vehicle’s check engine light to come on:

  • Oxygen Sensor – An oxygen sensor helps to measure the amount of unburnt oxygen that exists in a car’s exhaust system. A poorly functioning oxygen sensor can damage other components including spark plugs and the catalytic converter.
  • Catalytic Converter Problems – A catalytic converter is a key component of any newer vehicle’s exhaust system. If your catalytic converter is malfunctioning it can cause the check engine light to come on.
  • Loose Gas Cap – You may be surprised, but a loose gas cap is one of the most common reasons why your check engine light may be on. The gas cap helps to prevent fumes from leaving the gas tank and also helps to keep the entire fuel system under the proper pressure. If you notice that your check engine light comes on immediately after a fill up, it may be simply that your gas cap isn’t tightened properly.
  • Spark Plug or Ignition Coil Problems – An ignition coil helps to create the electricity that is needed by the spark plugs to ignite the fuel and air mixture that exists in the cylinders. In addition, fouled spark plugs can cause a number of issues including engine misfires and problems when you push hard on the accelerator.

Interested in Learning What’s Causing Your Check Engine Light to Come On?

If you’ve been trying to figure out what’s causing your check engine light to come on without much success, feel free to reach out to the experienced mechanics at Clark Automotive today. We’ll be happy to use our state-of-the-art equipment to determine what is causing your check engine light to come on, and in turn offer an estimate on the cost of any car repairs that may be necessary. Be sure to give us a call today at 763-784-7944 to get on our schedule.

Auto Repair Shop in Blaine, Minnesota | Loaner Cars

Auto Repair Shop in Blaine, MinnesotaWith Loaner CarsWhether you were on your way to an important meeting at work or you had a ton of errands to do over the next couple of days, when your car dies or needs to be repaired, it can really put a damper on your plans. Taking your vehicle to Clark Automotive is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. We are an auto repair shop with loaner vehicles in Blaine, Minnesota and will get your car repaired without you having to take a huge detour into your day.

Unexpected Car Repairs

Expect the unexpected. That’s what they tell you, but does anyone ever really do that? Do you honestly prepare for the worst to happen so you can come out on top? At Clark Automotive, we don’t like to see our customers unhappy. Many of our customers rely on their vehicle as a means to get to and from work or safely get the kids to and from school. Their vehicle is an essential part of their daily life and that is why we do our best not to disrupt their lives any further than what their failed vehicle has already done. At Clark Automotive, we put all of our Blaine, Minnesota customers first!

Clark Automotive, For All Your Vehicle Repair Needs

First of all, our customers have said, choosing Clark Automotive for your repair needs is a quality decision. Our certified technicians are excellent at repairs and have the experience to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. For 17 years, we have been serving the community of Blaine, MN and have the privilege of getting to know our customers and understanding their needs. We are always motivated to provide outstanding customer service along with affordable pricing and quality repairs. It is this very reason that we offer loaner vehicles to our customers who need to be somewhere during their vehicle’s repair. Loaner cars are convenient and greatly help our customers when they can’t miss something that is already on the schedule. Is your breakdown completely unexpected? If you are stranded somewhere, there’s no need to stress about how you are going to get a ride to our shop. We can even arrange a courtesy ride so that you arrive safe and happy to your next destination.

Car Repair shop in Blaine, Minnesota With Loaner Vehicles

Transportation is a must around Blaine, Minnesota. Don’t let car repairs stop you from your productive day. If you are looking for an auto repair shop in Blaine, Minnesota with loaner vehicles, call us at Clark Automotive today. Let us get you back on the road! Call our professionals at (763) 784-7944.

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