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Clutch Repair in Blaine, MN

Clutch Repair in Blaine, MNIf your vehicle shows signs that it might need clutch repair and you live  or work in Blaine, MN, Clark Automotive has the experience and expertise to complete this job for you. If you are in tune with your automobile and understand how it functions, you may begin to notice the signs of clutch failure sooner than some. Even if you are not someone who cares to understand the ins and outs of automobile functions, a clutch problem is still likely to be noticeable. Your clutch is a critical part of your car’s transmission system, responsible for transferring the power from your engine to the transmission system.

Problems with clutches usually develop over time. It is rare for a clutch to suffer catastrophic failure without showing signs of a problem along the way. If you begin to notice the signs of clutch failure and do not have yours checked, you could risk a complete failure of the clutch which can put you and your passengers in danger.

Symptoms of Clutch Problems

When you begin to have a clutch problem, you may begin to notice that your clutch begins to “slip”. You may also notice a burning smell, which is a very common symptom of a clutch that is slipping. This is usually the result of wear and tear in the clutch, caused by the forces of friction. As the mechanisms are worn down by friction, this slipping becomes not only common but inevitable.

Another common sign of a developing clutch problem is a revving engine. If you begin to notice that your vehicle’s engine revs higher than usual when you take pressure off the gas pedal, it could well be a sign that friction over time is causing the clutch to slip.

Importance of Clutch Repair in Blaine

As a result, a problem with your clutch can also impact the overall performance of your vehicle. You may notice that it does not accelerate as it should, despite the fact that the engine may be racing. You are almost certain to notice different noises occurring along with these symptoms, and it will help us identify the cause or causes of your clutch problem if you can describe the symptoms you have noticed to our mechanics.

Clutch problems do not have to be catastrophic, but they also should not be ignored. Clutch repair can often be a simple job, and they are made simpler when you take your vehicle to a trusted and trustworthy repair shop, such as Clark Automotive. If you live in Blaine, MN, call us at (763) 784-7944 and we will be happy to help you.

Clutch Repair Blaine Minnesota

Clutch Repair Blaine MinnesotaDo you drive a car with a manual transmission? If so, you’re likely aware that from time to time you may need clutch repair to ensure your vehicle works properly. At Clark Automotive, we offer clutch repair for residents in Blaine, Minnesota and surrounding areas. Learn more about the importance of keeping your car’s clutch in proper working condition.

How Does a Clutch Work?

The main function of a clutch is to disengage the transmission from the drivetrain. Your engine is designed to constantly spin which allows the transmission to transfer that movement to the drive shaft, which helps to turn the wheels. A clutch helps disengage the transmission from the motor so you’re able to shift gears without causing any type of grinding.

Clutch Service & Replacement

There’s no denying that your clutch may need to be repaired or replaced from time to time. While this type of repair may seem intimidating, it’s much less complicated and expensive than having to replace your entire transmission. This is one of the key advantages of a manual transmission over an automatic transmission. With an automatic transmission, you aren’t able to repair or replace the clutch, instead you’re forced to replace or rebuild the entire transmission, which is extremely expensive.

Benefits of Manual Transmission

Below are a few of the many advantages of having a car with a manual transmission:

  • Better fuel economy
  • Less expensive
  • More control when braking
  • Easier to maintain

ASE Certified Mechanic to Diagnose Your Car Repair Problems

Taking your vehicle in for service can be frustrating, especially if you haven’t yet found a reliable and trustworthy mechanic in Blaine. At Clark Automotive, we have an ASE certified mechanic on staff to ensure all your car repair needs, including clutch repair and replacement are handled efficiently and affordably. Becoming ASE certified takes years of training, which ensures your auto repair needs are properly taken care of. Our team of mechanics have decades of auto repair experience that will ensure whatever car problem you’re currently experiencing is taken care of as quickly as possible.

Is Your Clutch Beginning to Cause Problems?

If you think you’re currently having problems with your clutch, it’s best to bring your vehicle in to Clark Automotive where we can perform a diagnostic test to determine the exact problem that you’re dealing with. Feel free to give our shop a call today at (763) 784-7944 to setup a time to bring your car in for service.

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