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Affordable Engine Tune-up in Blaine

Affordable Engine Tune-up in BlaineLooking for an affordable engine tune-up in Blaine, MN? For over 17 years, our team here at Clark Automotive has been providing quality engine tune-ups in Blaine, MN. We offer this affordable service to our community so that all of our neighbors can feel safe out on the road. With quality parts, ASE master technicians and an auto shop that puts your best interest and safety first, Clark Automotive is the best place to be. Why are Engine Tune-ups Necessary?

No matter what type of vehicle you may drive, you can always guarantee that you will experience bumps down the road. Whether you’ve noticed a difference in your vehicle’s performance or it’s simply that time of the year for maintenance, our team of professionals can help. Engine tune-ups are crucial and necessary as we can catch a simple problem that would have otherwise been more complex if not checked sooner. Engine tune-ups can not only be a good measure for safety and reliability, it can also help to increase efficiency. Our engine tune-ups are known for increasing your gas mileage and keeping things running smoothly.

Our Engine Tune-ups

When you bring your vehicle in for an engine tune-up, rest assured it is in good hands. For every engine tune-up we perform the following measures:

● Spark Plug and Wire Replacement
● Changing of the Transmission Fluid
● Replacing Air, Oil and Fuel Filters
● Flushing the Fluid
● Changing the Oil
● Checking and Servicing all Areas that Need Oil and Lubricants
● Checking for Leaks

As a leader in our community for engine tune-ups in Blaine, MN, we have experience in all different types of vehicles and engines. Whether you own a fleet, own a large truck or have a new hybrid, our team can help. Should your vehicle need further work than your standard engine tune-up, our professionals will talk you through it and explain the importance of whatever work may need to be done. There are no hidden agendas or costs here at Clark Automotive. Our only priority is your safety.

Affordable Engine Tune-up in Blaine

When you make an appointment for an affordable engine tune-up in Blaine, MN, you are looking for someone that is experienced, honest, trustworthy and affordable. All of our professionals here are ASE certified master technicians. Our shop is a AAA approved facility and our customer service is impeccable. We provide courtesy rides and even loaner vehicles should you have somewhere to be in a timely manner. Best of all, the work we do here is top notch. From quality parts to quality service, everything we do here is for the benefit of our customers. For more information about affordable engine tune-ups in Blaine, MN, go ahead and give us a call today. Call Clark Automotive today at (763) 784-7944 and keep your vehicle running efficiently.

Check Engine Light Near Spring Lake Park, Minnesota

Check Engine Light Near Spring Lake Park, MinnesotaHas the dreaded check engine light popped up on your dashboard recently? Well, if that is the case, it’s very important that you find a trusted auto mechanic near Spring Lake Park, Minnesota who can take a look at your vehicle. The good news is that you have an experienced auto repair shop at Clark Automotive right down the road that can handle all of your check engine light needs.

Common Reasons for a Check Engine Light

By choosing to put your trust in our dedicated team at Clark Automotive, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your vehicle is being evaluated appropriately based on the specific recommendations of your vehicle. All you have to do is bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop and we’ll handle the rest. The most common reasons that we find check engine lights turning on in vehicles include:

● Oxygen Sensor Issues – Often times, your oxygen sensor needs to be replaced when the check engine light comes on. We’ve got this repair handled for you with ease.
● Loose Gas Cap – Truthfully, we have a lot of our clients around Spring Lake Park, MN and beyond who bring their vehicle to our shop only to find that the reason their check engine light came on was because of a loose gas cap. On the plus side, this is a very inexpensive repair!
● Catalytic Converter Problems – Another common reason for a check engine light coming on is a faulty catalytic converter. If you struggle with regular vehicle maintenance, this could be why you are having catalytic converter issues. Our staff can handle this repair and work to get you on a more consistent vehicle maintenance regimen.
● New Spark Plugs – Worn plugs and plug wires can be the reason why your check engine light came on. Clark Automotive can replace these in a timely manner so that you are minimally impacted.

Don’t continue operating your vehicle if the check engine light continues to come on. This can only lead to further, more expensive issues with your vehicle. If you are near Spring Lake Park, MN, let our dedicated team at Clark Automotive evaluate your check engine light issues and determine the best course of action for you. Stop by our auto repair shop near Spring Lake Park, MN, give us a call today at (763) 784-7944 or send us an email at info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Engine Light on

Engine Light on

Have you noticed that your vehicle’s check engine light has recently come on? If so, you likely are dreaming of dollar signs, but there could be a wide array of different reasons why this light may have come on. If you work, live in or are traveling through Blaine, Minnesota let Clark Automotive, run a diagnostic check on your vehicle to see what’s wrong, if anything, and give you a free estimate on what it will take to fix whatever is causing the check engine light to illuminate. Sometimes the check engine light just needs to be reset. If that is the case, we will reset it, and send you on your way

Common Car Problems That Cause Your Check Engine Light to Come On

Below are just a few of the common problems that may cause your vehicle’s check engine light to come on:

  • Oxygen Sensor – An oxygen sensor helps to measure the amount of unburnt oxygen that exists in a car’s exhaust system. A poorly functioning oxygen sensor can damage other components including spark plugs and the catalytic converter.
  • Catalytic Converter Problems – A catalytic converter is a key component of any newer vehicle’s exhaust system. If your catalytic converter is malfunctioning it can cause the check engine light to come on.
  • Loose Gas Cap – You may be surprised, but a loose gas cap is one of the most common reasons why your check engine light may be on. The gas cap helps to prevent fumes from leaving the gas tank and also helps to keep the entire fuel system under the proper pressure. If you notice that your check engine light comes on immediately after a fill up, it may be simply that your gas cap isn’t tightened properly.
  • Spark Plug or Ignition Coil Problems – An ignition coil helps to create the electricity that is needed by the spark plugs to ignite the fuel and air mixture that exists in the cylinders. In addition, fouled spark plugs can cause a number of issues including engine misfires and problems when you push hard on the accelerator.

Interested in Learning What’s Causing Your Check Engine Light to Come On?

If you’ve been trying to figure out what’s causing your check engine light to come on without much success, feel free to reach out to the experienced mechanics at Clark Automotive today. We’ll be happy to use our state-of-the-art equipment to determine what is causing your check engine light to come on, and in turn offer an estimate on the cost of any car repairs that may be necessary. Be sure to give us a call today at 763-784-7944 to get on our schedule.

Reasonable Priced Auto Repair Shop in Blaine

At Clark Automotive, we pride ourselves on being a reasonable priced auto repair shop in Blaine, MN. Some auto repair shops may offer affordable pricing, but lack experience. On the other hand, some auto repair shops may have decades of experience that comes with a hefty price tag on repairs. By choosing Clark Automotive for your auto repair needs, you get the best of both worlds. We also offer courtesy rides and loaner cars for your convenience. At Clark Automotive, no one beats our price, our warranty. And we are open more hours for you convenience.

Experience Auto Repairs at an Affordable Price

For 17 years, Clark Automotive has been serving Blaine, MN as a reasonable priced auto repair shop. Over this timeframe, our ASE certified mechanics have developed a strong reputation for getting the auto repairs done right the first time around. To help set ourselves apart from the other auto repair shops in Blaine, MN, we utilize the highest quality parts, offer courtesy rides and loaner cars, implement a warranty and offer flexible and extended hours to make picking up and dropping off your vehicle simple. To top it off, we’re able to offer all of these features while still being a reasonable priced auto repair shop.

Necessary Repair Recommendations Only

When clients come to Clark Automotive for the first time, we often hear complaints of other auto repair shops recommending repairs and other maintenance services that are not necessary. Our team does not believe in taking advantage of our customers. Rest assured that our staff only recommends repairs that are needed. We are focused on building a long term relationship with our clients, centered around trust. Our auto repair specialists will always have your vehicle’s best interest in mind. Once you see the auto repair work that we provide and the affordability of our services, we are confident that you’ll be a customer of ours for the long haul.

Full Service Vehicle Repairs

If you’re dealing with a car issue that you’re not sure about, all you need to do is set up an appointment with our team at Clark Automotive. We offer full service vehicle repairs that include:

● Brake Repairs
● Tire Repairs
● Electrical Repairs
● Fleet Repairs
● Starter Replacement
● Battery Replacement
● Alternator Replacement
● Suspension/Alignment Repairs
● Heating/Air Conditioning Repairs
● Exhaust/Muffler Repairs
● Much More!

If you are in the Blaine, MN area and are searching for a reasonably priced auto repair shop that has years of experience and is trustworthy, look no further than Clark Automotive. To schedule your auto repair with our ASE certified mechanics, give us a call today at (763) 784-7944.

My Engine Light Came On. What Should I Do?

Certified Mechanic Blaine, MNIt happens to all of us. One day you may find yourself driving along the road in your car and suddenly you see your engine light comes on. Unless you’re a certified, professional mechanic, you likely won’t be able to figure out what exactly is causing this issue. If your engine light is on, make sure to bring your vehicle in right away to get it checked out and serviced. At Clark Automotive, we have a team of experienced mechanics that would be more than happy to help diagnose and fix the issue that’s causing your check light to be on.

Check Engine Warning Lights Are There For a Reason

Failing to take action after seeing your engine light warning could cause significant damage to expensive components within your vehicle and not to mention put your own safety at risk. In addition, engine lights can also be a signal that your car is obtaining poor fuel economy for some reason and emitting much higher than normal levels of pollutants into the air. Remedying these issues is best left to the experts and not to a quick online search query. The check engine light can be caused by such a wide array of different things that properly diagnosing the issue isn’t always easy.

If Your Engine Light Is On, Schedule an Appointment as Soon as Possible

At Clark Automotive, we help our loyal customers resolve their check engine light issues quickly and efficiently. Our hard-working team of certified mechanics have the experience and expertise you need to address these issues affordably and most effectively. Just because your engine light came on doesn’t mean you necessarily need costly repairs. We can help you get to the bottom of this issue and get your vehicle back on the road safely. Stop by our auto repair facility today in Blaine, MN or call us at (763) 784-7944 to schedule an appointment right away for your check engine light services.

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