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My Engine Light Came On. What Should I Do?

Certified Mechanic Blaine, MNIt happens to all of us. One day you may find yourself driving along the road in your car and suddenly you see your engine light comes on. Unless you’re a certified, professional mechanic, you likely won’t be able to figure out what exactly is causing this issue. If your engine light is on, make sure to bring your vehicle in right away to get it checked out and serviced. At Clark Automotive, we have a team of experienced mechanics that would be more than happy to help diagnose and fix the issue that’s causing your check light to be on.

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Auto Tune Up Blaine MN-Part 1

Vehicle Tune Up Blaine MNAre you a local Blaine, MN commuter? One of the main highways in the area is Highway 65, also known as Central; Clark Automotive is located behind the Menard’s. We stand for quality services, affordable pricing and direct answers the your exact vehicle repair questions.

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