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Troubleshooting Your Vehicle’s Electrical Problem

Troubleshooting Your Vehicle’s Electrical ProblemThere can be many reasons why a vehicle is experiencing electrical issues. While many people automatically think there’s an issue with the battery (and many times, it is), your electrical system is much larger. The newer the vehicle, the larger and more complex the electrical system. And, as you might imagine, with a more complex system, there are many more places that an error could occur.

There are several symptoms that would indicate an issue may be electrical. If you find multiple symptoms, it’s a good indication your car has electrical issues. Following are some of the more common symptoms:

Indication Of An Electrical Problem

Blown fuses – If you are constantly replacing blown fuses, this indicates something in the electrical system is sending too much current through those fuses.
Dim headlights/taillights/dome lights – If the lights on your car are dim as you’re driving, or constantly change brightness, this can indicate a problem with the electrical system, typically that the alternator is failing. Ignoring this symptom could lead to engine electrical failure, leaving you stranded somewhere.
Engine struggles to crank – The engine needs electrical flow to the spark plugs in order to start. Without a strong flow of electricity, the engine will struggle to get going, or may not start at all.
Odor of burning or melting plastic – Never ignore this sign, because it can indicate you have wiring that’s heating up so much, it’s melting the insulation around it. If not taken care of, this could result in a car fire!
Sputtering engine – If the spark plugs aren’t getting enough electrical charge, the fuel won’t combust fully in the cylinders. In some cases, the issue might be in only one or two spark plugs cylinders, causing the engine to run rough or sputter.
Lights/horn/radio won’t work – While this issue may be caused by a blown fuse, it could be an indication that the alternator or another component needs to be replaced.

Troubleshooting Common Vehicle Electrical Problems

Inspect the battery – Ensure the battery connector cables are tight to the battery terminals. If terminals are corroded (white build-up) clean them thoroughly with a wire brush.
Inspect the alternator belt – If signs of cracking or fraying are visible, have it replaced immediately.
Inspect spark plugs and wires – Check that the wires are seated firmly at both ends and that plugs are tightened in each cylinder.

Repairing A Vehicle’s Electrical Problem In Blaine MN

While many electrical issues are directly related to the vehicle’s battery, fuse system, or alternator, diagnosing a vehicle’s electrical problem can be complex. In some instances, specialized equipment and training must be employed to accurately diagnose the issue. Rely on an ASE-Certified mechanic to accurately diagnose and repair your vehicle’s electrical problem. The team at Clark Automotive is located in Blaine Minnesota and is trained and certified to make electrical repairs on your vehicle. Don’t be stuck on the side of the road! Bring your vehicle in today for a thorough inspection and diagnosis. Call (763) 784-7944 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

Car Electrical Repair Shops in North Metro

Car Electrical Repair Shops in North MetroThe electrical systems of modern vehicles are now so sophisticated that they seem more like airplanes in terms of their complexity. We rely on the electrical systems in our vehicles more than ever, and because our cars have become so much more complicated in the last several decades, fixing an electrical problem requires specific technical training and knowledge. Clark Automotive is one of the car electrical repair shops in the North Metro area that can provide all of the services that you may need. Our technicians can repair all types of vehicles, all different makes, models, new and old.

North Metro Auto Shop Specializing in Electrical Repair

When most people think about their car’s electrical system, you may think of your battery and your alternator, and possibly your starter. Each is essential to the operation of your vehicle, and without them most of the other electrical components of your car will not function. Clark Automotive can repair or replace batteries, alternators, and starter. In addition, when one of the electrical components that relies on the battery, alternator, or starter develops a problem, you should have the problem diagnosed and repaired by a trusted car repair shop that has extensive experience with electrical work. Clark Automotive is one of those repair shops.

From fundamental safety and security issues (for example, your vehicle’s automatic locking mechanism, windshield wipers, headlights and interior lights) to issues with the creature comforts provided by your vehicle (your audio system and climate control systems), Clark Automotive has earned a strong reputation for our ability to accurately identify the causes of the problems you are experiencing and fix them quickly, all while minimizing the financial impact on you.

Auto Electrical Repair in North Metro Suburbs

If you have been noticing a change in one of the electrical components of your vehicle, it may be tempting to jump to the conclusion that you have a big problem on your hands. The truth is likely to be simpler and less catastrophic. Depending on the issues you have noticed, it may be that those issues are cleared up by simply changing your vehicle’s battery. If you have noticed greater difficulty starting your vehicle, the problem could be the battery, the starter, or the alternator. Whatever the problem turns out to be, Clark Automotive is equipped with the tools and technicians to get your vehicle back into top shape so that you can get back on the road safely. Call us at (763) 784-7944 if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment.

Affordable Car Electrical Mechanic in the North Metro

Affordable Car Electrical Mechanic in the North MetroElectrical issues in cars can be extremely difficult to diagnose. This is why it can be tough to find an affordable car electrical mechanic in the North Metro area. Thankfully the team at Clark Automotive has decades of experience handling all sorts of car electrical issues. We’d be happy to give you an estimate on any type of electrical issue you may be experiencing.

Below are just a few of the common electrical issues we see at our auto repair shop in the North Metro area:

• Dead Battery – Your battery is the electrical hub for your entire vehicle, which means that if it’s dead you could have major electrical issues.
• Bad Alternator – Not only can you have a dead battery, but if your alternator is bad it can cause your battery to never fully charge. This can cause major problems, especially if you replace the battery thinking that’s the problem only to realize that you really should have checked your alternator. It’s important to always check your alternator when you begin to have battery problems.
• Blown Fuses – Depending on the age of your car, you may have blown fuses which could be contributing to your electrical problem. A blown fuse every once in a while is not the end of the world, but if your vehicle is constantly blowing fuses then there likely is a bigger electrical issue going on.
• Starter Problems – If your car is not able to start and you hear a clicking sound, you may need a new starter.

Let Clark Automotive Diagnose Your Car’s Electrical Problems

As you can see there are a wide array of different electrical problems that could be affecting your vehicle. Before trying to diagnose these issues yourself, which can be dangerous, especially when the issues are dealing with electrical power, it’s always best to call a reputable and experienced mechanic such as Clark Automotive.

At Clark Automotive, we have decades of experience helping car owners in the North Metro with all their car electrical needs. Don’t be discouraged if another mechanic couldn’t fix your electrical issue. Bring your vehicle by our shop in Blaine for a second opinion! We love challenges and will do everything in our power to have you back on the road in no time at all! Give us a call today at (763) 784-7944 to setup an appointment.

Electrical Issues in My Car

Electrical Issues in My CarAre you currently dealing with an unexplained electrical issue in your car? If so, you’re likely worried that the repair is going to be extremely expensive. While electrical issues in your car can be quite complex, it’s important to work with a reputable and certified mechanic who intimately understands how the electronics work within your vehicle. At Clark Automotive, we have an ASE Certified Mechanic on staff which should give you confidence that if you bring in your vehicle for any type of electrical issue, we’ll do our best to get it repaired as quickly and affordable as possible. We are located in Blaine, Minnesota and provide complimentary shuttle service, loaner vehicles and flexible hours.

Common Electrical Issues in Vehicles 

Below are just a few of the most common electrical issues we run into on a daily basis at Clark Automotive.

  • Dead Battery – Your battery provides all of the electricity within your vehicle. So, if you experience a complete electrical failure at any time, it’s likely related to your battery. These problems can occur just from your battery wearing out over time, or due to leaving a light or any other type of accessory on while your vehicle isn’t running.
  • Spark Plug Issues – The main job of your spark plugs is to create the necessary power to move the pistons in your engine up and down. This function requires a small amount of electricity and the wires can fail over time, which can prevent the spark plugs from properly operating. Some common signs that your spark plugs may be bad include rough idling, poor acceleration or when your engine cranks, but doesn’t actually start.
  • Alternator Problems – Your alternator drives a belt system that creates the power to help keep your battery charged. When your alternator isn’t working, your battery will quickly drain and will not be able to recharge itself. This is why it’s important when your car won’t start to determine if it’s a problem with your battery itself, or your alternator.
  • Blown Fuse – One sign that you could have a blown fuse is that you lose power to one system, such as your radio, power windows, or your brake lights. If you notice this behavior, it’s likely time to check your fuse box to see if any of your fuses have blown. 

Contact Clark Automotive for All Your Auto Electric Repair Needs

If you’re currently dealing with any electrical issues in your car, it’s critical to have the problem adequately diagnosed and fixed as quickly as possible. Feel free to give the certified mechanics at Clark Automotive a call at 763-784-7944 to schedule a time for one of our ASE certified mechanics to take a look at your vehicle.

Automotive Electrical System Repair Blaine, MN

Affordable Electrical Car Repair Shop Blaine, MinnesotaLooking for an affordable electrical system car repair shop in Blaine, MN? Clark Automotive is the best in the state! With our experienced and certified technicians, we offer quick diagnosis which saves you money. For a fast, friendly and compassionate team of experts, Clark Automotive has got you covered.

Certified Technicians

Owning a newer car has its benefits. Most help save you gas and are typically better on the environment. The biggest problem as an owner of an electrical car is what happens to it when it breaks or is in need of repair. Electrical car components can be extremely expensive and not many mechanics have the knowledge base to repair them. At Clark Automotive, we are on top of our game. We have certified technicians that perform quality, expert work while still providing you with hometown local service that is both classy and affordable. We have been serving Blaine, MN for over 17 years and all of our certified technicians go through continuous training to consistently stay up to date on any electrical car advances that may be around.

Affordable Expert Electrical System Car Repairs

When your electrical system in your car is in need of repair, it’s likely you assume that only the dealership in which you bought the car can handle that type of repair. Armed with the same technology, experienced and professional technicians, we are able to offer the same services as your dealership, at a much more affordable price. Our technology gives us the ability to give you a quick diagnosis so that we can get your vehicle up and running once again. Once we have a diagnosis on your vehicle, we make sure that every customer is informed of the issue and we give a written estimate on our recommendations going forward. Clark Automotive is an affordable and expert electrical car repair shop with a small town, local feel.

Electrical Cars and Standard Repairs

No matter how hybrid or new-age your vehicle may be, there are several things that still have not changed for both electrical and gasoline vehicles. Electrical vehicles still need repairs on components of the vehicle like brakes, suspension and even windshield wipers. Why get those done at a place that will charge you double the price? At Clark Automotive, we are always honest, fair and reasonable.

So, if you are looking for an auto repair shop that handles vehicle electrical repairs in Blaine, MN, look no further than Clark Automotive. We are here to help with all of your vehicle needs. Give us a call today at (763) 784-7944.

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