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Auto Mechanic Coon Rapids, MN

Auto Mechanic Coon Rapids, MNClark Automotive, serves the Coon Rapids, MN area and offers comprehensive automotive repair and diagnostics. We provide fast, convenient and affordable repairs and customer service that is based on honest communication and respect for our customers. Our team values and appreciates the business that our clients bring us and we understand that the best way to maintain a strong client relationship is to provide you with only excellent service. We offer a full range of auto services, from minor repairs like windshield wiper replacement to major engine repairs and diagnostics that you find in new computerized technology in modern cars.

Comprehensive Auto Repair Services

Minnesota can be tough on your car, as you know. Bright sun, high temperatures, and hail during the summer are not as familiar as the frigid winter months but both take a toll on your vehicle. Severe weather of any kind can take a huge toll on car or truck batteries, hoses, and other vital components of your car. And when you find that your car needs repair, you want the repairs done affordably and correctly. The Clark Automotive crew will do only the work on your car that is needed after you have given us the approval to do that work. We care about your experience as a customer and want to make sure that the work we do on your car actually solves the problem. We make an investment in good communication by talking with you to make sure you understand the work we recommend.

Our auto shop can complete all kinds of repairs on your car, truck, bus, or RV, new or old. Some of our most common repairs include:

● Brake Service and Repair
● Tire Rotation And Balancing
● Timing Belt Replacement
● Steering, Suspension and Alignment Repairs
● Exhaust System Repair
● Starter and Alternator Replacement Repairs
● Electrical Component Repairs
● Heating and Air Conditioning Service
● Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection
● Scheduled Maintenance Service
● Warning Lights/Diagnostic Service
● Oil Change & Tune up
Second Opinions on Vehicle Repair Estimates

Trusted Auto Mechanics, Coon Rapids, MN

Our auto mechanics know that you can take your car to other auto shops, but we would rather you choose us. Our motivation is to do your job right the first time so that you trust us enough to come back if your car develops problems in the future. We want loyalty to be a two-way street.

Clark Automotive will work with you to solve the problems you’re having with your car. If you have an old beater car or a brand-new one, we want you to feel confidence in the work we do on your car. To set up an appointment, give us a call at 763-784-7944 or email us at info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com. We look forward to serving you.

Brake Repair Circle Pines, MN

Circle Pines Break Repair ShopIt is rightfully argued that if you don’t have brakes on a car, you don’t have a car. At Clark Automotive, we want to make sure that your car is something you feel safe and comfortable driving. Whether your brakes need an assessment, a repair, or a replacement, Clark Automotive will provide you with outstanding service at an affordable price. Located just a few minutes for Circle Pines.

The Braking System

When you feel like something is wrong with your brakes it can still mean a variety of different things. The brake system is made up of a combination of different items. We will take a look at the actual brakes and ensure that they are in working order, but it could also just be another part of the brake system that needs replacement. Brake pads, shoes, rotors, drums and calipers are all part of the brake system.

Brake System Warning Signs

As you are driving your car, it’s important to keep an eye out for warning signs that your brakes need to be serviced. In most vehicles, there is a brake light that will appear on your dashboard. When this happens, it’s important to get checked right away. Other signs include feeling a grinding sensation as you are making a stop, hearing a squealing sound when you are driving or stopping, feeling like the brake pedal is further down towards the floor, or perhaps even feeling the vehicle pull to one side when you apply the brakes. All of these signs indicate that it’s time to let the professionals look at your vehicle.

Our Brake Repair Process

When you take your vehicle to us, you are taking it to highly trained and certified technicians that perform quality work every single time. We begin by doing a complete and thorough inspection of your car and its braking system. We look at the pads, shoes, wheel bearings, backing plate, and caliper anchor. We replace and lubricate these parts as needed. We will also add brake fluid and flush as needed (recommended every 30,000 miles). We inspect the hydraulic system, adjusting and evacuating air as needed and lastly, we check the drums and rotors and replace them as needed.

So, if you are having brake issues with your vehicle, and need a certified mechanic at an affordable price, contact Clark Automotive today at (763) 784-7944.

Coon Rapids Brake Repair

Coon Rapids Brake RepairWhen you sit down in your vehicle and go for a drive, how often do you think you use your brakes? Too many times to count, most would say. Brakes are a vital component to your car and an irreplaceable safety feature that keeps you from crashing into things or accelerating to an unsafe speed. At Clark Automotive, we feel like brakes are just as important as the wheels on your vehicle. If they aren’t working properly, you should not be driving your car! Instead, you should let our professionals at Clark Automotive, serving Coon Rapids, MN, take a look at your vehicle and get down to the root of the issue.

Parts of a Brake System

Just like everything within a vehicle, your brakes are composed of numerous different components. So when something is going wrong with your brakes, it can be due to a number of issues. Pads, shoes, rotors, drums, calipers, etc. These are all things that may be in need of repair or replacing. So when you come to us, we will perform a free test drive to get a good idea of what’s going on and then we will review the problems and estimate the cost of repairs. You may ask why we drive it instead of performing a complete brake inspection? We want to leave the car completely in your control, which is not going to happen when it’s hoisted up in the air. This saves time and money for you.

Auto Repair Shop Scams

So as you’ve read, there can be a multitude of things wrong with your brakes. Have you ever seen that gimmick where the auto mechanic offers front brake repairs for $99.95. That’s a huge red flag in our books. Why? Well, that number will likely double in size by the time they’re done. They will charge an upsell on fluid flushes, rotor replacements, put on cheap pads and then tell you more parts need to be replaced, which are not included in the deal. At Clark Automotive, we do a complete inspection of your car’s braking system so that you know exactly what you are getting into and how much it will cost before we get started. We offer the following brake repair services for Coon Rapids, MN:

  • Pads and shoes replaced as needed.
  • Wheel bearings replaced as needed.
  • The backing plate and caliper anchor lubricated.
  • The brake fluid topped off and flushed if needed or done around every 30,000 miles.
  • The hydraulic system purged of air and adjusted.
  • Drums and rotors refinished/replaced as needed.

If you live in Coon Rapids, MN and are looking for an auto mechanic that performs quality brake repair services, contact Clark Automotive today at (763) 784-7944.

Brake Repair Shop Blaine

Brake Repair Shop BlaineHave the brakes on your car been giving you trouble lately? This is one part of the car that you just cannot ignore. Safety should always be your number one priority when it comes to your vehicle. Think about the precious lives that ride around Blaine, MN in your car on a daily basis. At Clark Automotive, we specialize in brake repair services for new and used cars.

Brake Repair Shop and Services for Blaine, MN

When is the last time that you got your brakes inspected? Typically, you should have your brakes inspected twice per year to ensure that they are up to standards. Rather than waiting until you hear grinding when you brake, let our team give you the extra peace of mind that you need on the road, whether you are driving children around or have a long commute to work.

Brake Repair Standard Process

With more than 17 years of experience in the auto repair industry, we have seen our fair share of faulty brake systems. If your brakes need to be repaired but are not in need of replacement we can help you. All of our brake system technicians will follow our proven brake repair service process that cannot be matched by our competitors. This process includes the following:

  • Detailed Inspection – First and foremost, we will inspect every inch of your brake system to make sure we address all repairs that may be needed.
  • Replacement – Next, we will replace pads, shoes or wheel bearings if needed.
  • Lubrication – Our team will lubricate your backing plate and caliper anchor to ensure that your brakes are working efficiently.
  • Brake Fluid Focus – We will top off and flush your brake fluid if needed, which typically occurs every 30,000 miles.
  • Adjustment of Hydraulic System – Your hydraulic system will be purged of air and adjusted.
  • Refinishing – Any drums or rotors that need refinishing or replacement will be addressed as well.

Frequent Indicators of Bad Brakes

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your brakes, bringing your car into our brake repair shop at Clark Automotive should be your next move:

  • Brake grinding.
  • Brake light on dashboard.
  • Movement of car when brakes applied.
  • Brake pedal can push to floor.
  • Loud noises when braking or driving.

When it comes to a brake repair shop in Blaine, MN there is no better option than our team at Clark Automotive. If you are experiencing issues with your brakes, give our staff a call today at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Car and Auto Braking System Repairs Blaine MN

Car, Truck, SUV and Auto Brake Services and Repairs Blaine, MN

Brake Repair Blaine MNOur Blaine, MN Car, Truck, SUV and Auto Repair Shop deals with many clients that have experienced brake problems. In our previous blogs we have talked about the mechanics side of Brake Repair Services for your vehicle. Today we switch to the roll of the driver and what is important to notice when you suspect vehicle brake issues. If you have concerns about your brake and are in the Blaine, MN area drop by or call Clark Automotive Clinic and will not charge a fee to go on a test drive with you and discuss your options. In this article we will discuss specifically what the owner or operator of the car should be knowledgeable or observant of. Please review previous blogs for answers on vehicle issues we have already addressed, as it will add to your ability to use the following information.  The earlier articles are as follows, click on the links for answers:

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