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Brake Assessment And Repair Services

Brake Assessment And Repair ServicesIf you have ever been driving in the rain or, even worse, in the snow or on ice and needed to stop but found that pressing the brake did not stop your vehicle as quickly as you needed it to, you immediately understood the importance of your vehicle’s braking system. Most people tend to take their brakes for granted, and for good reason. Most brakes are very well constructed and built to last. But your vehicle’s brakes also experience great friction and are under constant pressure, and all mechanical parts eventually wear down. Your vehicle’s brakes are no different. If you have concerns about your brakes’ ability to stop your vehicle when you need it to stop, pay a visit to Clark Automotive.

Brake Assessment, Repair, Resurfacing And Replacement

Our technicians are experts in brake assessment, repair, resurfacing, and replacement. Even though the braking system is relatively simple in that pressing the brake pedal initiates the process of slowing and stopping your vehicle, the system is still made of moving parts, which experience the forces of friction over time. When one or more components in the braking system wear down, your ability to slow and stop your vehicle can become compromised. The wearing down of the various parts of your brakes does not always mean that failure is imminent or even that replacement is necessary. A frequent repair that we offer is the resurfacing of brake rotors, which can restore the integrity of your brakes and return them to almost new condition.

The fundamental importance of your vehicle’s brakes means that they should be checked periodically, according to your manufacturer’s recommendations. Clark Automotive is ideally suited for this type of essential maintenance. To help you maximize the life of your vehicle’s brakes, we can make some recommendations based on what you share with us about your driving habits. For instance, if you inform us that you spend a lot of time on your commute in stop and go traffic, your brakes are likely being stressed more than they need to be. This problem is made worse by aggressive driving, which occurs when accelerating quickly and stopping quickly. All brakes will eventually experience some degree of wear, but that process is hastened by frequent acceleration and hard stopping.

Auto Shop Specializing In Brake Repair

Attention to how you drive will not make your brakes last forever, but it can extend their life. Clark Automotive can accurately assess the state of your brakes, and repair or replace when necessary. Call us at (763) 784-7944 and we will schedule a time to look at your brakes.

Brake Installation Blaine MN

Don’t Ignore Your Brakes!

Brake Repair Blaine MNAre your brakes squeaking? Have they been for a while? Or maybe you’re worried because you now have to put your brake petal all the way to the floor to fully stop – if this sounds like something you’re dealing with contact Clark Automotive. We offer Automobile Brake Installation Services for Blaine, MN and the surrounding areas. Don’t wait to get your brakes fixed, they are one of the most important mechanisms on your vehicle.

Brakes Keep Everyone Safe

Neglecting to service your brakes can be harmful to you, your loved ones and everyone else on the road. Imagine, if just once, your brakes didn’t bring your vehicle to a slow halt. That’s scary, the results can be extremely damaging and even fatal.

Not only are brakes an extremely crucial for safety but they are used very frequently. In one trip it’s not uncommon to brake over ten times – every shift, turn, stop sign, red light, speed limit reduction, slow moving for the vehicle ahead of you and to arrive safely at your final destination. Don’t keep putting brake repairs off, you use them more than you notice.

Worn Brake Pads Cost Extra

If the safety isn’t enough to get you to pick up your phone, than the cost might. If you continue to drive on extremely worn brake pads the material will wear down to nothing. Which leaves you with the metal caliper grinding against the rotor, this leads to less effective braking and then you’ll not only need your brake pads replaced but you’ll also need to get your rotors resurfaced or replaced. The effects add up.

Brake Replacement Services Blaine MN

If you know your due for a brake replacement or you’re listening to your squealing tires call Clark Automotive, we offer affordable automotive brake replacement services. Call us today and we’ll get you in as soon as we can, our number is 763-784-7944!

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