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Preventative Maintenance For Brakes

Preventative Maintenance For BrakesThe braking system on your vehicle works hard every time you drive. Over time, through normal wear and tear, brakes are rendered ineffective or useless. It’s important to have regular maintenance performed to keep the entire system in optimal shape.

The braking system on each wheel of your vehicle consists of a disc (or rotor), a caliper, and a rubber brake pad. It may seem that a simple push on the brake pedal causes the vehicle to come to a complete stop, but it’s a bit more complicated. The depressed pedal sends brake fluid through the brake lines as a piston moves in the master cylinder. As pistons in the caliper are initiated, the brake shoe pushes against the rotor, causing friction on the brake drum. Essentially, the pressure on the drum will slow the roll of your vehicle, eventually causing it to stop.

Using A Mechanic vs. DIY repairs

Brake pad replacement is one of the seemingly simpler tasks that many DIY car owners might try themselves. While it is one of the easier fixes to master, it’s important that you know exactly what you’re doing if you attempt this at home. When it comes to something as important as your brakes, we at Clark Automotive always recommend a certified mechanic over DIY work. You may save yourself a few bucks, but if the pad isn’t fitted properly or damage occurs to the caliper during the fix, your vehicle may be rendered unsafe on the roads. If your brakes are squeaking, sticking, or seem to take much more pressure than usual to engage, it’s time to see a mechanic.

ASE-Certified Mechanics At Clark Automotive

When you consider the parts that go into a typical braking system, it can be daunting. Therefore, the ASE-certified Mechanics at Clark Automotive always suggest a preventative maintenance plan to customers. A plan typically includes checking over brakes and making small repairs or adjustments, such as replacing your brake pads. Preventative maintenance costs, however, consider the additional funds you will spend if your brake pads go unrepaired over time!

Don’t let your brakes get to a point where your car feels more like a money pit than a mode of transportation! For information on preventative brake repair, or the many other services offered through Clark Automotive, call (763) 784-7944 today. We serve the Blaine and greater Minneapolis areas.

Blaine Auto Repair Shop

Blaine Auto Repair ShopAt Clark Automotive, the last thing that we want to see is for members of the Blaine, MN community choose the wrong Blaine auto repair shop when their car needs to be repaired or evaluated. Choosing the wrong auto repair shop happens quite often because vehicle owners fail to do their homework before picking their auto repair shop. At Clark Automotive, we want to share 5 reasons why we are your top choice when it comes to choosing a Blaine auto repair shop.

Experienced Auto Repair Team

Vehicles are a large investment. So, you’d prefer to have someone with experience in the auto repair industry handling your vehicle rather than someone that lacks experience, right? Well, lucky for you because Clark Automotive has been around for over 17 years. During this time, we’ve worked on all types of vehicles and brands and have seen just about any type of vehicle damage that you can think of.

Customer Service Focused

Getting your vehicle repaired is likely not something that you look forward to doing. Not only does it eat up your time, but a lot of auto repair shops lack an environment that is focused on the customer. That is until you visit Clark Automotive. Our customers are the number one priority, which is why we provide a pleasant environment where customers can stay while their car is being repaired. Additionally, we offer courtesy rides and loaner vehicles if you need to head back to work or run errands while we repair your car.

Trustworthy Auto Repairs

Another issue when dealing with auto repair shops is that many mechanics recommend repairs to your vehicle that aren’t truly needed. They’re able to get away with this type of business model because most customers don’t know that they are lying. By choosing Clark Automotive as your preferred Blaine auto repair shop, you’ll be able to sleep easy at night knowing that we are a shop that performs only the repairs that are truly needed. We will never recommend a repair to a client that isn’t necessary. Our certified mechanics always have your best interests and safety in mind.

Diverse Repair Services

At Clark Automotive, we bring a wide range of repair services to the table for our clients. We can handle all types of vehicle damage and repairs including brake installation, tune-ups, fleet maintenance, electrical repairs, timing belts, exhaust, heaters & A/C, alternator replacement, etc.

Extended Warranty Experts

If you purchased an extended warranty plan with your new vehicle from the dealer, we likely can service your vehicle. If you’re not sure, just stop by our auto repair shop and we’ll let you know if we can handle your extended warranty needs.

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons to choose Clark Automotive as your Blaine auto repair shop. If you’re looking to get the total package when it comes to an auto repair shop, there’s no better partner than our mechanics at Clark Automotive. To learn more about the reasons for why we should be your top choice as a Blaine auto repair shop, give us a call today at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Complete Auto Mechanic Shop Blaine, MN

Complete Auto Mechanic Shop Blaine, MNThere are plenty of auto mechanics around Blaine, MN, but when it comes to offering complete auto mechanic service, our committed staff at Clark Automotive should be your top option. Our experience dates back 17 years. Over this time, we’ve mastered all of the necessary vehicle services that our clients need. No matter what types of issues your vehicle is experiencing, you can count on our ASE certified mechanics to get the job done right the first time around.

The Clark Automotive Way

Since the very beginning, the mission that we live by is to offer top notch customer service at a fair and affordable price. We’re about building relationships with our clients. We don’t want you to come to our auto shop just one time. Instead, we want you to feel fully comfortable with our mechanics so that you bring your vehicle(s) to us whenever a repair is needed. We’re able to achieve our mission by going the extra mile in a wide variety of areas. For instance, we provide courtesy rides and loaner vehicles, warranty, flexible hours, etc. What really sets us apart from the other auto mechanics in Blaine, MN, is that we only recommend repairs that need to be done. You’ll never find our staff trying to convince a customer to spend money on work that truly isn’t needed.

Complete Vehicle Service & Repair

At Clark Automotive, there’s not much that our ASE master technicians haven’t seen. Thanks to our years of experience, we are able to offer our clients the complete package when it comes to their auto repair needs. Whether you have one vehicle in need of repairs or you manage an entire fleet of vehicles that needs some timely repairs performed, we’ve got you covered. Offering complete auto mechanic service, our team can handle a wide range of services for your vehicle including:

  • Tire Rotation
  • Brake Installation
  • Tune Ups
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Battery or Starter Replacement
  • Alternator Replacement
  • Engine Repairs
  • Timing Belts
  • Suspension/Alignment
  • Exhaust/Mufflers
  • Radiators
  • Heating and A/C
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Many More!

So, if you are searching for complete auto mechanic service in Blaine, MN, look no further than our dedicated experts at Clark Automotive. We’ve got the experience, customer service and affordable prices to ensure that you have a pleasant experience when it comes to your vehicle repair needs. To schedule your repair with our crew, give us a call today at (763) 784-7944.

Auto Repair Blaine MN

Auto RepairIf you’re in need of professional auto repairs, but don’t want to spend those extra dollar and are in the Blaine, MN area, Clark Automotive is the repair shop for you! When you call Clark Automotive, you’ll speak with Chuck Clark, the owner, operator and head vehicle mechanic. He doesn’t push sales or have a fancy showroom for additional up-sales, he is an automobile mechanic first and foremost.

Affordable Automobile Repairs in Blaine MN

If you hear a clunk, squeal or rattle, chances are something isn’t working properly on your vehicle. When driving a vehicle that obviously needs repairs you could risk further damage by neglecting the tell-tail signs. We encourage you to make an appointment at a local repair shop to discover what’s affecting your vehicles performance. When they have given you an estimate, we encourage you to shop around, second opinions on auto repairs can save you hundreds, possibly even thousands. Don’t settle for the repairs another shop told you are necessary.

Budget Your Vehicle Maintenance

Clark Automotive feels you should be knowledgeable about the repairs needed now, in a month and even six months down the road. Knowing what your vehicle needs ahead of time will allow you to be able to plan your expensive around your vehicles needed maintenance. So a $500 dollar tire replacement can be easily paid for with 6 months notice.

When you stop in to get that clunk, squeal or rattle looked at, Chuck Clark won’t give you a lengthy, three page list of highlighted requirements. He’ll tell you what needs to be done to fix the problem that you brought your vehicle to him to repair, for $60 bucks or less. If requested, he can draw up any vehicle maintenance needs that will be in your near future, a couple months, to next year, simply from a budget perspective.

Automotive Services Offered by Clark Automotive in Blaine MN:

  • Brake Installation
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Pre-purchase Inspection
  • Second Opinions

If you are in Blaine, MN Clark Automotive for all your automobile repairs. Don’t get lead astray by money hungry mechanics, when it’s time for maintenance trust Clark Automotive for your vehicles needed repairs and not a thing more. Call today at 763-784-7944, many times same day service is available.

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