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What Does That Sound On My Car Mean?

What Does That Sound On My Car Mean?Almost everyone has had a moment when they’ve been driving their car or truck around town, and you begin noticing a strange noise. Is it coming from someone else’s car? Where’s it coming from? Sounds expensive! How much is this going to cost me? And more importantly, what does it mean? There are a variety of moving parts in and around your vehicle, and sounds can come from any one of thousands of spots. At Clark Automotive in Blaine, we want to help identify some of the more prominent sounds that can be a sign of some larger issues. Brig your vehicle in for evaluation.

High-Pitched Squealing From Under The Hood When The Engine Is Running

Generally, if you hear these sounds (especially when starting the engine or when turning on the AC in your car), the culprit is one of several belts that spin around pulleys. They have most likely become misaligned or are beginning to wear out. Belts are important as they create the spinning motion that power several components that the engine requires to function properly, such as the alternator, water pump, radiator fan, and more. In most cases, the belts can be readjusted or replaced to fix the problem completely.

High-Pitched Squealing Sounds When I Apply The Brakes

This is another common sound heard from underneath cars. In many cases, especially with Covid and people not driving as much, this simply comes from the buildup of moisture that turns orange and corrodes on the rotors and brake drums. The squeaking, in this instance, is normal and should subside with prolonged driving. If the sound persists, it is likely a sign that your brake pads are wearing down and need replacement. If this is the case, ignoring the persistent sound could cause greater damage as metal begins to rub against metal.

Knocking Sounds When Turning Corners

This is a common occurrence. In nine out of ten cases, this indicates that a CV boot (constant velocity) is cracked and has lost the grease that lubricates the joint. The CV joint allows the axle to move freely when the vehicle is in motion or moving from side to side when turning. If you hear this sound, your mechanic will need to assess the issue and make repairs sooner than later.

Don’t Ignore Your Vehicle’s Sounds And Signs

Clark Automotive is the full-service auto repair shop in Blaine, MN that you have been searching for. Our dedicated staff is eager to develop a strong relationship with you built around our exceptional work and trustworthy mechanics. To learn more about our full-service repair and maintenance options or to schedule an appointment with our team, give us a call today at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Blaine Auto Repair Shop With ASE Certified Technicians

Blaine Auto Repair Shop With ASE Certified TechniciansWhen you are looking for someone to repair your car, you likely have an idea of some of the qualities you need: honesty, responsiveness, affordability and the ability to communicate clearly. In addition, you also want to look for someone who has experience with many different types of vehicle repairs and has received training on fixing cars and trucks. One certification that you can keep your eye out for when you are looking for vehicle repair services is an ASE Certified Mechanic. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence was first established about 50 years ago with the goal of improving the quality of vehicle service and repair by testing and certifying automotive professionals. This has become the gold standard as a nationally recognized credential for auto mechanics in the US. Clark Automotive is proud Blaine auto repair shop with ASE Certified Technicians.

ASE Certified Mechanic Blaine Minnesota

What does this certification mean for you, the customer? First, it means that you can trust that the person completing the work on your car has completed extensive training and has met the experience requirements for the certification. This certification gives auto shops (and our customers) a tangible marker for skill level. This can lower the stress for a customer who does not know much about the auto repair process and can help build trust between an auto shop and the client. In addition, technicians must retake ASE tests every five years to be sure that they are keeping up with all of the advances in the vehicles and repair processes. ASE certification has created a standard for mechanics that clients can trust.

Clark Automotive believes that building trust with our customers and providing high quality repairs, top notch customer service and affordable prices. As a local business in Crystal, MN, we realize how important being part of the community is and we enjoy getting to know individuals and families from all over the area. We can complete a wide variety of vehicle repairs including brake repairs, tire rotation, battery testing and replacement, starter and alternative repair/replacement, electrical repairs, timing belt service, heating/AC service, exhaust, mufflers, radiator repairs, engine diagnostics and suspension and alignment work. We also are happy to give you a second opinion if another repair shop has made a repair recommendation you are unsure about and/or complete a pre-purchase inspection on a car you are considering.

Comprehensive Auto Repair In Blaine MN

For more information about our car repair services or the ASE Certification process that our technicians receive, call Clark Automotive at 763-784-7944 to schedule an appointment.

Importance Of Routine Vehicle Maintenance

Importance Of Routine Vehicle Maintenance Anyone who is knowledgeable about automobiles–from your amazing local mechanic to a sales representative at an auto dealership to a neighbor who does work on his own car and can fix anything–will tell you that periodic maintenance is the key to keeping your vehicle running smoothly and reliably. One of the reasons our automobiles need unscheduled maintenance is that it can be difficult to keep up with the scheduled maintenance recommended by your vehicles’ manufacturers. Clark Automotive has made a name for us by helping our clients with the routine maintenance needed to keep your car in good shape and also the unscheduled maintenance or repairs when something unexpected happens.

Schedule Routine Maintenance For Your Car

Keeping vigilant about scheduled maintenance requires discipline and a good memory. Part of this discipline is having your car or truck serviced even when there are no obvious signs of problems. The most reliable, problem-free vehicles lull us into a sense of security–a false sense of security–precisely because they are so reliable. All machines eventually break down and it is often the case that the most reliable machines work so well for so long that we do not notice the smallest changes occurring inside them. We become used to the specific hum of our vehicles’ engines, without realizing over the course of tens of thousands–sometimes hundreds of thousands–of miles that parts are wearing and eroding, resulting in a change in the familiar hum of the engine. That is true until something extremely noticeable occurs. We hear a grinding or a loud screech, and we know that something is most definitely wrong. In most cases, a service like Clark Automotive will be able to fix the issue without much of a problem. But in some cases, that new sound means big trouble.

Blaine Minnesota Auto Repair Shop

Scheduled maintenance can prevent a serious problem from ever occurring, but it is difficult to develop the discipline to take your car in for scheduled maintenance. It may be easier to develop that discipline by making a plan to take your car in every 4-6 months. Minnesota’s change of seasons can be a stark reminder for you to get your car serviced so that you can feel confident that your car is prepared for driving in the winter weather that is coming. Minnesota is known for its winters, but summer can also be brutal for a car. So, consider a twice-a-year self-reminder to get your car serviced ahead of the change of weather. Clark Automotive will be here to prepare your vehicle for what is ahead. Call us at (763) 784-7944 to schedule an appointment.

Importance Of Tire Maintenance In The Winter

Importance Of Tire Maintenance In The WinterYour tires are a very important safety feature of your car and the only part of the car that has direct contact with the road. Your tires help you carry your precious cargo all over town, to/from work and school, on trips and as the temperatures fall, it is crucial to make sure that your tires are properly maintained. Clark Automotive is a local auto repair shop that specializes in many different types of auto maintenance and repair – at this time of year, we recommend that our clients take note of the following tips for keeping your tires in good shape for the road:

1. Regularly check your air pressure: When the temperatures drop, your tires lose air pressure. Typically, you can expect to lose 1 pound per square inch for every 10 degrees the temperature drops. It is important to check your air pressure at least once a month during the colder months and add air when you notice a drop in tire pressure. You can do this yourself with an inexpensive pressure gauge that you can keep in your vehicle. Keeping your tire pressure stable will prevent excessive tread loss and increase the life of your tires.
2. Keep the tire valve caps on: When you do not put the tire valve caps back on after you check your pressure, moisture can freeze in those valves, and this can contribute to a leak in your tire.
3. Pay attention to your tread: You need to have tread on your tires to maintain traction on the road. During the winter months when roads can be icy/snowy, this is very important.
4. Complete regular tire maintenance: Taking your car into a car repair shop for routine maintenance like tire rotation, balance and alignment can help prevent a problem before it occurs on the road. These services are affordable and can go a long way toward a safe winter for your car or truck.

Affordable Winter Tire Maintenance In Blaine MN

Poor tire maintenance can lead to the need to replace your tires more often, a flat tire or a blowout on the highway, which can be dangerous. Now is a great time to have the team at Clark Automotive take a look at your tires and complete an affordable routine maintenance plan that includes tire rotation, alignment and tread check. To schedule a tire maintenance check, give us a call today at 763-784-7944.

Importance Of Preventative Maintenance For Your Vehicle

Importance Of Preventative Maintenance For Your VehicleOil changes, tire rotations and regular tune ups are examples of preventative maintenance for your vehicle that can prevent major car problems down the road. If you make these small investments in your car, then over time you can expect to save money on more serious repairs. It is also important to have your vehicle serviced by a certified technician so that small and manageable problems do not turn into larger (more expensive) ones. Clark Automotive is a full-service car repair shop in Blaine, MN, that can help you with preventative maintenance so that you can enjoy your vehicle for many years to come!

Benefits Of Regular Oil Changes

Oil changes are important because your engine’s oil can lose its lubrication quality and viscosity over time. An oil change will keep your engine running well, prevent it from getting overheated and get rid of dirt and debris which will make your engine run less efficiently. Failing to get regular oil changes can result in damage to your engine. Routine oil changes are one of the most important ways to extend the life of your vehicle and protect your investment.

Tire Rotations And Engine Tune Ups

Tire rotations are another important preventative maintenance strategy. We recommend rotating your tires every third oil change (approximately every 9000 miles). This helps you prevent tire damage and keep the tread even so that you wear down your tires evenly. If you do not rotate your tires regularly, your tires can become damaged, and this can impact steering and the overall safety of the vehicle.

A vehicle tune up can be helpful when you have noticed an overall decline in how your vehicle is performing or the overall feel while you are driving. Clark Automotive will check your spark plugs, change your transmission fluid, replace your air, oil and fuel filters, check for leaks and complete a thorough oil change. Very often a tune up will be just what your vehicle needs to get back to its optimal driving condition.

ASE Certified Mechanic In Blaine, MN

Our team at Clark Automotive believes that preventative maintenance can be a difference maker in the life of your car. This small investment can identify problems before they become significant and can keep your car in the best possible shape so that you feel confident that you are safe and taken care of. If you want more information about our preventative maintenance services, call us at 763-784-7944 to schedule an appointment with our ASE Certified Mechanics.

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