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Why Is My Car Not Starting?

Why Is My Car Not Starting?One of the most common inquiries we get from our clients, especially in the winter, is a call about a car not starting. This can seem to come out of nowhere and can occur anytime you turn off your car. You can be at home, at a grocery store, at work, a gas station or a shopping center day or night. There are several issues that can cause your car not to start. The team at Clark Automotive can help diagnose the issue and get your car back up and running quickly.

Here are some of the most common issues that we find when a car will not start:

Battery is dead: If an interior light has been left on or your battery is several years old, that may be all that is wrong with your car. In that case, jumper cables usually do the trick. Our crew can install a battery that you can rely on and make sure that it is installed correctly.

Connection cables for the battery have corroded or are not connected correctly: It is also possible that there is a problem with the connection cables with your battery. They can get corroded and even come completely off. If this happens, our team can carefully remove any rust and debris and reconnect them to the battery.

Alternator problem: The primary function of your alternator is to convert chemical energy to electrical energy so that the battery in your car can keep a charge. If your car’s alternator is not working properly, you may notice that your car does not start and/or stalling. Our crew can check your alternator and determine if that is the problem.

Starter: Your starter gets power from the car’s battery and is responsible for starting the engine. If you have a problem with your starter, you might notice a clicking sound when you turn the key and the lights in the vehicle come on even though the ignition will not start.

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Turning the key and realizing that your car will not start is no fun for anyone. If this happens to you, give the team at Clark Automotive a call at 763-784-7944 for assistance. We can help you get your car into our shop, diagnose the problem quickly and give you a clean timeline and estimate for the repairs. We have experience with starters, alternators as well as changing batteries, so no matter what the cause of the problem, we can help.

Starter And Alternator Repair

Starter And Alternator RepairModern living allows us to take more for granted than ever before. One thing that we have the luxury of taking for granted, even in comparison to only thirty to forty years ago, is the reliability of our automobiles. The basic functions of our vehicles have not changed much in the century or so that we have been driving them, but their reliability certainly has. It has changed for the better. However, despite the increase in reliability, automobiles are still machines with complex moving parts that tend to operate under tremendous pressure and often with great friction. The starter and alternator in your vehicle are good examples of this. Clark Automotive has the knowledge and experience to repair these essential parts of your vehicle when they wear out or are not working correctly.

What If My Car Does Not start?

There are lots of automobile choices that come with push button starters, but your starter and alternator are very basic parts of your vehicle that keep it running. When you insert your key into the ignition switch and turn, you engage a system that works perfectly every time, and often for many years. But, over time, each turn of the ignition key in the switch serves to wear down the gears and mechanisms inside the ignition switch. As the wear and tear and age accumulates, you may begin to notice signs that your starter is no longer working as it should. If you are not so lucky, it can fail without notice, and as so often seems to happen, your starter fails far from home or in a less than convenient location.

The same is true for the alternator. Though the alternator is not subject to the kind of friction as the starter, a failure of the alternator can appear similar to the failure of the starter. In both cases, the familiar sound of the engine running does not follow the action of turning the key in the ignition switch. The alternator is responsible for turning mechanical energy into electrical energy. When you start your engine, and the battery is engaged, the alternator uses the electrical energy to power your vehicle’s radio, dashboard lights, climate control system, headlights, and other electrical systems. The alternator is an essential part of your vehicle’s ability to operate as intended.

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If you discover a problem that seems to be related to either the starter or alternator, Clark Automotive can either fix it or replace it for you. We will explain what we find, answer your questions and give you a clear estimate of what it will cost to repair. Call us at (763) 784-7944 to schedule an appointment.

Auto Repair Shops in Blaine MN

Auto Repair Shops in Blaine MNOf the many qualified Auto Repair Shops in Blaine, MN you can choose, we believe that ours—Clark Automotive—is the best for providing a wide range of the highest quality auto repair work.  Clark Automotive has built its reputation on being a consistent source of excellent auto repair, and our loyal customers provide the best evidence that we continue to achieve our mission.  We offer a full range of automotive repair services. Here are a few of the most common issues we repair on a daily basis:

  1. Tires and Brakes: As complicated as modern automobiles are, there is still a need to prioritize the basics when it comes to safety.  There is nothing about your automobile that is more central to your safety than the condition of your tires and brakes.  At Clark Automotive, we understand the essential importance of tires and brakes to the safety of you and your passengers.  To that end, we have made ourselves experts in tires and brakes.  If one or more of your tires has sustained damage, we can either repair the damage or replace the tire(s) altogether.  Your tires are the only component of your car that are in constant contact with road surfaces. They are therefore under constant stress and they must therefore be kept in good working order.  The same is true for your brakes.  If your tires are in great shape, but your brakes are not, your safety is at risk.  Brakes are under even greater stress than tires, given the tremendous heat that is generated by stopping your car’s motion.  We can resurface or replace worn rotors and ensure that you are able to stop safely in all circumstances.
  2. Suspension and Alignment: Your car’s suspension system and the proper alignment of your vehicle’s wheels are related to tire and brake safety.  If your car’s shock absorbers (or struts) are not in good working order, your tires may not be in optimal contact with the driving surface, which also puts your safety at risk.  We will identify and repair your car’s suspension problems to ensure that your vehicle remains in optimal contact with the driving surface.  If your car’s alignment is off, you will find at a minimum that your tires wear prematurely.  Our staff will get your vehicle back into optimal alignment.
  3. Starter Replacement: The auto mechanics at Clark Automotive can complete the diagnostics necessary to determine if our vehicle is in need of a new starter, or if a repair is possible. There can be many reasons that your car is not starting and we can determine the exact cause quickly so that you get back on the road!

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For more information about our auto repair services for your vehicle or your fleet of company vehicles in Blaine, MN, call Clark Automotive at (763) 784-7944 or send an email to info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

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