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Auto Battery Replacement in Blaine

Battery-Replacement-Blaine-MNYour car can only go as far as your auto battery will take it. As a car owner, the one thing that you don’t want to happen is for your vehicle battery to die on you when you least expect it, and to not have a plan set. This day in age, auto batteries are built to last, but what about when you forget to turn off your lights as you head into work? While your auto battery is properly functioning, why not pinpoint a reliable auto repair shop that can handle your auto battery replacement needs with ease. For those in the Blaine, Circle Pines, Spring Lake Park or Coon Rapids, MN areas, Clark Automotive is your premier local auto repair shop.

Battery Replacement Blaine

Does it feel like your vehicle is struggling to start up in the mornings? Minnesota has its fair share of bad weather throughout the year, so make it a habit to let our dedicated team at Clark Automotive perform a battery inspection on your vehicle annually. This will help reduce the risk of your battery dying on you when you least expect it. Our experienced staff will determine if your battery is the reason for your vehicle struggling to start. If it is not the reason, we’re equipped to handle any other repair that your vehicle may need. In fact, let us be your one stop shop for all of your auto repair needs, including auto battery replacement.

Experience Matters

In the automotive repair industry, experience truly matters. At Clark Automotive, we’ve been serving these wonderful communities for over 17 years. Being around that long is a sign that we take care of our customers. We aim to make the auto repair process as smooth as possible for our clients. When it comes to your auto battery replacement, you can count on our team to be timely, affordable, committed and knowledgeable regarding the various battery options that you have to invest in. Unlike some of our competitors, we only repair the items that truly need to be addressed. We don’t mislead customers into thinking that a repair is needed, when it truly isn’t. We’ll only replace your auto battery when it’s a necessity.

If you are ready to be proactive when it comes to choosing a reliable auto repair shop in the Blaine, Circle Pines, Spring Lake Park or Coon Rapids, MN area, you can’t go wrong with choosing Clark Automotive. Specializing in auto battery replacement, give our expert repair specialists a call today at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Auto Repair Shop in Blaine MN

Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance or Preventive Maintenance

Auto Repair Blaine MNThe technicians at Clark Automotive Repair Shop in Blaine, MN would like to go over some of the more common misleading procedures other repair shops may easily suggest, in order to get the most (money) out of your stop to their shop. We would like to inform you so that you can make a conscious and slightly informed decision when bringing your car into a vehicle repair shop that makes these requests. We offer these practical tips, so that you can easily and affordability maintain your vehicle.

Honest Vehicle Repair Services

Many of our customers have come to us and kept coming to our Blaine, MN auto shop because they are sick of the dreaded phone call…you know. You drop your car, pickup truck or van off for a quick oil change and while you’re waiting for your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance to be completed they give you a hefty list of other ‘very important discoveries’ they have made while performing the oil change. They start to go on and on, all the while you’re getting even more confused (Tactic? Maybe.) and you end up just saying OK, for the safety (and sanity) of you and anyone else in your vehicle or on the road.

Inside Tips from the Auto Professionals

When you get a different (new) car it has a list of recommended maintenance repairs at certain miles and or months of operation. If you don’t have that list in the owner’s manual then you can usually get those online or at most repair shops. The best defense against untrustworthy of fraudulent auto services is knowing when specific maintenance items, such as the tune-up, are due i.e. 30,000 miles, 80,000 miles etc. The reason is that as you start to maintain your new vehicle, like Oil Changes or Tire Rotations many repair facilities will recommend maintenance procedure early, which is unneeded. The tune-up of your engine is one. The factory recommended maintenance schedule can be considered as preventive maintenance, preventive maintenance is designed to replace various parts at a time before they fail and cause problems.

Just because the check engine light is on at 65,000 for any of a couple of hundred reasons, does not mean you need a tune-up. A very high percentage of tune-ups are not due till 100,000 miles. Instead of a tune-up, if you’re not in that mileage category, a diagnostic test would be the best, most affordable and effective route. Most small shops will scan your computer and identify a list of the fault codes at a minimal charge or free. Clark Automotive provides a code scan free of charge and provides some impute to you as to what type of trouble shooting may be required or what type of repair you may be looking at.

The Importance of Trusting a Knowledgeable Mechanic

Just knowing the code in most instances will not direct the specific repair. It will only tell you which system or parts are not operating within factory specifications. Many shops recommend a tune-up early even when the required repair is something else. If you’ve been suggested a Tune-Up due to vehicle issues or before your vehicles recommended mileage it may save you a great deal of money to contact Clark Automotive Repair in Blaine, MN for a second opinion on your auto repair needs.

Stop by our Auto Repair Shop with your car, pickup truck or van:

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Brake Service and Repair Blaine MN

Brake Repair Blaine MNAre your brakes squeaking, pulsating, grinding, soft, and/or squealing continuously? It’s time to get them serviced! All these noises mean different things, and our experienced technicians at Clark Automotive Clinic, located in Blaine, MN will help you identify the source of complaint, and get you back on the road at the most affordable prices. We will never oversell service, and promise to give you our honest opinion of only what needs to be done. Check our service blogs often to learn more about your vehicle and to keep her running year after year safely for you and your family.

Brake Services offered:

  • Bleed, Fill and Adjust Brakes
  • Rotor and Drum Resurfacing
  • Caliper Reconditioning and Replacement
  • Wheel Cylinder Replacement
  • New Master Cylinders
  • Brake Line Repair and Replacement
  • New Brake Hoses
  • ABS Diagnosis and Repair
  • Power Boosters
  • Parking Brake Service and Repair

Brake Pad Replacement Blaine MN

Brake pads, along with tires, are the most consumable parts of your vehicle. Expect to regularly maintain your brakes. Depending on your driving style, your vehicle weight, road conditions, and the terrain of your roads, expect normal brake pads to last anywhere from 30k to 70k miles. Brake pad materials also affect pad life tremendously.

Brake pads are made from a variety of materials at a range of costs and performance levels. They are:

1) Organic

2) Semi-Metallic

3) Metallic

4) Synthetic/Ceramic

Be sure to ask for availability of parts specials when buying brake pads, as some parts stores offer lifetime warranty on pads if you pay a little more for them. This could be a great benefit if you plan to keep your vehicle a long time.

When to Replace Brake Pads?

When there’s noise coming from your brakes, it’s time to replace brake pads. Brake pads, or shoes for drum brakes, are designed to make noise once they wear beyond a certain point. Think of it in the same way as your gas tank light and alarm on your dash. You know that squealing noise on your front driver’s side wheel or passenger side wheel that doesn’t go away every time the car moves? That is your brake pad warning you that, “I’m warn out, and pretty soon you’ll be grinding metal to metal!” When that squeal first comes, be sure to bring the car into us and have them replaced! Failure to replace pads at this point would result in metal to metal contact between the pad and the rotor, causing the horrible grinding noises that you’d hear, which means that you’ll now have to replace the rotors as well. If you grind further and still don’t fix your brakes, the pistons on the caliper might stretch out of spec and seize, and now you’re looking at replacing the entire brake system on that corner of the car. So the moral of the story is, bring her in when that first sign of trouble appears!

Look for the next blog on brakes, when we talk about calipers and what they do.

If you need your brakes serviced or have other questions drive on over to Clark Automotive anytime between 8am-5pm or call Clark Automotive Clinic at 763-784-7944!

Mechanic with Loaner Cars

ase-certified-master-technicianAre you in desperate need of a vehicle while yours is in the shop? Have you thought of everyone who could possibly lend you their vehicle for a few days and come up empty-handed? At Clark Automotive, we understand that you can’t put your life on hold when something goes wrong with your vehicle, and you can’t always find someone to lend you theirs. That’s why we offer loaner cars to all of our customers in need of transportation while their vehicles are being repaired or otherwise. If you’ve broken down, if your vehicle has been totaled, or if you need to have your vehicle serviced over a number of days, don’t worry about missing work or appointments; just borrow a loaner car! Our auto shop provides loaner cars in Spring Lake Park, Blaine, Coon Rapids and Lino Lakes, MN, helping our customers live their lives without the inconvenience of being without a vehicle.

Breakdown Loaner Cars and Courtesy Rides

When your vehicle first breaks down, you might not be thinking about how you’re going to get through the next day – or even the next week – without a vehicle because you might not yet know just how bad the damage to your vehicle is. Whether you’ve been in an accident or simply broken down, you’re probably focused on how you’re getting home and how you’re getting your vehicle to a repair shop – we’ll take care of that for you. If you’re stranded with a broken down car, don’t wait around for hours for someone to come get you, and don’t feel you have to walk to the nearest town; just give us a call! We’ll give you a courtesy ride and set you up with a loaner car so that you can get anywhere you need to go. With service like this available, there’s no reason to be stressed when your vehicle breaks down – you’ll know you’re prepared and have a team of mechanics and friends behind you.

Loaner Cars During Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Whether you’re bringing your vehicle in for routine maintenance or scheduled repairs, a breakdown or an accident, we’ve got you covered. While your vehicle is being tended to, rather than having to wait around for hours, call someone to drive you home, find a way to get to work without your vehicle, or otherwise, we’ll provide you with a loaner car. You can enjoy the benefits of a loaner car no matter what services you need, including any of our many maintenance and repair services:

• Alternator Replacements and Repairs
• Battery Replacements
• Brake Replacements and Repairs
• Warning Lights and Other Computer Diagnostic Services
• Electrical Component Repairs
• Engine Repairs
• Exhaust System Repairs and Replacements
• Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repairs
• Radiator Repairs
• Starter Replacements and Repairs
• Steering Repairs
• Suspension Repairs
• Timing Belt Replacement
• Vehicle Alignment Repairs
• And more!

If you’re looking for a Blaine, Coon Rapids, Spring Lake Park or Lino Lakes, Minnesota mechanic with loaner cars, contact Clark Automotive today at 763-784-7944, or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Vehicle Repair Shop Blaine MN

Auto RepairIf you’re in search of an automobile repair shop in the Blaine, MN area – Clark Automotive Clinic is Minnesota’s most trustworthy and affordable choice. We’ve been in the vehicle repair industry for over 17 years, our shop is family owned, as well as committed to providing the highest quality repairs at the lowest available prices.

Auto Repairs for your busy Schedule

No one plans on needing automobile repairs but with over half of America owning vehicles, there’s bound to be a break down, crash or died vehicle on the roads. Even a flat tire isn’t a hassle we ‘pencil in’ to our fast-pace life, it just happens; whether it’s at home, in a parking lot or on the highway. Because of this, it’s good to know dependable auto repair mechanics and Clark Automotive is a shop that consists of only that!

If your daily plans have seemed to come to a halt because of your vehicle, before you cancel that appointment or calling-in to work or school call Clark Automotive. Our auto repair specialists are located just off highway 65 in Blaine, MN. We can generally provide same day repair services and if needed, we’re willing to drive you to where you need to go while we look at your vehicle or you can take a loaner car.

Vehicle Safety Matters

Quality repairs equal safety and high performance. Our mechanics are dedicated to your safety. Vehicles run at speeds of 60 miles per hour – daily, a little problem can turn into a huge incident and fast. We are here to ensure your safety by making the necessary repairs and helping you maintain your vehicle.

Simple Ways to Increase Vehicles Safety:

  • Continue to get your tires rotated every 3,000-7,000 miles.
  • Never drive on low tire pressure and see a professional if the tire pressure continues to decrease even after a fill.
  • If your vehicle ‘feels off’ take it to a trusted mechanic, it more than likely is ‘off’-Clark Automotive will look at your vehicle at no charge- just drive on in!
  • After 100,000 miles get a tune up- it will save you in the long run.

No Salesman- Just Auto Repair Technicians

When you choose Clark Automotive, you’re choosing a professional automobile repair technician – Owned and Operated by Chuck Clark himself. There are no bonuses for up sales, no ‘products of the week’, just true mechanics, doing what they enjoy and what there good at. There’s a no-pressure atmosphere and focus. When you bring in your vehicle for a specific reason, we will give you the answer you want – not twenty other answers to questions you never even asked.

Quality Vehicle Repairs Blaine MN

Call Clark Automotive today at 763-784-7944 or stop by:

9985 Davenport St NE Blaine MN 55449 –Located behind Menard’s off Central

We’re open 8 am to 5 pm, Monday – Friday, if you need repairs not in that time-frame call us, we’ll work something out!

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