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Electrical Repairs for your Vehicle in MN

Electrical Repairs for your Vehicle in MNIt is amazing how much we rely on our vehicles. They get us to work, get kids to school, allow us to run our daily errands and travel to see friends and family. When we drive from place to place each day, it is easy to forget how complicated our vehicles really are. In fact, sometimes this complexity can be helpful — think of how our new navigation systems can get us from one place to another. Other times, this can mean that more can go wrong. As a result, it is important to have confidence in your local auto repair shop so that you can be sure that it is repaired correctly, the first time. Clark Automotive has expert mechanics who can perform all types of electrical repairs for your vehicle in MN.

Minnesota Auto Shop that Specializes in Electrical Repairs

The main components of your electrical system are the alternator, battery, and starter. They are called the Big 3, and they ensure that your vehicle performs as you expect it to. These parts control everything essential from your headlights and brake lights to luxuries like map lights and radio. If you begin to notice issues such as headlights that seem dimmer than they should be or a reluctance in your ignition system to turn over and catch, it could indicate a growing problem with the battery, starter, or alternator. A problem with any of those components creates the possibility of being stranded in a place or at a time that is decidedly inconvenient. It is important to notice the subtle signs your vehicle may be sending to you.

The hard part about noticing these signs is that they can be very subtle. If your headlights begin to dim in a slow and gradual way, you may not notice right away. Even if you do notice, you may decide that they seem dimmer because of absence of streetlights or heavy rain or your own fatigue. If your car takes a bit longer to start, it may seem more likely that it has been sitting in the sun all day or in frigid temperatures overnight, so it is bound to have a little more difficulty turning over. If you start to think that there may be a problem with your car, you can always bring it into Clark Automotive to determine the source of the problem once and for all.

Local Auto Repair Shop in MN

Whatever the cause of your vehicle’s problems, we will be able to make a clear assessment. Once that determination is made, we can make the repair for you. Contact us at (763) 784-7944 if you have any questions.

Taking Care of the Basics for your Car

Taking Care of the Basics for your Car Clark Automotive offers comprehensive auto repairs for vehicle owners in Minnesota. We have made a name for ourselves by identifying and fixing complex problems in complex automobiles. Much of the work we do involves simple maintenance that is designed to keep your vehicle on the road for as long as possible. This is vital to your car’s long-term viability and ensures that this work is done according to your manufacturer’s schedule. An added bonus of having this work done at Clark Automotive is that it gives us a chance to demonstrate our continued commitment to our customers. We believe that when we demonstrate our commitment to customer service for even the simplest repairs, you will know you can count on us when a more complicated or difficult repair comes up.

So, what are some of the basics of automobile maintenance that we offer?

  1. Oil changes and lubrication services. It is important for your vehicle’s long-term functionality to have clean oil to lubricate the many moving parts that experience extremely hot temperatures. There is no better sign of good auto maintenance than an oil change, and the mechanics at Clark Automotive take as much pride in our oil changes as we do for our more complicated repairs.
  2. Brakes. Our modern automobiles move at great speeds. It is extremely important that you are able to stop your vehicle with precision and confidence. Clark Automotive can provide you with important information about the current condition of your brakes, and we can repair or replace them when they begin to lose their reliability.
  3. Battery. Your car’s battery literally keeps your car running. It provides the power that illuminates your headlights and dashboard lights. All batteries have a limited lifespan, and when your battery begins to show signs of failing, Clark Automotive can help. We can measure your battery’s charging capacity and determine whether the symptoms you have been noticing are related to a failing battery, a failing alternator, or a problematic starter.
  4. Suspension. Staying in contact with the road requires more than just serviceable tires. You can have brand new tires on your vehicle, but if your vehicle’s suspension is not in good shape, you may not have adequate contact with the road. Clark Automotive can diagnose suspension problems and repair them so that your vehicle does not bounce around on uneven surfaces, and possibly lose contact with the road.

Keep Your Car Running Well Longer

Performing basic maintenance for your car can prevent more major repairs and can extend the life of your vehicle. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a time for routine maintenance, give Clark Automotive a call at (763) 784-7944.

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