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Car Battery Maintenance Tips For The Winter Season

Car Battery Maintenance Tips For The Winter SeasonMinnesotans are used to dealing with the snow and ice that comes each winter season. Oftentimes, motorists prepare their cars with tire chains or switch tires altogether to their winter season treads. Snow brushes and ice scrapers are conveniently mounted in the trunks. But what about some preventative maintenance on your vehicle? When was the last time that you had your vehicle’s battery checked for efficiency? Cold weather has a negative effect on your vehicle’s battery, enough so that you can be stranded anywhere at any time.

Corrosion-free contacts: Cold weather tends to make various parts of your vehicle’s battery more brittle. To ensure optimum contact between the battery posts and the metal ring connectors, it is advantageous to remove any corrosion from the posts and connection points. Corrosion that is present on your posts is a sign that you are going to have to consider replacement of your battery sooner than later.

Five to drive: Batteries, even when being properly maintained, have a shelf life. Vehicle batteries are meant to be replaced every four to five years. For this reason, if your battery is older than four or five years, consider having it tested for free at your local auto parts retail store. Even if it tests okay, you should be planning for its replacement soon.

Battery charging/maintaining: Not every home has access to this type of device, but for those that do, use the charger/maintainer to keep the vehicle’s battery fully charged. This will allow your vehicle to warm up faster in the mornings and ensure you don’t get stuck in a dark parking lot with a dead battery after work!

Taking the scenic route: Frequent or short drives are the harshest on the life of the battery, shortening its lifespan considerably. If you find yourself having to take frequent or short drives, ensure that you always have access to a battery charger and a set of jumper cables in your trunk.

Battery Service Available In Blaine MN

Worried about the condition of your battery to get you through the tough winter months? To have your vehicle’s battery checked or replaced to be ready for the upcoming cold weather, contact the ASE-Certified team of mechanics at Clark Automotive. We are standing by to check the health of your vehicle’s battery, and have a selection of replacement batteries in stock, and available for you to choose from. Call us at (763) 784-7944 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

Car And Truck Battery Testing And Replacement

Car And Truck Battery Testing And ReplacementThe staff of Clark Automotive takes pride in being able to fix automotive problems that stump other auto repair shops, and we also take pride in taking care of the basics, such as tire rotation, brake repair and replacement, and issues with climate control (heat and air conditioning). One of those basics, which often gets overlooked by automobile owners, is your vehicle’s battery. A good car or truck battery will last many years, but not all vehicles are equipped with really good batteries. A battery of lesser quality will begin to falter sooner than its higher quality competition. Clark Automotive can test the strength of your battery and replace it if or when it dies.

Signs Your Battery May Need To Be Replaced

No car battery will last forever. And, unfortunately, you will not always receive signs of a failing battery. It is not at all uncommon for a vehicle owner to start up their car to go grocery shopping as they have done for years, and then discover when trying to leave the store that the battery is no longer working. If you are lucky, you will be shown signs that your vehicle’s battery is weakening. If you attempt to start your car and the engine turns over more slowly than usual, it could be a sign that the battery needs to be replaced.

Once you become aware of that hesitation, you may file it away as an oddity and convince yourself that it was something about the way you turned the key or that you tried to start the car too many times in too short a period of time. Many of us go to great lengths to avoid thinking that our vehicle might need to be repaired. Clark Automotive does not recommend avoiding the painful truths that can accompany a failing automobile battery.

Local Auto Repair Shop Specializing In Battery Testing And Replacement

If you live or work in the Blaine Minnesota area, there really is no reason to do so, not when a service like Clark Automotive is available. Our staff are experts in auto repair, and our entire business model is based on doing everything we can to minimize the cost to our customers. With a matter as simple as a failing battery, it is easy to demonstrate our commitment to honesty and excellent customer service. By treating you respectfully in matters like battery replacement, we know that we can build trust if or when something more serious happens with your vehicle. Because automobiles are machines, and because machines break down, it is inevitable that problems will develop. We hope you will choose Clark Automotive for your next auto repair. Give us a call at (763) 784-7944 to schedule an appointment.

When Is It Time for A New Car Battery?

When Is It Time for A New Car BatteryThe battery is a critical part of starting and powering a vehicle but can so easily be overlooked or taken for granted. It provides the zap of electricity needed to put all the rest of the electrical components to work. However, like other kinds of batteries, they are not made to last forever, and will need to be replaced. Another possible issue could be your alternator. If your alterntor goes bad, the battery may not be bad. The alertator is not re-charging your battery. Following are just a few signs that it is time to come into Clark Automotive in Blaine, MN for a new car battery:

Difficulty In Starting The Car

One of the most clear-cut signs that your battery might be faulty or wearing out is if you are having trouble getting your car to start. Over time, the components inside a car battery wear out and become less effective. You don’t want to wait for your battery to completely die before replacing it, as you could easily become stranded with a non-starting engine. If you are noticing a slow start or weak start, it is likely your battery is dying. If you are hearing a clicking sound when you try to turn the engine over, your battery is probably already dead. Be sure to take your car to your local mechanic as soon as you notice difficulty starting your engine.

Dashboard And Vehicle Lighting Issues

If the warning lights on your dashboard are suddenly illuminated, do not ignore them. This often indicates that there is a problem with the battery or one of the vehicle’s computers. It is important to consult with a mechanic. You may also notice dim headlights and/or interior lights. Any unusual performance from your car’s lights can be hazardous, so be sure to have your car checked out right away to maintain safe driving conditions.

Poor Performance In Cold Weather

Drivers that live in regions that see snow or other cold weather conditions must be especially mindful of their car battery health during the winter. If it gets cold enough, your battery can freeze. During the winter, if you notice poor performance from your vehicle when starting, your battery may be weakening. Newer batteries can manage colder weather more efficiently, so it is a good rule of thumb to have your battery replaced by a mechanic ahead of the cold weather season.

If you need a trusted auto shop that offers battery replacement near you, Clark Automotive is the ideal partner for you. Serving Blaine and the greater Minneapolis areas, give our dedicated, ASE-certified team of mechanics a call today at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com to set up your annual battery check or battery replacement.

Battery Testing and Replacement Services

Battery Testing and Replacement Services Our country started to emerge from a global health crisis in recent months, which took a toll on its motor vehicle fleet, because so many people were driving so much less than they had been before. The rate of driving began picking up again when more people returned to work and when many more people took to the road. However, with the recent increase in infection, it is unfortunately possible that our rate of driving will decrease once again. This disruption can have an impact on your vehicle, and Clark Automotive is equipped to help you get your vehicle back into optimal running shape.

Importance of Testing your Car’s Battery

A well-made machine works best when it is used and also properly maintained. When it sits idly, it can lose efficiency and even break down altogether. If you have ever been away from your vehicle—while on vacation, for instance—for several weeks, the first time you attempt to start it, it may struggle to turn over. Though the science behind the issue is more complicated, this occurs in part because the vehicle’s battery has suffered a loss of efficiency during the period of idleness.

Part of our routine maintenance is checking your car battery. Our team can test your battery and help you determine if it needs to be replaced. Replacing a battery is not complicated, though it does require attention to the proper procedures associated with it. Your vehicle’s battery is a simple component that performs many vital, essential, and important functions. It is therefore important for you to be able to trust that your battery is in good working order.

Battery Replacement Service

As recently as ten or fifteen years ago, it was far easier to kill a battery by accidentally leaving the vehicle’s lights on, leaving a door ajar, or otherwise draining it without being aware that you were doing so. Newer models, equipped with various technology that set off alarms and computerized voices to tell us we are endangering the health of the battery, prevent dead batteries better than ever before. But virtually no new vehicle has a device that will show you the current strength of your battery. It can therefore gradually decline, leaving you in danger of discovering a dead battery. This often happens at an inconvenient time.

There is one way to provide added assurance that that never happens—bring your car into Clark Automotive for all your battery needs. If you would like more information, contact us at (763) 784-7944 to schedule an appointment.

Importance Of Vehicle Battery Replacement

Importance Of Vehicle Battery ReplacementDid your kids leave your lights on in the car, causing your vehicle’s battery to fail? Are you currently stranded on the side of the road because you have a faulty battery? Whatever situation you are in, your vehicle isn’t very effective without a working battery. It is important to have an experienced team on your side should you ever run into vehicle battery issues. If you are in the Blaine, MN area and you are in need of vehicle battery replacement services, let our expert staff at Clark Automotive handle your needs. We’ll get your battery replaced and your vehicle back in working order in no time.

Regular Battery Inspections

As a vehicle owner, it is always a good practice to get your battery inspected at least once a year. Especially with the cold and hot temperatures that hit the state of Minnesota, you don’t want to find yourself stranded on the side of the road because of a bad battery. Before the cold temperatures hit this area each year, we encourage all of our clients to go through a full annual electrical system check with our staff, which includes your battery. This will allow our ASE master technicians to identify any potential electrical issues and ensure that your battery is in great shape.

Car Battery Replacement Shop

By choosing to work with our vehicle battery replacement experts, you not only get access to an experienced team of vehicle repair professionals that have been around for over 17 years, but you will also get to choose from our leading brand batteries built to withstand the tough weather of Blaine, MN. These batteries can handle any temperatures that come our way, while also providing plenty of reserve capacity to ensure that the battery can handle the other electrical demands of the vehicle. Our goal as your trusted battery replacement team is to make sure that your vehicle works exceptionally for a long time. We understand that battery replacement is something that will happen over time, but it is not something that should happen unexpectedly.

So, if you believe your vehicle’s battery may be on its last leg, be proactive and set up a battery inspection at Clark Automotive. Serving the Blaine, MN community with all of their vehicle battery and electrical needs, count on our vehicle battery replacement experts to get your vehicle’s battery replaced in a timely manner. Schedule a battery inspection today by calling (763) 784-7944 or emailing info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

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