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Automotive Alternator Testing, Repair And Replacement

Automotive Alternator Testing, Repair And ReplacementAt Clark Automotive repair in Blaine, MN, we’ve repaired and replaced every part under the hood. You probably already know that a lot of equipment in modern vehicles relies on electricity to function. Contrary to popular belief, the battery’s primary job is only to start your car – not to power the electrical systems. As you drive, the alternator is what powers your car’s electrical systems and computers. How does one recognize when it’s time for a repair or replacement?

The alternator is located on your vehicle’s engine. Although it’s not a very complicated component, it’s a very hard-working part that’s essential for keeping your car moving. The alternator is responsible for turning mechanical energy into electrical energy, which is used to power all electrical systems in the vehicle. This includes your headlights, cabin lights, radio, and more!

How Long An Alternator Lasts

A new alternator typically has a life of between 80,000 and 150,000 miles or 7-10 years. A lot of this depends on the quality of the alternator, how the car is driven/stored, and what devices you have connected. If you suspect your alternator may be on its last legs, or just want to make sure things are in working order, contact your local mechanic today!

Signs Of A Failing Alternator

A failing alternator is never fun to deal with, but if you know what to look for, they’re easy to recognize early on! Being able to spot those signs early could mean the difference between a casual trip to your mechanic and being stuck on the side of the road unexpectedly. A few telltale signs that it’s time to repair or replace your alternator include a delayed starting or dead battery, dim accessory lighting, smell of burning rubber, grinding or whining noises, or engine stalls.

Blaine Mechanic To Fix My Alternator

This is a common question with an easy answer. The make and model of your vehicle will determine the exact time it takes to replace the alternator, but usually, one to two hours is sufficient. Other factors that can affect the time needed to replace the alternator include the accessibility of the alternator for a particular vehicle and backordered or specially ordered parts.

If you need to replace your alternator, it’s important to go with trusted parts installed by a trusted mechanic. Different alternators carry a different warranty, so it’s best to check with your mechanic to see what is covered and avoid any surprises down the road. If you suspect you may have an issue with your alternator, your battery, or any electrical system in your vehicle, don’t wait, call the skilled mechanics at Clark Automotive at (763) 784-7944 today! Located in Blaine, Minnesota.

Vehicle Tune-Up in Blaine, Minnesota

Vehicle Tune-Up in Blaine, MinnesotaWhen purchasing your vehicle from the dealership, a large percentage of vehicle owners hope to keep this vehicle around for a long time. Afterall, vehicles are very expensive, so it makes sense to want to get the most out of this large investment. One great way to ensure that you maximize the lifespan of your vehicle is to make sure that you get regular vehicle tune-up. When it comes to auto shops offering affordable vehicle tune-up services in Blaine, Minnesota, there is no better choice than Clark Automotive. We’ve got the best experience, pricing and knowledge in the area, so don’t delay this important vehicle maintenance process any longer.

Tune-Ups Available for all Types of Vehicles

There are some auto shops in Blaine, Minnesota that only focus on certain types of vehicles and brands. At Clark Automotive, we offer professional vehicle tune-ups for all types of vehicles including domestic, pickup trucks, hybrids, fleet vehicles and many more. With more than 17 years of experience in the auto repair shop industry, we’ve performed vehicle tune-ups on all types of vehicles and brands.

ASE Master Technicians

No matter what type of repair or maintenance service your vehicle is receiving, it’s important to have the best technicians working on your vehicle. By choosing to work with Clark Automotive for your tune-up needs, you’ll gain access to our ASE Master Certified technicians. These technicians are experienced in vehicle tune-ups and will make sure that every aspect of your vehicle is inspected. Additionally, you can count on our ASE Master technicians to be trustworthy and honest. You’ll never hear our technicians recommend a service or repair that is not absolutely necessary.

Common Vehicle Tune-Up Services

For some vehicle owners, you may not even know what types of services are involved in a vehicle tune-up. At Clark Automotive, we incorporate the following services into our vehicle tune-up process:

● Spark Plug & Wire Replacement
● Transmission Fluid Change
● Replacement of Air, Oil & Fuel Filters
● Fluid Flush
● Oil Change
● Oil & Lubrication Services
● Leak Checks
● Many More!

Boost Your Vehicle’s Performance

If you have noticed the performance of your vehicle dwindling recently, it may be time for a vehicle tune-up. Whether you’ve noticed some unfamiliar smells, are visiting the gas station more frequently than ever before or your vehicle has trouble starting during various weather conditions, a vehicle tune-up may be exactly what you need. After Clark Automotive performs our vehicle tune-up services, you’ll notice a boost in your vehicle’s performance.

Offering professional vehicle tune-up services in Blaine, Minnesota, Clark Automotive hopes that you put your trust in us to take great care of your vehicle. To schedule your next vehicle tune-up with our ASE Master Certified technicians, give us a call today at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Timing Belt

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Timing BeltDepending on the make and model of your car you likely have either a timing belt or a timing chain. Timing chains typically don’t have to be replaced whereas timing belts should be replaced roughly every 100,000 miles. Not properly replacing your timing belt as needed can lead to disastrous consequences for your vehicle. At Clark Automotive, we provide timing belt replacement to ensure that you’re not left stranded due to a failing timing belt. Conveniently located in Blaine, Minnesota. We offer loaner cars, shuttle service and flexible hours to accommodate our customer’s schedules.

Signs Your Timing Belt Needs to be Replaced

Below are just a few signs that it may be time to replace your timing belt.

Check Your Owner’s Manual – While we often recommend replacing your timing belt roughly every 100,000 miles, it’s always best to check your owner’s manual for more detailed information related to when you should replace your timing belt.
Ticking Noise – If you hear a ticking noise coming from your engine, it’s important to stop your vehicle immediately as it could be a sign that your timing belt is bad.
Oil Leak – An oil leak can be a symptom of a number of car repair issues including a failing timing belt.
Car Won’t Start – If you’re attempting to start your car and the engine won’t turn over, it could be because of a problem with your timing belt.
Engine Misfires – If a timing belt has slipped it could cause one cylinder on your engine to open or close earlier than it should, which can result in misfires.

Should I Also Replace My Water Pump?

Most often when a timing belt has to be replaced, the water pump has to be removed. Because of this, it’s often a good idea to go ahead and replace it at the same time as a timing belt replacement. This way you’ll only pay for the labor once as opposed to having to pay again if and when your water pump goes out.

ASE Certified Mechanics for Your Timing Belt Replacement Needs

Timing belt replacement is an incredibly important auto repair service that needs to be done by an experienced mechanic. At Clark Automotive, our mechanics are certified by the ASE, which is a governing body for independent auto repair shops. This way you’ll be confident that when you work with Clark Automotive, you’re working with an auto repair shop with ample experience to replace your timing belt correctly the first time. To learn more about our timing belt replacement services, feel free to reach out to us today by phone at 763-784-7944.

Blaine Auto Repair Shop Values Customer Service

Blaine Auto Repair Shop Values Customer ServiceThe mechanics of Clark Automotive take pride in offering you expert auto repair in a neighborly way. We have worked hard to develop a positive reputation in our community by doing our best to make you feel confident in our work. We want you to understand our assessment of your car’s issues and trust that we will never charge you for unnecessary repairs.

We do our very best to schedule new and returning customers as quickly and as conveniently as possible so that the time your car is in our shop is as brief as possible. We know that it is an inconvenience to be without your car, so we work hard to find the balance between thorough attention to your vehicle and returning it promptly to you. Clark Automotive is not the only good auto shop available, but we work to help you feel confident that we are right around the corner from you, no matter where in the area you live. It is due to the fact that there are other good mechanics out there that we try hard to be even better. We have established a good reputation with a loyal client base because of our commitment to excellent customer service. And the loyalty of our customers proves that we are doing things the right way.

Customer Trusted Blaine Auto Shop

Customer Trusted Blaine Auto Shop

Treating you well means that we will perform only the repairs that your car needs. Furthermore, you will always know in advance what we recommend before we perform any repairs on your vehicle. The success of our business depends on the inevitability of problems arising in automobiles and on your ability to trust that we will deal with you honestly when you bring your car to us for repairs. Most people do not have the luxury of spending money on unnecessary repairs, so we work to identify the issue accurately and repair it correctly the first time.

Comprehensive Auto Repairs

Regardless of the issues your car is experiencing, we have the experience and expertise to get it back in working order. Our services include a full range of auto repair, including:

● engine diagnostics;
● brake repair and replacement;
● batteries and alternators;
● electrical systems;
● suspension issues;
● mufflers and exhaust systems;
● alignments;
● climate control.

Call us at 763-784-7944 or email us at info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com and we will be happy to schedule a time for you to bring your car in.

Brake Service and Repair Blaine MN

Brake Repair Blaine MNAre your brakes squeaking, pulsating, grinding, soft, and/or squealing continuously? It’s time to get them serviced! All these noises mean different things, and our experienced technicians at Clark Automotive Clinic, located in Blaine, MN will help you identify the source of complaint, and get you back on the road at the most affordable prices. We will never oversell service, and promise to give you our honest opinion of only what needs to be done. Check our service blogs often to learn more about your vehicle and to keep her running year after year safely for you and your family.

Brake Services offered:

  • Bleed, Fill and Adjust Brakes
  • Rotor and Drum Resurfacing
  • Caliper Reconditioning and Replacement
  • Wheel Cylinder Replacement
  • New Master Cylinders
  • Brake Line Repair and Replacement
  • New Brake Hoses
  • ABS Diagnosis and Repair
  • Power Boosters
  • Parking Brake Service and Repair

Brake Pad Replacement Blaine MN

Brake pads, along with tires, are the most consumable parts of your vehicle. Expect to regularly maintain your brakes. Depending on your driving style, your vehicle weight, road conditions, and the terrain of your roads, expect normal brake pads to last anywhere from 30k to 70k miles. Brake pad materials also affect pad life tremendously.

Brake pads are made from a variety of materials at a range of costs and performance levels. They are:

1) Organic

2) Semi-Metallic

3) Metallic

4) Synthetic/Ceramic

Be sure to ask for availability of parts specials when buying brake pads, as some parts stores offer lifetime warranty on pads if you pay a little more for them. This could be a great benefit if you plan to keep your vehicle a long time.

When to Replace Brake Pads?

When there’s noise coming from your brakes, it’s time to replace brake pads. Brake pads, or shoes for drum brakes, are designed to make noise once they wear beyond a certain point. Think of it in the same way as your gas tank light and alarm on your dash. You know that squealing noise on your front driver’s side wheel or passenger side wheel that doesn’t go away every time the car moves? That is your brake pad warning you that, “I’m warn out, and pretty soon you’ll be grinding metal to metal!” When that squeal first comes, be sure to bring the car into us and have them replaced! Failure to replace pads at this point would result in metal to metal contact between the pad and the rotor, causing the horrible grinding noises that you’d hear, which means that you’ll now have to replace the rotors as well. If you grind further and still don’t fix your brakes, the pistons on the caliper might stretch out of spec and seize, and now you’re looking at replacing the entire brake system on that corner of the car. So the moral of the story is, bring her in when that first sign of trouble appears!

Look for the next blog on brakes, when we talk about calipers and what they do.

If you need your brakes serviced or have other questions drive on over to Clark Automotive anytime between 8am-5pm or call Clark Automotive Clinic at 763-784-7944!

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