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Radiator Repair Shop Near Me

Radiator Repair Shop Near MeAuto maintenance is something that’s required, but it’s something that nobody really wants to do. Thankfully there are reputable auto mechanics in the area like Clark Automotive who are experienced and well versed in all different types of automotive repair. As we head into the colder driving months, it’s vital that you have a properly functioning radiator. In this blog we’ll detail the importance of a properly functioning radiator and point out some of the signs that you may need to reach out to a radiator repair shop near you like Clark Automotive. Located in Blaine, Minnesota.

What is the Primary Function of a Radiator?

If you’re not well versed in auto repair, you may not understand the importance of a properly functioning radiator. A radiator helps to keep your car from overheating by pumping coolant throughout your engine.

Signs You Need a Radiator Repair Shop

A radiator is vital to ensuring your engine is running properly. A bad radiator can cause your engine to overheat, and ultimately fail. Below are a few early signs that you may need a new radiator.

  • Your Vehicle Overheats – If your car is overheating often, it’s likely that your radiator isn’t functioning properly. The radiator is the primary way that your engine coolant is cooled. It’s best to get your vehicle looked at as soon as you notice it starting to overheat to prevent more costly auto repairs down the road.
  • Leaking Coolant – If you notice your vehicle leaking it’s important to understand what is actually leaking. If you suspect it’s coolant, then it means you have a radiator problem. The ASE certified mechanics at Clark Automotive can run a pressure test to determine if your radiator is the issue.
  • Low Coolant Levels – If you find yourself constantly having to replenish your coolant tank, it could be that you have a leak in your radiator.

Contact Clark Automotive to Have Your Radiator Checked Out Today

Don’t continue to drive around town with the threat of your vehicle overheating. It’s best to bring your car into the experienced and certified mechanics at Clark Automotive today. We have decades of experience and will never try to sell you any type of auto repair that you genuinely don’t need. To find out if your radiator needs to be replaced, feel free to give us a call today at 763-784-7944. We’ll give you a free estimate to help get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Heater Core Repair Blaine

When it comes to your vehicle, the last thing that you want to happen in Blaine, MN this time of year is for you to not have heat. With the cold temperatures that hit this region of the country, it is vital that your vehicle’s heat is fully functioning at all times. If you’re having heat issues, one place to look is your heater core. At Clark Automotive, we are your heater core repair specialists in Blaine, MN.  Our certified mechanics will get you back on the road as quickly as we can. We also offer curtesy shuttle and loaner vehicles.

Heater Core 101

For those of you that don’t know much about vehicles, this may be the first time that you’ve ever heard of a heater core. Simply put, a heater core is a small radiator that can be found under your dashboard. To create heat inside your vehicle, hot coolant passes through the heater core. The air that pushes through the heater core then is transferred into the vehicle cabin through various air vents.

Effective Heater Core Repairs

If your vehicle is lacking heat, heater core replacement may not be your only option. Our team at Clark Automotive will evaluate your heater core to see if it’s simply a leak. If so, we’ll seal the leak and send you back on your way much warmer! This is not a project that you want to try and take on yourself because in most cars, you have to disassemble the dashboard in order to get to the heater core. If our evaluation finds that the heater core needs to be replaced, we also have you covered.

Elite Mechanics

If you are like most car owners, your vehicle is one of your favorite possessions. So, it makes sense that you prefer to let the experts handle any repairs that you need, including heater core repairs. At Clark Automotive, we have ASE certified mechanics that not only have the education and skills to get your heater core repair done right the first time around, but they also have over 17 years of experience as well. By choosing to work with our elite mechanics, you’ll get the total package when it comes to caring for your vehicle.

Heater Core Repair Blaine

Don’t spend the colder months of the year shivering in your vehicle. Instead, get your heater core repair addressed and enjoy the warmth of your vehicle. If you’re looking for elite mechanics that can get your heater core repaired in Blaine, MN quickly and effectively, pick up the phone and call Clark Automotive today. Contact us at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Car Overheating Mechanic Blaine MN

Auto Repair Blaine MNThe professional mechanics of Clark Automotive located in Blaine, MN, can help you regain the assurance that you can go about your daily driving life and not have to worry about your car overheating. Most of us rely on our four-wheeled automotive machines to get us to and from work, ferry our kids to their after school activities, to transport us to a wide variety of errands each week and get us to our favorite vacation spot. And most of us have very busy lives, which often means that we have little choice but to neglect some of the basic components of our lives. However, when we neglect the maintenance of our cars and trucks, we run the risk of getting stranded.

Auto Mechanic Repairs Radiator Blaine

Tools like cell phones and GPS take some of the worry out of being subject to automotive problems, but even if you feel a greater sense of security because of such technological advances, neither a cell phone nor a GPS can make your car or truck run again when the radiator malfunctions. You will be able to call for help and inform your tow service of your precise location, but the only way to guarantee that an overheating car does not strand you in the first place is to have your radiator properly maintained by a professional and reputable auto mechanic like Clark Automotive.

Your car’s engine cooling system is vital to the proper functioning of your automobile. An engine that overheats is vulnerable to the forces of nature, and when overheating is severe enough, the damage could be catastrophic. Heat causes metal to expand, and if not properly cooled, those parts that expand can become misshapen, which could cause fractures or seizing up of parts.

Fortunately, though, there are some easy ways to tell if your car is in danger of overheating. The first thing you can do is keep an eye on your car’s temperature gauge. If it registers over the midpoint, have the mechanics of Clark Automotive check it out. The second is to look for steam. If you notice steam coming from under the hood, even in small amounts, chances are good that you have an overheating problem that should be checked by the professionals at Clark Automotive.

Mechanic Blaine MN

Overheating can be caused by a number of factors, including extremely hot weather, low water and/or low coolant levels, or leaks in the radiator or cooling system. Clark Automotive can help you feel greater reassurance that your cooling system is in good order, but you have to take responsibility for bringing it into our mechanics. Regular maintenance is a necessary fact of life for all automobiles, and Clark Automotive offers vehicle maintenance that guarantees peace of mind.

Call Clark Automotive at (763) 784-7944 if you are concerned that your car or truck is showing signs of overheating and our team of mechanics can take a look, make necessary repairs and get you back on the street in no time!

Radiator Replacement Blaine MN

Auto Repair Blaine MNClark Automotive serves the many communities of Lino Lakes, Blaine, Coon Rapids and Ham Lake, in the great state of Minnesota. The staff of Clark automotive are professional mechanics with an auto shop located in Blaine, MN. If you discover a coolant leak or that your car is close to overheating—or worse, if you have had trouble with a persistent leak or your car has actually been overheating—you may need to have your radiator looked at or even replaced. No matter how severe the issue with your radiator is, the mechanics of Clark Automotive can help solve your problem while keeping costs down.

Vehicle Radiator Repair And Replacement

In repairing or replacing your radiator, Clark Automotive will help you regain a sense of comfort while driving. You will no longer have to wonder if your car is going to overheat on your way to work with a cloud of steam coming from under your hood. Whether you use your car to get to and from work, getting your children to school or playdates, or rely on your car as the means of keeping your business going, it is an investment that you should trust to a mechanic who has earned the label ‘trustworthy.’

Evaluating A Coolant Leak

And Clark Automotive has certainly earned that label. Most of us who have owned a car know that radiators can be sensitive, unpredictable and should not be repaired in our own garages. If you have noticed a viscous substance puddling up in your driveway, and you suspect that that substance is coolant, you may well have a coolant leak. It is not a problem you can solve by pouring more coolant into your radiator. You may try to solve the problem yourself with a leak sealant of some kind, but they are notorious for not working. To ensure that you don’t end up spending more money in the long run by spending little bits here and there, take your car to Clark Automotive and get the job done right. Your car’s cooling system is vital to the proper functioning of your automobile.

If your car is overheating or has a leak, the cause can be attributed to one or more of a number of things. Some of the causes include hot weather, low water and/or low coolant levels, or leaks in the radiator or elsewhere in the cooling system. Good maintenance is necessary for the longevity of all cars, and Clark Automotive offers vehicle maintenance that guarantees peace of mind.

Signs Of Radiator Problems Blaine MN

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to tell if your car is in danger of overheating. The first thing you can do is monitor your car’s temperature gauge. If it points past the middle of the gauge, it may be in danger of overheating. You should then take it to Clark Automotive so our staff can take a closer look . The second is to look for steam; if the hood of your car is hotter than usual, that may also be an indicator. Do not mess around with a radiator or coolant leak issue. Contact Clark Automotive at 763-784-7944 as soon as you suspect a problem with your vehicle.

Automotive Cooling System and Radiator Repairs Blaine MN

Auto Repair Blaine MNWith winter coming soon it’s time to make sure your vehicle is in order. No one wants to be stranded on the road in the mist of a blizzard or in any freezing weather. Clark Automotive Repair Shop, in Blaine, MN would like to continue informing car owners, so the decisions being made are not blind but through knowledgeable deduction. Lets look further into an Automotive Cooling System and what’s needed to keep it cooling your vehicle’s engine, preventing overheating, keeping your vehicle warm and maintaining function in both the summer and winter months.

What is the automotive cooling system?

The automotive cooling system is made up of many components designed to cool the engine. This system is extremely important, as a failure of the cooling system can ruin the transmission and engine, cause no heat in the car or A/C, and leave you stranded.

  • Engine block, head gaskets and heads
  • The Thermostat
  • The Water Pump
  • Radiator hoses
  • Radiator, radiator cap and over flow canister
  • Radiator cooling fan, serpentine belt, and belt tensioner
  • Heater hoses and heater core
  • Coolant (Antifreeze)

The automotive cooling system in your car was designed at the factory to last many thousands of miles. It cools your car’s engine from the heat it generates during operation. There are too many variables to address in this limited forum, but we will present items important to you as the car owner. What do you, as an operator, need to know and how to get your car cooling system maintained and repaired?

First, follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance suggestions. Generally this amounts to draining and replacing the coolant at set intervals like every 30,000 miles. We at Clark Automotive have all these factory recommendations and are prepared to maintain your car cooling system with factory recommended products. The servicing of your automobile’s cooling system is not terribly expensive and offers you the most return for your investment.

If you neglect to replace the coolant the next step is the flushing of the cooling system. This requires that we back flush (Reverse the flow) of the coolant to assist in the removal of rust accumulations. Generally back flushing is done on a vehicle, because of complaints of engine over-heating or the heat inside the car not being adequate.

Have the Freeze Protection checked every fall before first freeze.

Clark Automotive Clinic will do this free of charge for our clients on the drive way and test the battery at the same time. I can tell you that every year we have a car or two towed in with a frozen cooling system, it pays to check.

If your concerned about your vehicles performance drive into Clark Automotive today!

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