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Timing Chain Replacement Blaine

Timing Chain Replacement BlaineOne major reason that Clark Automotive is being recognized as an area leader in auto repair is because of a combination of comprehensive service and expertise. Most auto shops can repair or replace timing belts, but fewer auto shops make the distinction between timing belts and timing chains. They are different and serve different purposes. Our certified mechanics can replace your timing chain when it is necessary and can clearly explain the process, the cost and how long it will take to complete the repair. At Clark’s Auto, we also offer complementary drop off and pickup service, as well as loaner vehicles. Not being able to get around while your vehicle is in the shop is the worst.

Difference Between A Timing Belt And A Timing Chain

Timing belts can last up to 100,000 miles, but sometimes require replacement between about 50,000 and 75,000 miles. Timing belts are made of tough rubber and are located outside of the engine. Timing chains are made of metal and are located inside the car’s engine because they require lubrication from the engine oil. Whereas timing belts usually need to be replaced by the 100,000-mile mark, timing chains do not often require replacement. But that is not to say that they never need to be replaced. If you have accumulated a lot of miles on your car, the likelihood of eventually needing to replace the timing chain increases. And the likelihood of needing to replace a timing chain increases further if it is not being properly lubricated, which can occur if the engine oil level is low. And like all metal moving parts, timing chains are subject to the stress of heat and wear

Timing Chain Symptoms

If your engine seems to be running sluggishly, if power seems to have diminished, or it has trouble starting, it may be a sign that your timing chain is worn and in need of replacement. These symptoms occur when the chain wears out and stretches, which affects the engine’s timing. Associated with the timing chain are parts like the guides and chain tensioners, which can create noises from the area of the engine where the chain is located. In any of these cases, you should bring your car in to a trustworthy auto shop, and we hope Clark Auto fits the bill.

Timing Chain Replacement Process

If your car needs a new timing chain, the chances are good that it can be replaced with the installation of a timing chain kit, a new tensioner and guides, and other parts. Of course, cars that make unfamiliar or concerning noises require diagnostic expertise. Our mechanics will apply our automotive knowledge to your car with the same care we apply to our own cars.

If you have an issue with your timing chain, it is important for you to get it checked and repaired by someone you trust. We believe that we have earned the trust of all our customers and we would be happy to help you with your car’s issues. Give us a call at 763-784-7944 to schedule an appointment or email us at info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Reasonable Priced Auto Repair Shop in Blaine

At Clark Automotive, we pride ourselves on being a reasonable priced auto repair shop in Blaine, MN. Some auto repair shops may offer affordable pricing, but lack experience. On the other hand, some auto repair shops may have decades of experience that comes with a hefty price tag on repairs. By choosing Clark Automotive for your auto repair needs, you get the best of both worlds. We also offer courtesy rides and loaner cars for your convenience. At Clark Automotive, no one beats our price, our warranty. And we are open more hours for you convenience.

Experience Auto Repairs at an Affordable Price

For 17 years, Clark Automotive has been serving Blaine, MN as a reasonable priced auto repair shop. Over this timeframe, our ASE certified mechanics have developed a strong reputation for getting the auto repairs done right the first time around. To help set ourselves apart from the other auto repair shops in Blaine, MN, we utilize the highest quality parts, offer courtesy rides and loaner cars, implement a warranty and offer flexible and extended hours to make picking up and dropping off your vehicle simple. To top it off, we’re able to offer all of these features while still being a reasonable priced auto repair shop.

Necessary Repair Recommendations Only

When clients come to Clark Automotive for the first time, we often hear complaints of other auto repair shops recommending repairs and other maintenance services that are not necessary. Our team does not believe in taking advantage of our customers. Rest assured that our staff only recommends repairs that are needed. We are focused on building a long term relationship with our clients, centered around trust. Our auto repair specialists will always have your vehicle’s best interest in mind. Once you see the auto repair work that we provide and the affordability of our services, we are confident that you’ll be a customer of ours for the long haul.

Full Service Vehicle Repairs

If you’re dealing with a car issue that you’re not sure about, all you need to do is set up an appointment with our team at Clark Automotive. We offer full service vehicle repairs that include:

● Brake Repairs
● Tire Repairs
● Electrical Repairs
● Fleet Repairs
● Starter Replacement
● Battery Replacement
● Alternator Replacement
● Suspension/Alignment Repairs
● Heating/Air Conditioning Repairs
● Exhaust/Muffler Repairs
● Much More!

If you are in the Blaine, MN area and are searching for a reasonably priced auto repair shop that has years of experience and is trustworthy, look no further than Clark Automotive. To schedule your auto repair with our ASE certified mechanics, give us a call today at (763) 784-7944.

Certified Auto Mechanic Near Me

Certified Auto Mechanic offering Car Repairs near Blaine, MNAre you in search of a certified auto mechanic nearby that provides the total package in regards to vehicle care? There are many mechanics that specialize in certain aspects of vehicle care or prefer to do just the minor repairs and maintenance so that they can process a high volume of cars each day. If you would rather work with an auto mechanic that can handle any auto repair service or maintenance task that you need, you are one simple phone call away from finding your ideal auto mechanic!

At Clark Automotive, we aim to treat all of our customers like family. Sure, we all come from different backgrounds, but we all want the same thing when it comes to a car, which includes quality repairs and affordable prices. Another key feature about our certified auto mechanics is that we only address true issues. Misleading customers into paying for repairs that aren’t truly necessary is not the way that we do business. No matter how big or small your repair may be, we’ve got you covered thanks to more than 17 years of experience in the auto mechanic industry.

Common Auto Repairs

At Clark Automotive, we can work on any type of vehicle and we also can handle fleet vehicles as well. Some of the most common repairs that we deal with on a regular basis include:

  • Brake Repairs & Installation
  • Tire Rotation
  • Electrical Issues
  • Regular Fleet Maintenance
  • Battery Replacement & Installation
  • Starter Replacement
  • Alternator Repair & Replacement
  • Alignment
  • Suspension
  • Timing Belt Replacement
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Radiator Issues
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Emissions
  • Many More!

Warranty Repair Assistance

When you purchase an extended warranty on your new or used vehicle, it is a good idea to determine upfront if you’re able to use an independent auto mechanic for warranty repairs rather than having the dealer fix any issues. A large majority of these extended warranties do allow for individuals to use independent mechanics just like our crew at Clark Automotive. Employing ASE Certified mechanics, we’ll make sure that your vehicle is in tip top shape when you drive it off of our lot.

When choosing an auto mechanic near you, pick one that offers the total package. Look no further than Clark Automotive and let our certified staff handle any repair you need. Give us a call today at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com to learn more about our top notch auto mechanic shop.


Father and Son Under Hood of a Truck Giving Automotive Advice

Clark Automotive Blaine Car and Truck Repairs


Today’s vehicles are light-years better than the cars of old. There is much less maintenance needed now to drive our cars than before, and they almost seem maintenance free. But therein lies the problem. No matter how well made our cars are now compared to even just 20 years ago, the fact remains that cars require regular maintenance to avert expensive repairs down the road.

Today we will explore the concept of automobile maintenance. We will present some facts versus the fables that impact on the costs of operating a vehicle.  The goal of this presentation is to generate some thoughts about what has worked well and not so well regarding your experiences with car ownership.


Let’s relive a little of the “good ol’ days” shall we? Remember the nostalgia of automobile guidance handed down by your grandfather to your dad!

“Son, here is how to check the oil and coolant, I will check your sister’s”.

“When you stop down at the gas station for gas, ask them to check your battery electrolyte, freeze protection and brake fluid. Also, have them check the tire air pressure.”  Where did these full service gas station go anyway?


Back in the “good ol’ days”:

Tires lasted 20,000 miles maybe

Gas was .29 cents a gallon

Batteries lasted a couple years at most  

A tune-up was due every 10,000 miles and was prone to frequent failure

Brakes didn’t last 25,000 miles

Oil changes were due every 2,500 miles

What is a grease job?

Where did the transmission dipstick go?


Are we left with the impression that our cars are truly maintenance free?

Then what the heck are the warning lights on my dash?



Responding to The Check Engine Light coming on:


# Purchase parts predicated solely on a scan of the codes.  This is very common with free scanning at the local parts store, as they are in the business of selling parts!

# Clear the codes because some causation data will be lost.  A technician may need the data to properly troubleshoot your car.

# Drive your car far until you fully understand why the light is on.  You, then may elect to defer the repair to a future date.



# Have the check engine light diagnosed ASAP if the car now runs poorly, differently, misfiring, or no power Pull.     

# Get a firm price for diagnostic charges.  Also get a written estimate for the proposed repairs.

# Look on the internet for cars similar to yours and see if they are having the same problem and what may have caused it.  

# If you’re not comfortable with the estimate, get a second opinion.    

# Ask to see the old defective parts.  

# Pay by credit card, if this a new shop to you.


What are today’s RECOMMENDATIONS for an operator’s checklist?

  • Check the oil level weekly or with gas fill up.  
  • Glance at the brake, coolant, and power steering fluid levels.
  • Know what each warning light on the dash means.  Information is in the owner’s manual, or ask your mechanic.


Here’s our version of what “Grandpa Chuck” would tell your grand-kid getting his first car.

Establish your monthly under the hood and walk around the car checklist:

  • Check Headlights
  • Check Brake Lights
  • Check Turn Signals and Side Lights
  • Check Tire Air Pressure
  • Check Tire Condition
  • Listen for Exhaust Leaks  
  • Look at Accessory Belts
  • Look for Coolant Leaks
  • Look for Oil Leaks
  • Listen for Strange Noises
  • Check Air Filter
  • Check Battery Cables and Battery
  • Check Coolant  (Cold)
  • Look at Hoses
  • Check Brake Fluid Level
  • Check Oil Level
  • Fill Washer Fluid
  • Check Wiper Blades    


CLARK AUTOMOTIVE CLINIC – Is a full service automotive maintenance and service provider located in Blaine, MN.  We specialize in diagnostics, vehicle performance, brake repair, general suspension, and electrical repairs.


What can Clark Automotive Provide to you, which you may not currently have?

“We keep your work car working!” We are a one stop shop for your reasonably priced automotive maintenance needs, auto repairs, with car talk and advice.  If you’re like most people, you probably tend to drive around until something goes wrong and then incur the expense of replacing worn-out parts or replace the whole vehicle.  Our goal is to offer a more balanced approach to keeping your work and family cars running properly at a lower expenditure of funds.  


What value added can Clark Automotive provide for your automotive ownership expenditures?

With Clark taking care of your car, you get a peace of mind that your car has been repaired in a prudent and fiscally responsible manner, using high quality original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts where required.

A/C Repair, Blaine, MN

A/C Repair, Blaine, MNIt’s summer and it’s hot, even in Minnesota. If your car has some miles on it, you are at risk of losing your air-conditioning. If this happens to you, and if you live anywhere near Blaine, Minnesota, be sure to take your ride into Clark Automotive. The auto mechanics of Clark Automotive are committed to treating you honestly and repairing your car’s malfunctions as inexpensively as possible, and this is especially true of car A/C problems.

Even if you don’t really care about your car, and consider it just a machine to get you where you need to go, you will understand that many automotive repair shops do not seem to care that money may be an issue for you. Few of us can afford to throw money at our vehicles, and Clark Automotive understands this. In fact, Clark has established its strong client base because of its commitment to treating you fairly. Many other auto repair mechanics count on your ignorance and then attempt to exploit it. Clark Automotive respects you. Air-conditioner repair can be expensive, but if yours malfunctions, Clark Automotive will minimize the expense for you and will do only top-quality work.

Auto Mechanic Blaine MN

Clark Automotive understands that you can choose to take your car to any repair shop. So when you choose to take your car to Clark Automotive, they show their appreciation for giving them your business. And the best way they can express that appreciation is by demonstrating excellence in automotive knowledge, delivering on their promises, and communicating with you honestly about what needs to be repaired and how much the repairs are going to cost. If you have to drive a car without air-conditioning at the height of summer, you’ll understand. It is not pleasant. But Clark Automotive will help return the pleasantness to driving for you.

Once you take your car to Clark Automotive, you will feel assured that their expertise in A/C repair is comprehensive. If the A/C issue is not easily solved, Clark Automotive will work with you to find the cause of the issue and take the appropriate steps to repair it at the lowest possible price for you.

Comprehensive Auto Repair

In addition to a/c repair, here are some of the other services offered by Clark Automotive: Alternator repair and replacement; Full tune-ups; Radiators; Battery replacement; Computer diagnostic issues; Electrical problems; Starter replacement; Steering problems; Timing belts; Brakes; Suspension issues; Alignment; Tire replacement and tire rotation; and Engine repair.

There is simply no better A/C mechanic than Clark Automotive of Blaine, MN. Call (763) 784-7944 to set up a time to drop your car in for service.

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