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Water Pump Replacement in Blaine

Water Pump Replacement in BlaineHave you and your vehicle recently hit the 100,000 mile mark? If so, there’s definitely some things to consider. This is an ideal time to replace your timing belt. Additionally, it’s a great time for water pump replacement as well. At Clark Automotive, we take pride in being a trusted water pump replacement shop in Blaine, MN.

Why is it important to replace your vehicle’s water pump, you may be asking? Well, your water pump is a critical part of the vehicle that keeps the engine from overheating. If you never replace your water pump and it fails, this could cause extremely expensive and devastating damage to the engine of your car. So, don’t ignore the recommendation of a water pump replacement. This affordable vehicle replacement service will ensure that your engine doesn’t overheat for the long haul.

Replacing Your Timing Belt & Water Pump at the Same Time

Most mechanics recommend replacing the water pump at the same time that you replace your timing belt. If you don’t replace the water pump when you replace the timing belt, then you are essentially saying that the water pump will last for an entire lifecycle of a timing belt. Chances are that the water pump will not last that long, so make sure to replace your timing belt and water pump at the same time.

Trusted Water Pump Replacement Shop

When it comes to water pump replacement professionals in Blaine, MN, there’s no better team to put your trust in than Clark Automotive. For more than 17 years, we’ve been handling water pump replacement services for our clients. We’ll take the time upfront to evaluate the current state of your water pump. Count on our mechanics to provide you with a trusted replacement recommendation, just like we do with all of our other vehicle services. No matter the type of vehicle you have, we’ll get this project completed in a timely manner and at a price you can afford. While you are waiting, take advantage of our comfortable waiting area.

Danger of a Failing Water Pump

Replacing your water pump is definitely something to consider around the 100,000 mile mark. Especially if you need to replace your timing belt, let our team at Clark Automotive handle both of these replacement services for you. To partner with the best water pump replacement shop in Blaine, MN, give us a call today at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Repair Services Approved under Extended Warranty

Repair Services Approved under Extended WarrantyClark Automotive can help you with repair services approved under extended warranty. The limits of extended warranties come up frequently in our communication with customers. One related question has to do with whether or not an independent automotive service provider can perform services that are covered by the extended warranty. The vast majority of extended warranties do, in fact, allow for independent service providers to perform repairs under the terms of the warranty, and Clark Automotive can be helpful in determining exactly what your warranty covers.

Options for Repairs Still under Warranty

Car dealers’ in-house service departments almost always have the knowledge of your vehicle to perform the repairs you need. But because of the sheer volume of vehicles serviced by many dealerships, customers tend to find out that those service departments do not have much of an investment in you or your vehicle. Clark Automotive, by contrast, goes to great lengths to develop relationships with our customers. That builds in accountability, investment in fixing the problem, and encourages long-term loyalty. But more important is the fact that we have every bit as much automotive expertise with your vehicle’s make and model as a dealer will have.

We understand the temptation for a car owner to take their vehicle to a dealership when repairs become necessary. And dealership service departments should have knowledge of your vehicle. However, Clark Automotive has an unbeatable combination of equal expertise and investment in fixing your car’s problem for good. We do not treat the vehicles that come into our shop as though they are on a conveyor belt. We work efficiently, of course, but we will never rush you out of our shop. We encourage you to ask us questions you have and keep asking them until we give you the explanation you need.

Local Auto Repair Shop that Completes Repairs under Extended Warranty

Given that we offer such comprehensive service while paying close attention to offering the best customer service, it is unlikely that you will have a better experience with a dealer’s service department. If your vehicle is in need of a repair that you know is covered by the extended warranty, it may be tempting to take it to a dealership. But if you pause for a moment and ask yourself if you could find a better service provider, we are confident that you will conclude that Clark Automotive offers you a better alternative. Give us a call at (763) 784-7944 if you have any questions.

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