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Preventative Maintenance For Brakes

Preventative Maintenance For BrakesThe braking system on your vehicle works hard every time you drive. Over time, through normal wear and tear, brakes are rendered ineffective or useless. It’s important to have regular maintenance performed to keep the entire system in optimal shape.

The braking system on each wheel of your vehicle consists of a disc (or rotor), a caliper, and a rubber brake pad. It may seem that a simple push on the brake pedal causes the vehicle to come to a complete stop, but it’s a bit more complicated. The depressed pedal sends brake fluid through the brake lines as a piston moves in the master cylinder. As pistons in the caliper are initiated, the brake shoe pushes against the rotor, causing friction on the brake drum. Essentially, the pressure on the drum will slow the roll of your vehicle, eventually causing it to stop.

Using A Mechanic vs. DIY repairs

Brake pad replacement is one of the seemingly simpler tasks that many DIY car owners might try themselves. While it is one of the easier fixes to master, it’s important that you know exactly what you’re doing if you attempt this at home. When it comes to something as important as your brakes, we at Clark Automotive always recommend a certified mechanic over DIY work. You may save yourself a few bucks, but if the pad isn’t fitted properly or damage occurs to the caliper during the fix, your vehicle may be rendered unsafe on the roads. If your brakes are squeaking, sticking, or seem to take much more pressure than usual to engage, it’s time to see a mechanic.

ASE-Certified Mechanics At Clark Automotive

When you consider the parts that go into a typical braking system, it can be daunting. Therefore, the ASE-certified Mechanics at Clark Automotive always suggest a preventative maintenance plan to customers. A plan typically includes checking over brakes and making small repairs or adjustments, such as replacing your brake pads. Preventative maintenance costs, however, consider the additional funds you will spend if your brake pads go unrepaired over time!

Don’t let your brakes get to a point where your car feels more like a money pit than a mode of transportation! For information on preventative brake repair, or the many other services offered through Clark Automotive, call (763) 784-7944 today. We serve the Blaine and greater Minneapolis areas.

Auto Repair Shop in Blaine, Minnesota | Loaner Cars

Auto Repair Shop in Blaine, MinnesotaWith Loaner CarsWhether you were on your way to an important meeting at work or you had a ton of errands to do over the next couple of days, when your car dies or needs to be repaired, it can really put a damper on your plans. Taking your vehicle to Clark Automotive is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. We are an auto repair shop with loaner vehicles in Blaine, Minnesota and will get your car repaired without you having to take a huge detour into your day.

Unexpected Car Repairs

Expect the unexpected. That’s what they tell you, but does anyone ever really do that? Do you honestly prepare for the worst to happen so you can come out on top? At Clark Automotive, we don’t like to see our customers unhappy. Many of our customers rely on their vehicle as a means to get to and from work or safely get the kids to and from school. Their vehicle is an essential part of their daily life and that is why we do our best not to disrupt their lives any further than what their failed vehicle has already done. At Clark Automotive, we put all of our Blaine, Minnesota customers first!

Clark Automotive, For All Your Vehicle Repair Needs

First of all, our customers have said, choosing Clark Automotive for your repair needs is a quality decision. Our certified technicians are excellent at repairs and have the experience to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. For 17 years, we have been serving the community of Blaine, MN and have the privilege of getting to know our customers and understanding their needs. We are always motivated to provide outstanding customer service along with affordable pricing and quality repairs. It is this very reason that we offer loaner vehicles to our customers who need to be somewhere during their vehicle’s repair. Loaner cars are convenient and greatly help our customers when they can’t miss something that is already on the schedule. Is your breakdown completely unexpected? If you are stranded somewhere, there’s no need to stress about how you are going to get a ride to our shop. We can even arrange a courtesy ride so that you arrive safe and happy to your next destination.

Car Repair shop in Blaine, Minnesota With Loaner Vehicles

Transportation is a must around Blaine, Minnesota. Don’t let car repairs stop you from your productive day. If you are looking for an auto repair shop in Blaine, Minnesota with loaner vehicles, call us at Clark Automotive today. Let us get you back on the road! Call our professionals at (763) 784-7944.

Brake Replacement or Repair Blaine, MN

Brake Replacement or Repair Blaine, MNIf you are having difficulty with your car because of bad brakes, we can help you regain the sense of safety and security you deserve when driving your car. When your brakes are in need of repair or replacement, you have little or no choice but to solve the problem. Brakes that are in good operating condition are essential to basic safety. If your brakes cannot stop your car when you need them to, your car is no longer a mode of transportation, but a danger to you and others. Clark Automotive in Blaine, MN can help you get your car back to being safe by repairing your brakes, which can involve resurfacing rotors, or by replacing them if the damage is too great for repair. Our certified mechanics only recommend the work that is necessary to restore safety.

Brake Repair or Replacement Services

Clark Automotive believes that honest communication with our customers is critical to our business. We have worked hard to establish a strong reputation by applying our automotive expertise to the cars our customers entrust to us. There is no better way to demonstrate our philosophy of fairness than with the extremely important work we do on brakes. When you trust your car to a mechanic for anything related to brakes, you have to be confident that your mechanic can be trusted. We have earned a positive reputation by valuing your trust in us as much as we value automotive expertise.

If your brakes need rotor resurfacing, new brake pads, or other repairs, we have the staff to do the job right the first time. We are not interested in causing you to make appointment after appointment because we have not fixed the problem correctly. We know that your time is valuable and no one has enough money to be throwing it away on bad repairs. So we work hard to distinguish ourselves from other area auto shops. We want you to feel good about choosing Clark Automotive, which is why we place such importance on excellent customer service and excellent automotive service. When it comes to brake repair, there should be no compromise on the quality of the parts used or the work that is done. Brakes are too important to your safety and the safety of others who share the road with you.

Auto Shop Specializing In Brake Work

When you work with our team, we want you to understand that we value your business, but we value your safety more, and no automotive issue is more important than your brakes. We certainly want our business to thrive, but not at the expense of causing you to feel like you have been treated unfairly or dishonestly. Brakes are directly related to the life-and-death aspects of driving and we take those matters very seriously. If you need to have your brakes repaired or replaced, give Clark Automotive a call at 763-784-7944 or email us at info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Car, Truck and SUV Repair Service Blaine MN

What does the orange ABS light being on mean?

Minnesota Car Repair and Maintenance MechanicThe Anti-lock braking system in your car, allows you to stop your car in very slippery conditions, while maintaining control. The ABS system automatically pulsate the brakes, allowing you to still steer the car. I have had many customers say they do not like anti-lock brakes. When asked why, they say it is the noises and they do not like the way the brake pedal feels.

When the anti-lock brakes need repair the orange ABS light on your dash is illuminated. You still have the conventional hydraulic brakes, so it is not a safety issue. The decision to repair this system or not can be difficult because of the cost. Because of the complexity of the ABS brakes there generally is extensive troubleshooting required. The ABS brake system is comprised of many components:

  • There is a speed sensor at each wheel, which generally is the most common failure. Speed sensors are expensive on their own and in many cases is part of the wheel bearing, even making it more expensive.
  • The speed sensors inform the ABS computer how fast each tire is turning. When stopping in slippery conditions a slipping tire will record a slower speed. At this time the ABS computer will be pulsating that brake so that you may maintain control.
  • The ABS computer activates a hydraulic pump (controller) to pump each individual brake.

Braking with ABS vs. Braking without ABS

Have you ever heard the saying ‘pump your brakes’? ABS takes away the need to do so. This is why many are uncomfortable when they first drive with an active ABS system or are use to an older car. It is the exact opposite if a driver that has always been driving with an active ABS system and it fails. This may cause safety issues as the need to ‘pump the brakes’ now applies but is not a natural reaction for them.

After some practice in a large parking lot most of their complaints are addressed. With an ABS system you firmly apply the brakes and steer the car to avoid the accident. It is a lot simpler for the driver, just keep the brakes applied. Or if you choose to leave your ABS brakes not functional, practice pressing your foot on the brakes, in short intervals when on slippery, icy or other conditions where stopping is being hindered. Either way, it is important to become familiar with how they work, we are happy to show you when you bring your vehicle for a free test drive to Clark Automotive.

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Noisy Brake Repair Service Blaine MN

Auto Repair Blaine MNYou step on the brakes and a high pitched squeal noise occurs. This will alarm any vehicle operator but with good observation and a quality car, truck and SUV mechanic – together the problem you just experienced with your vehicle will be a thing of the past. Whether it is your front vehicle brakes or rear vehicle breaks the experts at Clark Automotive Clinic in Blaine, MN are your best resource. We offer affordable vehicle brake repairs and have a high level of experience and treat every customer like family. Lets go over some helpful tips on what you just experienced, so that you might know a little more before you proceed to a local vehicle repair shop.

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